The SC Prussian Münster also wins its second home game this year and beats red-white ahlen in a competitive match with 2: 0. It took until the second half, before the redeeming goals fell. Alexander Langlitz and newcomer Darius Ghindovean achieved the hits for luck. Just longlitz rewarded himself with his gate, in passage one he had failed twice at the aluminum. In a week then the away game at RW Essen is on the program.

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With two changing in the starting punch, the eagle carriers began in the early Saturday afternoon. Simon Sherder continues to be in isolation and lacked, for him robin bricks into the internal defense to the side of Marcel Hoffmeier. In addition Manuel Farrona Pulido slipped into the beginning thrill, Henok Teklab had to place on the bench first for him. The two new arrivals Darius Ghindovean, who later celebrated his dream reservation, and Thomas Kok stood for the first time in the squad.

Alu twice, but no goals

It really fit everything before kick-off on Saturday. The Lorenz goes wonderfully above the Prussia Stadium, the spectator ranks gradually filled up and proved a long missing picture. And matching too, the eagle carriers also started on deep place. Already after five minutes Alexander Langlitz, who ran back as a center forces, hit the post after passaging Dates. Only inches were missing to the dream start. But the Prussians remained in the initial phase of the game-determining team and came again through Langlitz to the next grand chance. His spacer shot filled octay DAL unfortunate, but the leather declined again only against the aluminum. Again no luck for the attacker. After that, the guests found a little better into play, especially defensively stable and made life difficult for the Prussia. And in addition, they had, more or less from nothing, perhaps the biggest chance of the game to date. According to a separate standard, the complete protection of the Prussia was lacking and a liberation impact was enough for David Mamutovic to march alone in the direction of Cover Max Schulze Niehues. He had a good 50, 60 meter field, but fortunately cleared the ball from prussia’s point of view and fell shortly before the penalty area, so his pursuer was clarified Julian Schaueren in the highest distress (29.).

Change bring fresh wind

Shortly thereafter, Gerrit Wegkamp came to a degree in the penalty area, but it was highlights before the break. And even after the break it took his time until the Eaglegärt seemed offensively into scene again. First, the best scene belonged to the ahlene, which always lurked on their moments. Andreas Ivan brought the leather sharp before, Jan Holldack missed in the penalty area only about centimeters. The hit would not have been particularly deserved, the eagle carriers were further the team that had more of the game. Because his own offensive engine did not really walk, coach Sascha Hildmann brought with Henok Teklab and new entry Darius Ghindovean Fresh wind. Later, Marvin Thiel and Jan Dahlke followed. And that should pay off. Before the 1-0 leadership goal, it was Teklab, which sent Darius Ghindovean with a good spot in the direction of the baseline. The 20-year-old newcomer processed the ball clean, curved a defender and the keeper and put in front of the gate transverse, where Alexander Langlitz held the foot in Stürmermanier – 1: 0 (71.).

The Prussian Stadium raged, the goal was already a kind of salvation at the moment. Because in the deep runner succeeded for an aggressively defending opponent for a long time. It was important in the final phase then that the eagle carriers with the guidance in the back did not let off, but continued to play on the second goal. So it did not come as so often that Ahlen could throw all in the last few minutes. On the contrary, new entry Ghindovean crowned his debut with a spacer shot from a good 18 meters, the bottom left to the 2: 0 final score (87.).

The data for the game

SCP : Schulze Niehues – Schauers, Bricks, Hoffmeier, Frenkert – Remberg, Klann (Ghindovean, 67.), Wegkamp – Deters (Thiel, 79.), Langlitz (Dahlke, 81.), Farrona Pulido (Teklab, 60.)

Ahlen : Harr – Francis, Challirted (Lindner, 64.), Dal, Ioannidis – Marzullo, Wiesweg – Ivan, Holldack, Mamutovic (Pihl, 81.) – May (Hecker, 62.)

Goals : 1: 0 Langlitz (71.), 2: 0 Ghindovean (87.)

Yellow cards : Farrona Pulido / Holldack, Baked, Mamutovic

Spectators : 5.191

Referee : Thibaut Scheer