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Union Berlin just did what FC Bayern claimed

Joshua Kimmich equalized the leadership of Sheraldo Becker (12th minute) simply 3 minutes later on. It was difficult work, however the match plan worked.

That is one of us’s strengths, said the 35-year-old after the iron was won against the record champions. Bavaria also pointed out in development that it is so.

Union Berlin was likewise not disturbed by the quick compensation against Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga top game on Saturday. His team makes up for Captain Christopher Trimmel.

has been undefeated for twelve

Everybody expected that you obtain a leading team. Yet I can soothe everyone: this is a group where you can get last, but likewise.


In the league, the Berliners have been unbeaten across the season for twelve games in collection. But also if we lose games, we won’t allow ourselves get out of the concept.

In the organization, the Berliners have been unbeaten across the period for twelve games in series. But also if we lose games, we will not allow ourselves get out of the idea.

On Thursday (6:45 p.m./ RTL+), the very first European League video game in the arena at the old forester’s against Royale Union Saint-Gilloise from Belgium gets on the program for the Köpenickers.

Everybody expected that you obtain a leading team. Yet I can relax everybody: this is a group where you can get last, however also.

The darkness of the indie game? Suspicion of unauthorized use of game developer subsidies in famous publishers -A Space for the Unbound development and distributors protested under the joint name and canceled the contract,

On August 24, the developer Mojiken Studio and Pujiken Studio announced on August 24 that the adventure game A Space for the Unbound Flowers blooming in the heart (A Space for the Unbound) announced on August 24. In addition, we have revealed the cancellation of the contract with the British PQUBE GAMES, a partner for consoles.

GameSpark will be released in the past in 2022, which is set in local cities in Indonesia in the late 90’s, but has been reported in GameSpark in the past, but this time from the official Twitter account, Important news. The postponement of the release was officially announced.

Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions have announced that this postponement is not a simple reason, but due to problems caused by the partner.

In the early 2022, the two companies are working on the console version of A Space for the Unbound for Europe and the United States, such as GAL*GUN, INERTIAL DRIFT, Cat Quest, etc. Contract with PQUBE GAMES. After that, this work succeeded in receiving various subsidies, including The Diversity Fund, which supports small-scale game developers in the corona, but PQUBE GAMES intentionally intentionally provide information on subsidies. It is said that it was discovered in March that the subsidy to be paid to the developer was added as a minimum guarantee amount that could be collected, and used for negotiating the revenue distribution.

I can’t trust PQUBE GAMES and I can’t continue working together for the release of A Space for the Unbound, but at this time PQUBE GAMES still retains the European and American console version of public. The two companies have refused to return.

It seems that the official comment has not been given at the moment from the PQUBE GAMES side, but due to unexpected troubles, the postponement of A Space for the Unbound has been officially postponed. In the GAME*Spark editorial department, in response to this matter, Is there any mistake in the content of the texts issued by these two companies? I’m asking PQube to comment on two points. As soon as there is a response, I will tell you the follow-up report.

I got an answer from PQUBE GAMES. Click here for the answer ↓

Publisher PQUBE’s attitude of thorough anti-war… A Space for the Unbound development and dealer protest and cancellation of contract

Valorant presents Fire Again, the 2022 Champions music video that can be the summer song

We are not going to discover now that in Riot Games they are geniuses in many ways; And one of them is to create musical songs and videos to promote the great events of their star games, such as Lol or Valorant. In this case, it is a turn for the shooter and the anthem that will be the song that serves as a preamble to the 2022 Champions.

For Poquito, the official game account has published the official music video of Champions 2022 . The theme is called Fire Again by Ashnikko and you can delight you with it below.

Not only the theme is catchy, but the quality of the video is also truly spectacular, with several of the characters of Valorant in Action through animated sequences that seem taken from a film or a series of high production values . Come on, he has all the ingredients to spend more hours listening to it than a Quevedo and Bzrp session.

When are the Champions 2022?

The Definitive Valorant championship will start on September 2, and there will be a series of games continuity for 16 days, until the 18th of the same month the grand final is played, according to the established plans.

The event will be face-to-face in the town of Istanbul, and these are the teams that have been classified for the 2022 Champions League and that will fight to get the World Shoter World Scepter of Riot.

