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Useless the state effect Dead by Daylight finally goes back to work

Bevern in the light of day Developers announced this week plans to redo one of the first state effects added to the game: hemorrhage. Previously, this effect caused the survivors more every time the murderers beat them using certain advantages or those who had brought special supplements that in turn made them easier to track. In its new way that is now being tested on the PTB before its live release, the renewed version of Hemorrhage will inflict the survivors a health regression until they can heal themselves.

Behavior Interactive shared changes to Hemorrhage in the same set of test server patch notes that included a nerf for Circle of Healing, but for those who do not prefer to read all the notes and just want to see the highlights, the developer has He has also been publishing the details in his social accounts. One of those tweets highlighted the change of bleeding to show how it will affect the survivors once it is available to everyone.

My thoughts on new Ghostie, Legion & Haddonfield | Dead by Daylight
“New effect: the survivors affected by the effect of hemorrhage state have a regression in their progression of healing at a constant rate when they do not cure.” The patch notes said.

As an example, the notes continued saying that if someone has 99% of their full health and is affected by the hemorrhage effect, it will lose 7% health per second, which will take 14 seconds to completely exhaust their health bars. This exerts more pressure on the survivor to escape and heal itself rapidly instead of evading murderers as he bleeds more.

Patch notes also recognized the perspective of many players that the hemorrhage effect is “useless”. Behavior said he expects this new effect to solve that problem.

“Hemorrhage has had a reputation for being a” useless ‘state effect, so we modify it so that it has a more significant impact on the central mechanics of the survivors’ healing, “said patch notes.

It is worth noting that the previous Tweet uses the term “also” to describe the new effect, while the patch notes do not. It is not clear from that wording if additional bleeding is still valid in this new version.

It is likely that this new effect will cause murderers to reconsider their burdens more to test more creative constructions. The advantage Oni’s Blood ECHO, for example, inflicts all other survivors hemorrhage and exhaustion effects once a survivor is hooked, which sounds much more attractive after this change. The murderers who enjoy using the basic attack with unique accessories and advantages to inflict hemorrhage should also appreciate this change.

The patch notes are not completed until they are definitely launched, so we will have to see if it changes or if this version is what was decided when the update is published for all.

Konami reveals the release date of the EFOOTBALL 2022 V1.0 update

Konami has prepared the scenario for Eption 2022 Update of version 1.0.0 to be launched on April 14, the editor announced this week. This free update for the game will take you to its full version after the previous launch, which Konami considered “basically a demonstration”. A set of patch notes published along with the announcement of this update detail everything that changes when 1.0.0, which includes changes in different game systems such as shooting and passing, as well as new features such as creative mode “Dream Team”.

The advertisement of EFOCO 2022 The release date was shared in social networks this week by Konami. A thread of tweets that started with the date of next update and ended with a set of patch notes said that the changes that were made were “driven by comments” received from those who have been playing the game from their launching. That launch was not easy with Konami announcing numerous updates between the launch and now to eliminate mistakes and improve the game. Konami referred to some of those problems at the beginning of the patch notes where he said that “he lost sight” the approach in quality.

“With that determination in mind, we entered what would eventually be a two-year development period for 2022_”, Konami said. “However, we were too focused on taking out the game on time we lost sight of the most important: quality. Naturally, we received critical fans reviews legitimately disappointed ».

While the tubs and criticisms for the 2022_ were really abundant, Konami thanked people formed by their comments expressed through the “real voices” of the players and said there will be more content in the future.

Konami Announces eFootball 2022 v1.0 Release Date + Update Info!

“Although 6 months have passed since the initial launch last September, we believe that we have finally reached a level of quality in which we can trust. Hence the decision behind the launch of V1.0.0.

“Be sure that we still have some more functionalities that will be implemented in future updates, so it is attentive to more information in the future,” Konami said just before listing the patch notes of version 1.0.0. «Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this ‘new soccer game!’»

Those patch notes can be seen complete here to assimilate everything that is changing when the next great update is launched.

Insider idea loses on Vapor overnight nearly 70% scores – is currently “extremely adverse”

An indie designer has utilized his patch notes on Heavy steam for a rather strange propaganda.

Domina is established by the Indie-Studio Dolphin Barn Incorporated. The areas always indefush in their patch Notes. Nonetheless, their most recent “prank” has actually caused unfavorable comments for outstandingly adverse feedback.

Which video game is it? In Domina you play the manager of gladiators.

