Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios Turtle Rock Studios Action FPS “ Back 4 Blood ” Player 10 million people and large download content for April 12 Delivery scheduled to be delivered “Tunnels of Terror” We announced new information.

Back 4 Blood: Removing Weapon Attachments, Vote To Kick & More!

# New Cooperation PVE “Ridden Hives” appeared

In this new mode that challenges with up to 4 players, we aim to be a reward that can only be obtained here, and adventures seven underground labyrinth tunnels with strong new redon “Ripper” “Shredder” “Urchin” etc. In addition, these three new lidons are also available in PVP.

# New Cleaner “Sharice” “Heng” added

A firefighter “Sharice” and a tough restaurant management “Heng” appeared. At the same time, 8 character skins, seven weapons, 12 weapons skins, new cards are also added.

DLC “Tunnels of Terror” can be purchased alone, and also in the “Annual Pass (annual pass)” and the deluxe / Ultimate edition of the main story included. In addition, all content of “Tunnels of Terror” is that if you purchase anyone alone during cooperative play, all the parties can access.

In addition, the free update “No Hope”, which is implemented simultaneously with the “Tunnels of Terror” launch, is scheduled to add more difficulty levels.

“Back 4 Blood” in which content is expanded will continue to be a PC (Steam / Epic Games Store / Microsoft Store) / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / PS5 / PS4 / for Standard Edition 8,580 yen, Deluxe Edition 11,550 yen, Ultimate Edition Launched for 12,430 yen. It also supports PC / Xbox Game Pass. The “Annual Pass for Standard Edition Purchaser” will be sold for 4,290 yen for three additional DLCs.