  • North America: Optic Gaming (1st), Xset (2nd) and 100 Thieves (LCQ).
  • EMEA: Funplus Phoenix (1st), Fnatic (2nd) and Team Liquid (LCQ).
  • Brazil: Loud (1st) and fury eSports (LCQ).
  • Latam: Leviathan (1st) and Krü Esports (LCQ).
  • Korea: Drx (1st).
  • Japan: Zeta Division (1st).


  • Apac: Paper Rex (1st), Xerxia (2nd) and Boom Esports (LCQ).
  • East Asia: Edward Gaming (LCQ).

Gamescom Honor 2022 presents the nominees and also you can vote

Please note: Webedia is a member of the Game Association that organizes gamescom. Gamescom 2022 come with webedia and hence likewise Namco Entertainment as media partner. Head of Digital Posting Rae Grimm is likewise component of the jury of Gamescom Awards this year.

Represents: The choice of a lot of winners as well as titles is made by an international court, in the follower groups Best Cubicle (your favored condition of Gamescom) and also Finest Trailer/AnnoUncement (the coolest game trailer or The very best brand-new statement) can be voted on the Gamescom internet site up until August 26th at 3:00 p.m.

The Kölnmesse once again provides the Gamescom Awards this year. To name a few points, one of the most predicted video games of the fair compete in an overall of 19 classifications and also now we also know which prospects are there. This year is additionally the group Gamescom Goes Eco-friendly Honor.

** When does the award of the Awards occur? The Gamescom Goes Environment-friendly Award as well as the platform classifications, on the various other hand, will be granted for the Debut Live on Tuesday. You can locate extra about the UNL program right here:

Below you will certainly locate all classifications and also the nominees of this year’s Gamescom Awards: .

Heart of Gaming Honor .

Finest Strategy/Simulation Game .
| inculinati , daedalic enjoyment.| Metal: Hellsinger , Funcom.| Pentiment **, Microsoft.

Best Sports/Racing Game .

Amongst various other points, the most expected video games of the fair compete in a total of 19 groups as well as currently we also understand which candidates are there. Matches to: The choice of most winners and also titles is made by an international court, in the follower classifications Best Booth (your preferred status of Gamescom) and also Ideal Trailer/AnnoUncement (the coolest game trailer or The ideal new statement) can be elected on the Gamescom site till August 26th at 3:00 p.m.

Up until Disclaimer: Please note Webedia is a member of participant Game Association that organization gamescom. ** When does the honor of the Honors take place? Of program, some video games have to not be nominated for the Gamescom Awards, but they in fact have to be usable in the public from August 24th. We have also detailed which games have already been validated for the fair in a devoted write-up.

Finest Recurring Game .

Many Wanted Nintendo Switch Game .

This year, Gamescom will certainly not only take place online, however likewise in Perfume on site. Some bigger publishers such as Sony or Nintendo will certainly not be represented, yet Microsoft, Ubisoft and Bandai Namco are among the exhibitors, among others. The total listing of all confirmed exhibitors can be discovered below. We have additionally detailed which games have actually currently been validated for the fair in a specialized short article.

Finest indie game .
| Lies of P , Neowiz.| One Pipeline Odyssey , Bandai Namco Entertainment.| The Dark Images: The Adversary in Me **, Bandai Namco Entertainment.


  • The court chooses the Gamescom exhibitor with the very best line-up of titles.

Finest Activity Game .

| inculinati , daedalic enjoyment.
Proof , Newfangled Gamings.| Sunday Gold , Team17 Digital.
| Steel: Hellsinger , Funcom.| System Shock , Plaion.| Warhammer 40,000: Darktide , Fattshark.
| Airhead
, mobile phone video games.| Edge of Sanity , Vixa Gamings.| Tin Hearts , Wired Productions.

Naturally, some games have to not be chosen for the Gamescom Awards, yet they actually have to be usable in the public from August 24th. You can all evaluate the titles detailed right here if you are on site. The Steel shooter: Hellsinger leads the listing of games with a total of 4 elections, Microsoft goes to the leading edge of the authors with 5 nominations.

