Gothic horror and crawling through the dungeons are perfectly combined in Diablo IV. The long-awaited isometric looter approaches the release date. With the addition of classes, the disclosure of a larger number of gameplay and the abundance of leaks, there is a lot of juicy information that can be devoured.

DIABLO IV exit date

The release date Diablo IV is not defined. Somewhere in 2023 .

What platforms will Diablo IV have available?

Diablo IV extends its influence to many platforms. This should not shock long-standing fans of the series, since Diablo 3 spread to everything, from Switch to PC. Although in the future, expansion is possible, the only confirmed platforms are below.

  • PC (
  • Xbox Series X | S
  • prefix 5

will there be a cross-fray in Diablo IV?

Yes! Players on different platforms will be able to play with each other in this big and open world. In addition, a local cooperative will return with the support of two players traveling together on the same console.

Is there an autonomous mode in Diablo IV?

Diablo IV will not be autonomous.

classes Diablo IV


The barbarian has unsurpassed power and skillfully owns a whole arsenal in battle, having weapons for all occasions. He emits frightening combat shows and bring down the shocking strokes, knocking down the hordes of enemies from his feet.


Druid is a ferocious werewolf that smoothly transforms from a huge bear into an evil werewolf to fight with wild creatures. He also commands the power of the earth, wind and storm, releasing the anger of nature with a destructive effect.


The sorceress gives the elements any form necessary for victory: she throws lightning, pierces enemies with jagged icy spikes and dumps glowing meteors from the sky.


The robber is an adapted, agile warrior that can specialize in distant or close combat. She can surpass any enemy with her charged weapons, perform powerful combo attacks and can replenish his arsenal with fatal poisons and shadow magic in order to kill demons with impunity.


Necromancers are cunning spells calling the vengeful hordes of undead. Their essence flows in three powerful bastion of bones, blood or shadows in order to overthrow their enemies.

will there be in Diablo IV PVP?

PVP will return to Diablo IV. Players who are part of certain PVP zones will be able to fight each other to get a chance to get premium prey.

Who is Lilith?

Lilith is the daughter of Mephisto, the lord of hatred, and the sister of the chandel, known as the Queen of the Sukkubs. Lilith first appeared in Diablo 2 and is sometimes known as Uber Andariel, Monster-Boss Uber, with whom you are faced during the Pandemonium event. Lilith entries can be found in the fifth act of Diablo 3 in the Pandemonium fortress, but it does not appear as a game model. Judging by the video Diablo IV, it seems that she will be the main villain of the game.

What are the fortresses in Diablo IV?

Fortresses are enemy camps that can be cleaned and returned to residents of the sanctuary. Each cleaned fortress will be transformed into something much less sinister from the new dungeon to the new city.

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