81% of the income originates from games as a service in the previous quarter, roughly 71% of the firm’s revenue had a direct relationship with this type of items, yet if we look at the duration that has actually finished on 30 of 30 of Julio, we will see that 81% of EA’s income comes from video games as a service and not from the sale of games, as Stephen Totilo collects. That is the percentage of the last quarter, which in the last twelve months down about 70.


A couple of hours ago, the financial results of the last quarter of Electronic Arts have actually come to light, leaving us with steady and quite positive figures for the company. We have actually already known for some time that a large component of the company’s earnings originates from games as a solution, but the current information is even extra enlightening.

These information encompass both microtransactions in Free to Plays as essential as Peak Legends and also settlements in FIFA Ultimate Team mode of its football franchise, which time after time remains to generate countless euros. Additionally, Mobile titles are experiencing great assistance from players.

EA does not neglect the single gamer

In spite of these overwhelming numbers, from the firm itself they wanted They look past the beginning of earnings.

We think of what sort of video games and also even more regarding the motivations they accomplish, states Wilson. We take a look at our neighborhood, where they spend their time and where we can satisfy their inspirations or otherwise. We will seek to match that with the enhancement of new on-line games, new multiplayer video games as well as brand-new video games for a gamer .