Although we all seek to play in Solq the champion with more Winrato and who dominates the line phase, League of Legends shines more when we make incredible combos with our teammates. Some skills earn whole when combined with other concrete from other champions. That is precisely what we bring you today thanks to a play that is peeing it in Reddit.


The author of the post responds to the name of Tarankowski and has uploaded the video about 7 hours ago, if we count from the moment in which these lines are written, managing to be on the first page of the League of Legends Subform. It shows us what is capable of a concrete combination of 3 champions at level 1.

Now you see it, now you don’t see it

What we see in the video is a blue buffo robbery at level 1. It is not a strange action, but that dependent on champions such as Blitzcrank and their Q-Gaugar Missile. This is a step further, making use of Syndra’s concrete skills, Thresh and finally Ivern. A spectacular combination that manages to make the theft of the century in seconds and without any risk.

The following happens: A guardian is used to give vision to Syndra and that he can use his w-force of will about the blue improvement, then use the W-Camino Dark ofofof Thresh to get away with this improvement, to finally be harvested by Ivern and its Passive-Forest Bosque . The latter is important, because added to crushing makes not reset and can take two improvements at the price of a .

A fissure plan

It is certainly a spectacular way to start the game. It is no longer that you rob a bufo, is that they end up being two thanks to Ivern, and that you also do it with style. How would you feel if you were the other team? I would surely ask FF to 15, because they would have morale completely food.