Finest Schedule .
| The Dark Photos: The Evil one in Me , Bandai Namco Entertainment.| The Last Case of Benedict Fox , Rogue Games.| Steel: Hellsinger **, Funcom.

Many Wanted Microsoft Xbox Game .
| Dredge , Black Salt Games.| Exists of P , Neowiz.| Sunday Gold **, Team17 Digital.

| Age of Empires 4 , Microsoft.| Microsoft Trip Simulator , Microsoft.| Sea of Burglars **, Microsoft.

Most Desired Sony Playstation Game .
| Exists of P , Neowiz.| Castaway 2-A New Beginning , ThQ Nordic.| The Last Situation of Benedict Fox **, Rogue Games.

Gamescom Debut Live 2022.

Best Family Game .
| Steel: Hellsinger , Funcom.| System Shock , Plaion.| Warhammer 40,000: Darktide , Fattshark.
| AEW: Combat Permanently
, ThQ Nordic.| Goal! The Club Supervisor , Toplitz Productions.| Ultimechs , Resolution Games.

Which of your opinion would have earned an award? .

Ideal Function Playing Game .
| Goat Simulator 3 , Plaion.| The Dark Images: The Evil one in Me , Bandai Namco Entertainment.| Warhammer 40,000: Darktide **, Fattshark.

Best Multiplayer Game .

0 4.

extra about gamescom.

  • Indie sector booth.
  • Microsoft/ Xbox.
  • Ukie.

Gamescom goes Environment-friendly Award .
| Age of Darkness , Team17 Digital.| Autopsy Simulator , Team17 Digital.| ixion **, Kalypso Media.

Most Original Game .

Finest Action Experience Game .

Many Desired PC Game .
| Fling to the coating , daedalic enjoyment.| iconei Island: to EARTHLOCK Adventure , Snowcastle Gamings.
Proof , Newfangled Games.

Time, day, live stream and all games.

these are the nominees of Gamescom Awards 2022.

  • With this honor, impressive products are chosen, technologies, expansions and games or individuals, organizations, business, principles or terms.

6 reasons why you shouldnt acquire PS5 now

You are waiting on the following drop and also really desire to get a PS5? Meinmmo describes what speaks versus the acquisition of a PlayStation 5.

If you desire to get a PS5, you are usually under anxiety: you comply with tickers and attempt to be there with every decline to finally get your fantastic console. Is the entire tension in the end worth it for a console that costs me 500 euros?

Meinmmo clarifies to you what talks versus acquiring a PS5

few exclusive games for the PS5

Lots of games service PS4 and also PS5.

Lots of individuals purchase various gaming consoles or already have an Xbox, a PS5 and also a Nintendo Switch in their closet. The factor for this is frequently that you require a specific console for exclusive games. Such a game likewise frequently ensures that a console like the Nintendo Switch ends up being a box workplace hit.

There are just a couple of games that you can truly only play on the PS5. If you definitely want to play the video game, you can also play it on the PS4 and also don’t need PS5.

You can additionally upgrade numerous PS4 games to the PS5 variation. Relying on the service provider, either for around 10 euros or absolutely free.

The trouble of PS5 is that there is only a handful of this special one at the current time. Games like Astro’s Playroom, Returnal as well as Ratchet & Clank: Break Apart are advised games, yet they are not always the sales argument par excellence, why you definitely need a console. If you still have a PS4 anyway, especially.

The PS4 is currently readily available and also 2022 is still effective

While Microsoft has currently stopped creating Xbox One, Sony continues to generate PS4 consoles. And also the PS4 is considerably cheaper than the PS5.

If you already have a PS4 and also just use a Full HD tool or maximum WQHD monitor anyhow, the PS4 is still sufficient if you want to play games, the Sony publishes both for the PS4 and also the PS5.

If you already have a PS4 Pro, it only comes to be challenging. Since the Pro currently supports 4K resolution in some games and also with an appropriate structure rate. However, if you want to get everything out of the PS5, after that you need a 4K tv with HDMI 2.1 support in order to profit from the additional efficiency as well as the higher structure rates.

