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Sega: Super Game Plan consists of several games and possible NFTs

In the summer of last year, Sega has given a view into the future plans and revealed the plan for a ‘super Game’. The plan prefers to develop a super game within the next five years, as it did not yet exist.

In November, the whole thing was specified again by announcing it to work with Microsoft, mainly to use their cloud technologies called Azure. The cloud will play an important role in this game because it is intended to develop global and cross-platform.

The new messages to Segas, Super Game ‘compensate for the layout of the concepts globally and cross-platform.

Segas Executive VP Shuji Utsumi reported in an interview with the website for staff acquisition of Sega Japan: “Sega offers a wide field of playable content, including hardware and arcade content, which is made possible by various technologies. We have defined super Game as the development of AAA titles, which breaks through the boundaries of Segas overall different technologies and we will work to achieve this goal within our five-year plan. “

Furthermore, he explained: “There are some games in the” Super Game “in development, while the titles differ all, there is no doubt that they will be all interactive games going beyond the scope of traditional games. “

NFTs Are Now So Widely Vilified It Made Sega Think Twice About Their NFT Plans

Shuji Utsumi also went to the concept of the Gamer and how he changed over time. He speaks of the fact that they were previously considered a gamer when they played video games, while today one belongs to this exquisite circle of chosen ones, if one only looks at how other people play, e.g. via Twitch or similar platforms. Sega therefore sees in streaming services platforms served by the ‘Super Game’ and to be used interactively.

He defined four points that must be fulfilled to speak of a ‘super Game’:

1st multiplatform
2. Global multi-lingual development
3. Worldwide, simultaneous publication
4. AAA games (plural)

At the moment, this mega project works, according to the statement by Segas General Manager Katsuya Hisai, about 50 people at the initiation, but you expect that there are several hundreds until the end of the project. As a budget, approximately 882 million dollars are available for the development of all, super Game’s titles available. However, such values are rarely fixed and may still change if unforeseen circumstances occur.

In addition to the benefit of the cloud, you now do not exclude the introduction of NFTs . We already reported that Sega would not further pursue the use of NFTs in negative perception, it seems to have changed slightly.

All of this information bring little light into the dark, what is the whole thing about and in whatever form you can enjoy the super games when it’s time. But it’s all time and we will inform you as soon as there is something new.

Doncic makes 28 in the first quarter – Durant avoids harden in all star

At the fourth victory of the MAVs in series – a 112: 105 about the Los Angeles Clippers – Doncic put off like the fire department. The Slovenian All-Star came to 28 points in the first quarter, in the end it was 51 – personal best value and second best value in the history of the Texans.

JWill reacts to KD not picking James Harden in the NBA All-Star Draft | Get Up
Two Germans were also active on the court: Maxi Kleber counted with eight points and nine rebounds to the winners, Isaiah Hartenstein with two counters in this time only six minutes to the losers. Dallas had lost Kristaps Porzingis just before the Dade Deadline, but Davis Bertan and Spencer Dinwiddie got from the Washington Wizards.

Chanceless and dropped on the last place of the Western Conference continue the Houston Rockets. The new team of Dennis Schröder lost his fourth game in a row at the 120: 139 against the Toronto Raptors and the 40th of this season. Schröder exchanged the team with Daniel Theis, which returns to Boston. The Raptors around Gary Trent Jr. (42 points) extended their performance series on eight victories.

Suns marching on – Nets in free fall

The Phoenix Suns (45:10) consolidated by a 131: 107 against defending champion Milwaukee Bucks meanwhile ranked one – too, because pursuers Golden State Warriors surprisingly lost a second time sequentially. Despite the 35 points of Steph Curry, there was a 114: 116 against the New York Knicks. Deandre Ayton was the best corner of the Suns (27), Chris Paul distributed 19 assists.

The Brooklyn Nets conceded the tenth defeat in series, despite 31 meters of Kyrie Irving and lost against Washington Wizards 112: 113. The team previously separated in a desktop with the Philadelphia 76ers of James Harden and got Ben Simmons, who did not play directly yet.

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10. February 202201: 08: 51 hours

ITK # 5: Super Bowl: key duels, X-factors, Keys to Win

Only a few hours left. Next Sunday, the big NFL final rises in Los Angeles: The Super Bowl between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. In the 5th episode of the “Icing The Super” podcasts in cooperation between the Super and footballing analyze Detti, Shuan and Michael u. A. The key duels, the X factors and the “Keys to Win” of both teams. And Kucze reports, as is the mood on site in Los Angeles. The next episode of “Icing The Super” is already coming Monday right after closing the Super Bowl. Photo Credit: Imago / Zuma Wire

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Durant avoids harden

The injured Nets-Superstar Kevin Durant has made a spicy decision in the election of his All-Star team and dispensed with ex-teammate James Harden. Hours after the Harden Transfer, Durant left the live transmission in the US television Lebron James “The Beard” – as only Rudy Gotbert and Harden were in the draft pot decided Durant for the center of Utah Jazz, he finally needed Another “big” in his team. “King” James found the justification very funny and had to laugh.

