Game for Games has published the Steam Store page of War Shooting Games “ Freakfield 2042 “.

This work is a three-person or first-person perspective shooting game that the unit of “freak (変)” fights in the world after the economic collapse, not the nearest of the 2042 years. It is only the third person who can confirm with the Section and PV). The player will defeat the enemy with the aim of winning as one of the units. In addition, a large number of weapons and characters are mounted in this work, and it is said that “fun!”

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In addition, Game for Games, which is developed, has been released “PABG: Player Anime BattleGrounds” and PirateCraft, which is crafted by pirates in the world view of a square graphic rice field.

By the way, last week, the title FPS “Bigfield 2042” that has a sluggish bunny girl.

“Freakfield 2042” is scheduled to be delivered on April 2, 2022, 2012 for PC.