Tangaroa is an important plot location for study due to important drawings and other craft resources that you can find only there, on the raft.

Tangaroa will open in the second chapter of history, and you need to fulfill some requirements in order not only to find a huge city, but also to go there.

The next leadership will tell you how to get to Tangaroa on the raft.

How to get to Tangaroa on the raft

Tangaroa is an ecological location in RAFT, which opens for research in the second chapter. This location is a large metal city, surrounded by a protective dome, which largely resembles Atlantis.


To get the coordinates for Tangaroa, you must first fully explore the island of caravans; Including the city hall and walk according to the documents found in the office.

Looking through the documents, you will come across a magazine with the coordinates of the city of Tangaroa. Pour page No. 26 to see the coordinates 8231.

The next step is to enter the coordinates into the navigation system and go to the destination. Just follow the radar to the blue mark and turn the raft into a position in which the blue mark is shifted to the right side.

Passing through the thick fog, the surrounding area, you will come across a large dome, inside of which there is a large city of Tangaroa.

Passing the city of Tangaroa

The dome is largely consists of an entire city with new places for research and new opponents that you can encounter. Each step that you will take in this city will undoubtedly check your abilities, since you will participate in solving puzzles, a battle with enemies and the study of various areas, such as a basement, a bridge, the main areas of the city, the main tower, the plantation, the secret basement, skyscrapers and storage.

This city needs to be completely explored if you want to purchase the best and most useful items, such as the elevator cassette, part of the generator, the tangaroa key, the Tangaroa Plant, the Tangaroa Plant, the Tangara Plant, the Tneckomat of 35 pixels and the ribbon.

In addition, you can also meet several drawings. The best way to explore the area is to take with you a sufficient amount of food, a pan and two bottles of water in case you cannot find it in the city yourself.

Secondly, the backpack is mandatory, as it provides you with additional slots that you can use to store your supplies. You do not have to take any armor with you, but you will have to beware of the Bots-Dvoretsky, which cause a strong blow.

As mentioned earlier, the city must be completely studied, which means that you will have to visit each area in the city. The best time for research is daytime, but if you are in the dark, just put on a piercing lamp.