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Dark Souls 3: Uchigatana get

Dark Souls 3: Here is the Uchigatana

Your start weapon in Dark Souls 3 quickly reaches your limits. The Uchigatana helps. Your path to the Uchigatana looks like this:

  • The Uchigatana is not the best weapon involved, but you can get the Katana extremely early. At this point it is quite powerful and that’s why it is worth buying.

Dark Souls 3 - Easy way to get Uchigatana at the start of the game (easy sword master kill)
* You get the Uchigatana by defeating the sword master. This is just outside the fire link. Leave the shrine and go to the right – the sword master guards the tower at the end of the path.
* But caution is advised because the sword master is a strong opponent for new characters. His attacks are quick, especially the combos you can quickly bless the time.
* You should see this as an opportunity to refine your alternative skills. Timing is (almost) everything and with skillful roles they always manage to hit the sword master sensitively.

Also keep in mind that the space on the path is quite limited. But that also belongs to the hard school of Dark Souls 3 and ultimately makes them a better player. To be able to wear the Uchigatana, you need 11 strength and 16 skill. Also important: the katana can be infused and reinforced.

Dark Souls 3: Can we finish the game without walking? Apparently yes

If you are a fan of Dark Souls III, you probably know that players love to start more or less realistic challenges. One of the most recent challenges aims to finish the game without walking. Obviously, it is possible, but attempt the experience may be right for your mental health…



Dark Souls III, the third part of the Saga Dark Souls of from Software, landed on our screens just 6 years ago. The addition of DLCs ASHES OF ARIANDEL and The Ringed City gave rise to the launch A full version the following year, that many consider a very good conclusion at the Dark Fantasy license. Dark Souls III still remains an iconic title in the world of video game, even though it has recently been overshadowed by the most recent exit of the Japanese studio: Elden Ring. By the way, the last of from Software certainly has its success in Dark Souls, who have created demand in terms of so-called “difficult” games and to retain a community of challenging communities.

Even today, players take pleasure in transforming this title and to concoct new challenges , either through a breathtaking mod to mix another license from Software to Dark Souls III or in Finishing the game by pressing only on one and the same button. The fans of the atypical universe created by the Japanese studio by repeating again and again, and even if many players are now concerned about the possibilities offered by Elden Ring, others continue to push the limits of the possible by getting launching Challenges which, certainly, may seem unrealizable for those who do not know the ingenuity of the community, but find their audience with the fans of Soulsborne:

Let’s go stabbing

Ymfah, a YouTubeur specialized in the Foufoque challenges for games such as Bloodborne, Elden Ring, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and of course Dark Souls III, launched the challenge of finishing the latter… without walking. For many, it may seem impossible, but Ymfah has a technique well to him who allowed him to realize this feat in less than 24 hours of play . To do this, the player first off his left joystick , then chose to embody a character of the thief class, and CE for several reasons:

The first is the fact that the thieves start the adventure with a Bandit dagger , a white weapon that has the capacity bypass . Coupled with the basic attack, this capacity allows Ymfah to move through the realm of Lothric, and although they are both very practical to move forward, they are not so much to turn . This makes the thief even more interesting for this type of challenge, because it also has an arc whose view mode makes it possible to determine the direction in which the character , similarly to the automatic sighting system. presence of enemies. Armed with his dagger and his bow, Ymfah can therefore undertake the long way that will lead him to ashes of the lords, as you can see in the following video: **

And you, have you ever tried to finish a “soulsborne” with one or more disabilities? What techniques did you tested? Tell us everything in the comments!

Summary of the Soluce of Dark Souls III

__Commander Dark Souls III



How to beat Dark Souls 3 without Walking

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Dark Souls closes the PVP servers of the Saga in PC due to a significant security failure

A few days ago, some Reddit users found a dangerous security failure while playing Dark Souls 3 on PC. A gap that allowed other users to access and execute code on their remote computers. Following complaints, the banzai NAMC itself hsecurity failure decided to go out, confirming the problem and ensuring that it hsecurity failure already taken mesecurity failureures to solve it: temporarily close the PVP servers of the title-and other deliveries of the saga-while working on correct error.

It should be noted that the issue only affects the PC versions, so the console are completely safe. In addition, hackers can only take advantage of the security gap through online invsecurity failureions, at which time they take advantage to execute a malicious program (malware) on your victim’s computer. Therefore, it is possible to play in cooperative mode without any risk. Although the issue hsecurity failure been discovered in the third installment, the company hsecurity failure decided to temporarily pause the service for the following titles .

  • Dark Souls Remsecurity failuretered
  • Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the first without
  • Dark Souls 3
  • Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (close the service soon)

Elder Ring, what’s new from Software


If there is something so the creators of the Dark Souls franchise – with Hideaway Miyazaki at the head – they be usually news every day, it’s because little thing that remains for one of the most important launches of 2022: Elder Ring, which reaches PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One The next February 25 . On this occsecurity failureion, the title combines usual mechanics of the saga with the exploration of a huge open world in which dungeons, the fearsome final leaders or multiple secrets are not lacking. In the following link you can read Our impressions after trying beta .

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