_ The very best television for PS5 as well as Xbox can be discovered in our purchase suggestions: _

choices to the PS5 are more affordable and also readily available

For the PS5 you have to pay around 500 euros if you get it. Relying on the bundle, you likewise pay more. For some options in the console location, nevertheless, you pay much less:

  • For the Xbox Series S you currently pay around 250 euros with great offers as well as likewise get the performance of a Next genetics console.
  • Depending on the deal, you likewise get the Nintendo Switch for around 300 euros. You pay much less than 200 euros for the lite edition, however you have to do without docking mode.

You need to keep in mind that none of the choices discussed provide the exact same features as well as attributes of the PS5. You obtain other features as well as occasionally other exclusive or a portable setting when it comes to the switch.

Sony now likewise publishes unique points for the PC

If you intended to play particular games, you needed to purchase a Playstation for a long period of time. Because many games only appeared exclusively for Sony’s console. Yet that is precisely what is changing.

In the meantime, you can play games like God of Battle, Perspective: Absolutely No Dawn or Spider-Man on the PC and also Sony to bring more unique titles to the computer.

There are still games that Sony depends on time exclusivity, which you can just play on the PS5. It is extra exciting here that formerly PS5-exclusive titles will possibly never show up on the Xbox as well as vice versa. Computer players need to benefit from this technique in the lengthy term.

awaiting the PS5 slim

Any person who has checked out the PS5 in the shop or with buddies knows that the PS5 is an actual colossus and also substantially bigger than the previous generation (PS4). If you usually put your console under the television or pack it in a storage room, then it may well be that the PS5 is merely also huge. Thanks to an awesome suggestion, you can even check out without a console whether the PS5 fits your living-room.

the 6 factors against the PS5 at a look

  • Until now there are minimal special for the PS5.
  • You can play several games on both the PS4 and also PS5.
  • The PS4 is efficient and lots of games are still running without any type of problems in 2022.
  • With Nintendo Switch or Xbox Collection S you obtain good gaming consoles for significantly much less cash.
  • Lots of exclusive things for the PlayStation are now also published for the PC.
  • The PS5 Slim might end up being a choice to the huge PS5 for numerous individuals.
    But acquire a PS5? You couldn’t persuade you our arguments and also we still desire to purchase a PS5?

Take a look at our PS5 ticker.
Right here we maintain you approximately date up to day as well as explain to you exactly how best to obtain a PS5 as well as reveal you goes down around the coveted console.
Buy PS5 today-take care of these suppliers

Numerous customers purchase various gaming consoles or already have an Xbox, a PS5 and a Nintendo Switch in their closet. There are just a few games that you can really just play on the PS5. If you absolutely desire to play the video game, you can additionally play it on the PS4 as well as do not require PS5.

And also it is possible that Sony will remain to bring a slimmer variation of the PS5 in the future. It could after that make all the clients satisfied that are just as well big and also hefty. In the PS4, Sony had actually released the Slim version around 2 years after the launch.

There are still games that Sony relies on time exclusivity, which you can only play on the PS5. Anybody who has looked at the PS5 in the shop or with close friends recognizes that the PS5 is an actual titan and substantially bigger than the previous generation (PS4).

Nearly all EA revenues originate from games as a solution, although they will continue to make solitary player

81% of the income originates from games as a service in the previous quarter, roughly 71% of the firm’s revenue had a direct relationship with this type of items, yet if we look at the duration that has actually finished on 30 of 30 of Julio, we will see that 81% of EA’s income comes from video games as a service and not from the sale of games, as Stephen Totilo collects. That is the percentage of the last quarter, which in the last twelve months down about 70.


A couple of hours ago, the financial results of the last quarter of Electronic Arts have actually come to light, leaving us with steady and quite positive figures for the company. We have actually already known for some time that a large component of the company’s earnings originates from games as a solution, but the current information is even extra enlightening.

These information encompass both microtransactions in Free to Plays as essential as Peak Legends and also settlements in FIFA Ultimate Team mode of its football franchise, which time after time remains to generate countless euros. Additionally, Mobile titles are experiencing great assistance from players.

EA does not neglect the single gamer

In spite of these overwhelming numbers, from the firm itself they wanted They look past the beginning of earnings.

We think of what sort of video games and also even more regarding the motivations they accomplish, states Wilson. We take a look at our neighborhood, where they spend their time and where we can satisfy their inspirations or otherwise. We will seek to match that with the enhancement of new on-line games, new multiplayer video games as well as brand-new video games for a gamer .

