[sea ages Moon Young-soo reporter] The core title ‘Origin of the Age of the Era’ is ahead of the line game of Line Games. Since its establishment, it is noteworthy that it will be able to lay the foundation for improving the earnings of Line Games, which has been continuing to deficit.

According to the game industry on the 12th, Line Games (CEO Kim Min-kyu) will start a pre-booking pre-order in the ages. It has been four years since the news of the first joint business development in 2018.

The Origin of the Age of the Sea is an open world large-scale multi-entertained game (MMORPG) jointly developed by Motif (CEO Lee Deuk-kyu) and Japan’s Koinuma Hisashi. In the 1990s, it was based on the ‘Sea Era 2’ and ‘Overhang against the Sea of Sea’ in the Sea of Sea Era.

In the early days of development, the company aimed to be launched in the last 2020 anniversary of the Sea of Sea, but was scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2022 for completeness. The company will conduct two tests (CBTs) in January 2021 and January this year to enhance the completeness, and will be serviced through mobile and line game’s PC game platform ‘Floor’.

The Origin of the Age of the Sea Era was based on Unreal Engine 4 and reproduced major ports and various types of ships of the 16th century. Using big data collected from all over the world, it feels that it is operating a fleet in the sea of reality. At the same time, the ‘Detford Randering’ technology is applied to realize a three-dimensional graphic that changes light and shadows in real time depending on the day, night and four seasons. You can also enjoy the OST worked by Kanno Yoko, a composer of the Sea and Sea Era 2.

Users can enjoy various contents such as sailing, trade, exploration, combat, growth, and resource management to achieve various purposes such as the world’s weekly and the monopoly of ocean. In addition to the main characters that appeared in the original seascape of the original coast of ‘Joan Ferrero’ and ‘Catalina Erancho’, historical real characters such as William Shakespeare and Three Musketeers’ Leader Charles Daltanan can also be seen as an admiral or navigator.

Interesting is to be interested in whether Origin of the Era, which has begun to launch a full-fledged launch, will be able to save Line Games. Line Games is a subsidiary of ‘Line’, a famous Japanese mobile messenger in Japan, and is a game company that acquired and absorbed NeXT Floor, developer of ‘Dragon Flight’ in 2017. In March last year, it attracted attention by attracting 100 billion won in investment from Tencent, China.

However, the company has not been able to escape the deficit for nearly five years since its establishment. According to the Financial Supervisory Service’s electronic disclosure system, Line Games recorded sales of W43.3bn and operating loss of 51.9 billion won last year. Although he has succeeded in emissions such as ‘Exos Heroes’ and ‘Undis Selfie’, it has not made profits exceeding the consumer development and marketing costs. This is why the hits of the sea ages are urgently needed.

Line Games said, The Origin of the Age of the Age is an open world MMORPG where you can enjoy sailing, adventure and battle together.