Com2uS (CEO Jae-jun Song, Joo-hwan Lee) held a ceremony to commit full-scale activities after the recruitment of eight university student supporters ‘Com2us Player’.

‘Com2uS Player’ is a supporter program that has been continuing since 2019 to present future vision to young people who are dreaming of becoming the game industry and to convey indirect experiences of various jobs. It is responsible.

Com2us selected a total of 10 college students as eight ‘Com2S Player’ after the application of applications to interviews. The 8th members will divide the PD parts and design parts that are in charge of video shooting and edit, and will create contents related to Com2us Group, including hiring news, reporting in-house events, and interviewing employees.

At the opening ceremony on the 30th, more than 20 members of the 7th and 8th members gathered to introduce the role and meaning of ‘Com2uS Player’ and share their future activities. In addition, the 7th members of the senior riders had a good time to transfer the overall know-how of supporters’ activities, such as how to produce content and promotional tips using official SNS channels.

The 8th member who participated in the opening ceremony said, I was interested in games, webtoons, and dramas, so I was supporting Com2u’s college student supporters, which are transforming into a K-content company. I will make the vivid news from creative content.

Meanwhile, college students who work as Com2uS Player will receive various benefits such as monthly activities and excellent reporter awards, as well as the additional points of document screening for the comes and internships. In particular, in the third era of Web, you can meet the incumbent managers of Com2us Group, who is leaping as a global leader in the next-generation digital platform and content industry, and have the opportunity to listen to and report professional practical stories.