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Moyes praises great upswing at West Ham

West Ham United’s head coach David Moyes is amazed at the development of his team to a European League semi-finalist.

“It wasn’t long ago that we fought against the descent. It has been a great upswing since then, and I see no reason why it shouldn’t be continued,” said Moyes after arriving in Frankfurt am Main. In the 2006 World Cup stadium, Eintracht and West Ham play to participate in the Europa League final. This will be held in Seville on May 18.

The Hesse won the first leg in London 2-1, a draw is enough in the second leg. “We are the hunter in this game because we are a goal behind. But in the same breath they are the ones who have to defend the lead,” said Moyes.

A return from central defender Issa Diop, which last with an ankle injury, was conceivable. Diop is “maybe not at 100 percent”, but in this phase of the season you can take a slightly greater risk.

Mike Büskens reports: “This is about the club”

Mike Büskens Mission Impossible | Schalker Dreisel Nr. 13
On Instagram, Büskens gave an insight into his workout – live via tablet. Even in the square he can not stand because of a corona disease. The 53-year-old thanked for many motivating letters, but emphasized: “This is not about Mike Bükens, it’s about the club. We are all called together to tackle the remaining nine games as successfully as possible.”

Actually, he revealed, the job was no longer his goal as the main manager. The possibility of a release as now with his ex-boss Dimitrios Grammozis stopped him. “That was a reason why I deliberately decided to work four years ago not to work as head coach and to step into the second row.”

Huub Stevens had his fingers in the game

His vocation: “The ‘Hermann Gerland of the Emscherstrand’ wanted and I want to be. Young players in their career beginnings to accompany the contact person for club, team and head coach. With this requirement profile I could live very well.” But now it came another way: “Rouven Schröder asked me on Sunday if I would help again because he did not want to get an external coach for the end phase of the season.” After talks with his family and Mentor Huub Stevens had been clear, “that I have to take responsibility”.

The ‘Hermann Gerland of the Emscherstrand’ wanted and I want to be.

Mike Büskens about his decision to return to the second link after the season

And this responsibility is clearly limited. “Nine games as a boss, then again as CO in the new coach team,” announces Büskens and promises: “Nine games we will pure everything, will try to get the best possible out.”

Because of Putins war in Ukraine! Gisdol kicks as Moscow

He had great plans in Russia, wanted to lead his new club back to the top of the Premier League. Now Markus Gisdol has resigned after not even six months in the Office as a head coach at Lokomotive Moscow.

The longtime Bundesliga coach did not call a head coaching reasons for his decision. Rather, after the Russian criminal war in Ukraine, he can no longer be able to further pursue his work in the capital.

Gisdol reported to the “picture” and led there over his motivations: “Football coach is the most beautiful job in the world for me, but I can not pursue my appeal in a country whose state leader is responsible for a crime in the middle of Europe,” So the 52-year-old, who had already worked as a assistant and head coach in the FC Schalke 04, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Hamburger SV and 1. FC Cologne in recent years.

Russia Ukraine conflict: Putin launches full-scale invasion

Gisdol of decision “absolutely convinced”

“I’ve resigned with immediate effect from my office as a coach of Lokomotive Moscow. I can not stand in Moscow on the training place, the players exercise, demand professionalism and a few kilometers further will give commands that bring great suffering over an entire people In his opinion, the football teacher continued to led to the newspaper.

Gisdol had taken the head coach post at Lok Moscow only in October 2021. His athletic balance with so far only three wins in twelve aggravates fell quite lean, but had nothing to do with his decision, Moscow and Russia so fast it is currently going to return to the back.

“That’s my personal decision and I am absolutely convinced,” Gisdol said clearly, who has already landed in Germany according to the newspaper.

At least transitional, the former German international Marvin COMPPER should take over the table sifted from the Premier League. COMPPER was previously employed as an analyst in the coaching team of Gisdols.

The former Mainzer Sandro black, now coaches of Dynamo Moscow, finally expressed: “I’m not one who buys a ticket, jump into the plane and fly away from Russia. That’s not my kind. I feel my responsibility and stay with the Club.”

Michael Oenning is new coach at FC Wacker Innsbruck

Michael Oenning becomes new head coach of FC Wacker Innsbruck. The 56-year-old German signed at the Tyrolean traditional association a contract until summer 2023. From next week he will lead the training together with his co-trainer (Note). Interim Trainer Masaki Morass takes away the second team again.

Michael Oenning started his coaching car in 2003 as co-coach at the German Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach. There he worked, among other things, under Horst Köppel, Dick Advocaat and Holger Fach, with which he also trained the VfL Wolfsburg after the time in Gladbach.

His first job as a head coach Oenning took over in 2007 in the youth of VfL Bochum, before his path led him only a year later in the professional football to the 1.FC Nuremberg. At the “Club,” he managed the leap from the coach to the interim trainer to the head coach and was able to rise with Nuremberg from the second league over the relegation to the Bundesliga. In 2010, he closed to the Hamburg sports club, where he also served as a co-trainer and later as head coach in the German Bundesliga.

It followed the first foreign station of the German exercise leader at FC Vasas Budapest. Following the successful class preservation in the first year, Oenning occupied in the subsequent season with the Hungarian traditional club, after interim tables, the strong third table rank. In 2018 he returned to Germany and took over the second division FC Magdeburg for a year before he became head coach of the Greek traditional association ARIS Thessaloniki.

FC Wacker Innsbruck | Historienvideo
His last stop completed the meanwhile 56-year-old in Hungary near Újpest Budapest. In the acquisition, the club was strongly reluctant, but Oenning did not just led the team to the league, but also won the Hungarian Cup. Since 31.12.2021 Michael Oenning is free.

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“I’m looking forward to my new task at the FC Wacker Innsbruck. The talks were extremely good and you feel like how much enthusiasm the responsible persons are in this project. With the club I connect a lot of tradition, a great stadium and an emotional environment with one Special followers, “says Oenning in a broadcast.

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