Is it possible to climb the mountain, which is shown on the picture for the standard texture package? This question employs Minecraft players for 10 years and now there is an answer, because the need needed was finally found.

The Minecraft community conquers a new world

For years, Minecraft fans have been trying to find the world from the “pack.png”. This is the picture that is shown on the standard texture package . Although almost every player has seen the mountain once, there was no one to climb him in 10 years.

Now a group has found the seed for the world. For this, however, a lot of work and the help of thousands of volunteers have been necessary. The Youtuber “Salc1” explains exactly how the position of the mountain, and thus the whole world could be discovered.

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In short, many seeds could be excluded from the position of the clouds, as well as individual earth and sand blocks. The computers of volunteers served as a supercomputer to examine the other variants closer, until finally the seed 3257840388504953787 as a winner fixed.

So you can reach the mountain

In order to be able to visit the world itself, you have to play in the version Alpha 1.2.2 . After that you just have to move to the coordinants x = 49 and z = 0 and you will see the famous mountain. Here you will find an accurate tutorial as you encrypt the seed.

Under the IP Address “ IP: “, SALC1 also launched a minecraft server in life so players can explore the world of pack.png together.

A group of Minecraft fans has succeeded in finding the seed of a hidden world. For this they needed the computing power thousands of volunteers . However, the team is not in the end. Already, further obscure pictures, such as a painting in Minecraft, are investigated to make them accessible to each player in the future. What do you say about the discovery? Write us in the comments.