What has Domina employed? In the patch Notes for beta upgrade V1.3.18 from 9 March there is a sign of the masks. These have to still be borne as a result of the ongoing Corona pandemic in several countries around the globe. Domina currently suggests:

This paragraph in the patch Notes has actually caused a big counterwind. The game, which had previously greater than 84% positive testimonials, rushed down 16% in the evening on March 12th and also the propensity drops. The evaluation resembles by “really favorable” on “mostly unfavorable”.

Take the fucking masks – following time in the shop, attempting to reveal a woman’s face. Are you self-indulgent, without concern of existing – you could find a sweetheart. Ladies like self-reliability. Females like no guys that cover their faces of worry. What are you terrified of? To be flat? Expand up.

What is the WORST PC In Your House? Naming Shaming and Cleaning

“Women like Respectful Male”

The players react: In the adverse scores of the last time, quasi is managed exclusively on the declaration to the masks. The gamers advise against sustaining a designer that composes “anti-mask mottos in patch notes”.

Even the widely known, Austrian banner Pia “Shurjoka” Scholz records on Twitter with a counter setting. She composes:

I return your video game. Just came to state that.

Do you know what women like the majority of? Guys that are considerate and care regarding other individuals, specifically for vulnerable. To claim other in your damned patch notes, you need to lose the masks during a pandemic, is disgusting. Piss.

The designers responded themselves on Twitter and also compose: “Never take them off! It is excellent! It is excellent!”

Dolphin Barn has actually already hid a suspicious information in the patch notes. In May 2021 concerning weak guys that can no more grow potatoes to expand to Sukkubus breasts as well as porn usage. Although the programmers push the programmers repeatedly, but apparently the wink was better to recognize below, the examinations remained great. Now a boundary is surpassed.

Domina has actually first played his expert idea condition with this activity. It would most likely have actually achieved success for some time. Especially indie video games always obtain an excellent section of advance laurels on Heavy steam and also can motivate the gamers there:

Indie game for 2,39 EUR using Vampires, Loten and also Degrees Overcome Vapor – 99% Positive Testimonials

An indie programmer has utilized his patch notes on Steam for a rather strange propaganda. Which video game is it? In Domina you play the supervisor of gladiators. What has Domina worked with? ** In the patch Notes for beta upgrade V1.3.18 from 9 March there is an indication of the masks.

Call of Duty Vanguard: New update for download, statement for ranked play

For Call of Duty Vanguard a new update is available for download. The developers of Sledgehammer Games share the patch Notes via their website – and thus details of the changes and innovations. So then it should no longer come to a sudden game crash if you scroll in the game by your friends list. However, in the foreground of the patch are error corrections for individual bundles.

At the Sten Historia Blueprint “Attack on Titan – Levi Edition Bundle” it should no longer happen that it appears as STG44 in public multiplayer matches. In the Battle Pass, the developers resolve a mistake at Beatrice Parisian Skin , which you unlocked in place 20. In the patch Notes, SLEDHAMMER GAMES shares that all rank-20 players have received this skin in progress . In Zombies Mode, the Vanguard Update is a spawn problem with the DECIMATOR SHIELD.

Ranked Play postponed, new information

The Patch Notes for the new Vanguard update also use the developers as a platform to talk about the planned ranked play. Due to a critical STAT bug in the live environment, the Ranked Play Beta did not work as previously communicated on 17 February online. Through social channels, the developers want to keep players up to date – and communicate a new appointment as soon as a fix has been implemented.

Ranked Play Update DELAYED for Call of Duty Vanguard

The Vanguard menu will soon be available for a new pillar mode that Competitive lots enables, outputs seasonal skill ratings and promises twe-weekly ranking events. When participating, you will assure you special rewards. You play in 4-counter-4 matches on the same maps, modes and settings that match the rule set of Call of Duty League. Individual weapons, perks and killstreaks are limited only available. The game modes include CDL Hardpoint, CDL Control and CDL Search & Destroy .

Rewards in the Ranked Play

In the Ranked Play you will receive every five ranks both an emblem and a calling card as a reward. When you reach your stage 50, you will switch the RANKED ROYALTY as long as Operator Skin, an animated Calling Card and another emblem free. At the end of a season, on the basis of your Skill Division, there is another emblem, which allows you to decorate your profile. The unlocked items can be used both in Vanguard and Warz1. Further information about the ranked play will keep the patch notes available for the current vanguard update.

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