Harden had missed the past three games of the Nets because of problems at the bottom. Lebron James asked why he was even healthy – whereupon ex-professional Charles Barkley called in his function as a TV presenter: “He was swapped, now he is healthy.”

[Rank Analysis] There is a fan of the character in the role of the original.

Specifically, the component that pours up the power is to draw in the highest efficiency character. The appearance has actually been unwilling through the appearance of the appearance, and it boosts assumptions by presenting the history story, play video, and also character intro pictures in the disclosure procedure.

The primary was recouped at the end of last night given that last November took the 30th top over the top of the 30th. This week, I have a 15th staircase, and it gets on the 22nd area. This is the greatest ranking of last year and also the highest ranking this year, and also placed as a ranking, the previous assumption scores a quality that went beyond the Laden town, which was an energy.

Direct factors are 2.4 updates on the last 5 days. The action to the new character faith as well as gas, which was added with this spot, yet the need is high, good, coo, and also hand, as well as the reception angle was opened in the user who desired to character. Furthermore, we pulled support with a compensation for repayment of Rival 4th character in the grave of new Costume and development.

The 2nd creation, including the affection for the character, is energetic, as well as the source is regularly rated between the gamers. Based on stubbornness for character completeness, it develops a thick follower layer, as well as it is made up of a strong ring structure that fixes a customer base on this.


Diablo 2 rankings were aggregated by integrating Diablo 2 as well as Diablo 2: Testimonials.

Pass of Exiles 11 Stairways, which folded at the end of the century

Market competitors are anticipated to be much more intense. Diablo 2, a remaster, is still introducing the TOP10, and it will certainly be launched in the center of the day, from 13 days, and also the Nuclear & Slash brand-new meaning that is identified as a straight rival. The Unilever is a small increase in this week, as well as the Pass of Exiles, as well as Diablo 3 levels a little, as well as the understanding variation is forecasted in the nuclear & reduce genre that was quiet. The 3rd party competitors is expected to be much more clearly exposed next week.

Gaming Mecca Online Game Popularity is a thorough game understanding as well as ‘game connection web traffic’, which combines portal search amounts, computer room game access, game broadcasting viewers, as well as game mecca users.

Diablo 2, a remaster, is still introducing the TOP10, and it will certainly be launched in the middle of the day, from 13 days, and also the Nuclear & Slash new meaning that is classified as a straight competitor. The Unilever is a small boost in this week, as well as the Pass of Exiles, as well as Diablo 3 levels slightly, and the understanding variation is forecasted in the nuclear & lower style that was quiet. In specific, because last 6 days, the number of Super Number, which is one of the most prominent characters, the limited edition of the ‘Super Number’, which is a preferred character, and it ends up being an unreasonable interest in the game. Crazy Gallery is also the trick to just how long the ranking of the ranking has a tendency to have a terrific propensity,

In the junior, Crazy Arcade Virginia rose to 36th in the previous 2 successive weeks. In specific, considering that last 6 days, the number of Super Number, which is among one of the most preferred characters, the minimal version of the ‘Super Number’, which is a prominent character, and it comes to be an unreasonable rate of interest in the game. Crazy Arcade is additionally the key to how long the ranking of the ranking tends to have an excellent tendency,

Pass of Expatriation, that was a league, called the Organization, called the Organization, called the ‘century’, Today, 11 stairs fell to 46th. Pass of execs are based upon seasonal bases, and the courage leagues that started in October are performed, as well as brand-new growth packs will certainly be released in early February. The ranking declining is a huge one, however it is about the user evaluation than the previous season, and it can be seen that it is fairly up and down to shield the rankings without being pushed out for 50th put on the end of the period.

The ranking decreasing is a large one, yet it is family member to the user examination than the previous period, and it can be seen that it is relatively up and down to protect the positions without being pushed out for 50th location on the end of the period.

In this primary top, Globe of Warcraft (hereinafter described as Wow) jumped 14th in the 3rd actions. This is the greatest after mid-September in 2014. Presently, Wow, is in advance of 9.2 patches to decorate the end of the eighth development pack ‘Darkness’. It is a prospect of being a prospect to launch the story pertaining to high figures such as Sylvan as, such as laid that appeared in a manager. In addition, the designs of the Darkness are slow to contrast the spots contrasted to the previous growth pack, and the part of the 9.2 spots likewise seem to include even more power to the game.

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