Pixelmon is a mod for Minecraft, which transfers the mystical world of Pokemon to Minecraft. Players can explore the world and catch various Pokemon to replenish their collection. There are many exclusive Pixelmon objects that you can create for progress in the game, for example Poké Balls and Healing Tables. Players can even assemble a PC in Pixelmon to track all Pokemon in their arsenal. However, when players fight Pokemon in the wild, they will need to treat their own. To heal your Pokemon, you will need a healer, and this is how you can create it.

how to make a healer in Pixelmon

To create a healer, also known as the healing table, you will first need to collect a number of objects. Players will need at least four iron ingots , four aluminum ingots and one diamond . The first stage involves the collection of four blocks from Iron ore as well as bauxite ore , each. Then place them in the furnace to process ores in ingots.

After processing aluminum ingots from bauxite, use them for the manufacture of four aluminum plates . For the manufacture of aluminum plates from aluminum ingots, you need anvil . If you do not know how to make an anvil is quite simple-you need only eight iron ingots. When you have an anvil, place an aluminum ingot on it, and then hit it several times with an iron hammer until you get an aluminum plate.

Finally, when you have all the necessary materials, just arrange them in the right format to create a healer. The diamond must be placed in the center, four iron ingots in each direction and four aluminum plates in each corner. Contact the image above to get an accurate idea of the craft layout.


how to use a healer in Pixelmon

The healer is used to revive or treat all the Pokemon in the player’s group. To use it, just go to it, interact with the subject and select Pokemon you want to cure. The pokeballs will appear on the healing table, and your Pokemon will be healed in the shortest possible time.

Keep in mind that healers cannot be raised after they are placed. If you break your hands, nothing will fall out. However, if you break it with a pick, only one aluminum plate will fall out of it.

How to treat Pokelmon Pokemon

In order to heal or revive the fallen Pokemon in Pixelmon, players need to use healer , or a medical table. They can be found in the Pokemon center S around the map, or created by the players themselves. Some alternative methods of treating Pokemon who have lost consciousness include:

* Dream in bed -Dream in bed always revives Pokemon who have lost consciousness, and is a reliable method when players cannot find the center of Pokemon nearby or there are not enough materials to create a healer.

* Using the commands -Enter the command /Pokeheal to instantly cure all the Pokemon in your group. This step requires the inclusion of cheats.

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