With some huge titles released this month and a heap on the horizon, this episode is absolutely filled with kind of play. So, tie for hot sockets and a tonn of jokes in the last episode of press x to podcast. !

This episode does not really concern soap, it is the Rhett solution to all the problems of Dying Light 2. They also talk about Grid Legends and Pokemon without talking about Horizon Forbidden West. Meanwhile, they also reflect on the difference between Sonic and Richard Nixon. Discover all this and much more in episode 5.3 press x to podcast – herbal shampoo and soap!

What do you think about Paul’s points of view, James and Rhett? Have you played Dying Light 2? What do you think of parkour, zombie shooter? Make sure to share your thoughts and of course your favorite parts of the episode in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As always, do not forget to come back for the next episode of the still entertaining press x to podcast. If you are not yet subscribed to Press X to Podcast, make sure to do it here, and do not forget to subscribe to us on YouTube for more video game content.

Thank you for keeping it locked on Cogconnected.

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How To Make Yucca Soap
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