Line Games Aviation Age Origin… Implied departure in 4 years

[sea ages Moon Young-soo reporter] The core title ‘Origin of the Age of the Era’ is ahead of the line game of Line Games. Since its establishment, it is noteworthy that it will be able to lay the foundation for improving the earnings of Line Games, which has been continuing to deficit.

According to the game industry on the 12th, Line Games (CEO Kim Min-kyu) will start a pre-booking pre-order in the ages. It has been four years since the news of the first joint business development in 2018.

The Origin of the Age of the Sea is an open world large-scale multi-entertained game (MMORPG) jointly developed by Motif (CEO Lee Deuk-kyu) and Japan’s Koinuma Hisashi. In the 1990s, it was based on the ‘Sea Era 2’ and ‘Overhang against the Sea of Sea’ in the Sea of Sea Era.

In the early days of development, the company aimed to be launched in the last 2020 anniversary of the Sea of Sea, but was scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2022 for completeness. The company will conduct two tests (CBTs) in January 2021 and January this year to enhance the completeness, and will be serviced through mobile and line game’s PC game platform ‘Floor’.

The Origin of the Age of the Sea Era was based on Unreal Engine 4 and reproduced major ports and various types of ships of the 16th century. Using big data collected from all over the world, it feels that it is operating a fleet in the sea of reality. At the same time, the ‘Detford Randering’ technology is applied to realize a three-dimensional graphic that changes light and shadows in real time depending on the day, night and four seasons. You can also enjoy the OST worked by Kanno Yoko, a composer of the Sea and Sea Era 2.

Users can enjoy various contents such as sailing, trade, exploration, combat, growth, and resource management to achieve various purposes such as the world’s weekly and the monopoly of ocean. In addition to the main characters that appeared in the original seascape of the original coast of ‘Joan Ferrero’ and ‘Catalina Erancho’, historical real characters such as William Shakespeare and Three Musketeers’ Leader Charles Daltanan can also be seen as an admiral or navigator.

Interesting is to be interested in whether Origin of the Era, which has begun to launch a full-fledged launch, will be able to save Line Games. Line Games is a subsidiary of ‘Line’, a famous Japanese mobile messenger in Japan, and is a game company that acquired and absorbed NeXT Floor, developer of ‘Dragon Flight’ in 2017. In March last year, it attracted attention by attracting 100 billion won in investment from Tencent, China.

However, the company has not been able to escape the deficit for nearly five years since its establishment. According to the Financial Supervisory Service’s electronic disclosure system, Line Games recorded sales of W43.3bn and operating loss of 51.9 billion won last year. Although he has succeeded in emissions such as ‘Exos Heroes’ and ‘Undis Selfie’, it has not made profits exceeding the consumer development and marketing costs. This is why the hits of the sea ages are urgently needed.

Line Games said, The Origin of the Age of the Age is an open world MMORPG where you can enjoy sailing, adventure and battle together.

From Dragon Round to One Item: The Best Anime Mobile Games 2022

Asian space loves mobile games and also anime! It is not surprising that even more as well as much more mobile games appear in this nation that are based on preferred anime series. Because of this, we offer several of the most effective anime mobile games that you can currently play in this picture series.


you are anime follower, after that you will certainly like these games

If anime is successful, a mobile game complies with. ** Some anime also have numerous mobile games at the begin.

We have actually taken on the Google Playstore and selected some of the ideal anime Mobile Games for you , which you can still play and also download and install for totally free today. In the complying with image series you will only discover games, ** that can reveal at least one rating of 4 of 5.

These consist of not only widely known collection, yet also one or the other expert suggestion. From the classic Gacha game to the popular card video game, there is something for each preference. It is best to examine our choice yourself!

no demand for mobile games? Not a problem!

If you can not do anything with cell phone games as well as just clicked on this post out of pure inquisitiveness, After that we have an appropriate alternative for you. Obviously, this year likewise a handful of terrific anime games for The usual gaming consoles. So if you like classic full cost games, you will locate it below:

Or else you can likewise create us on Facebook which anime games you play on your smart device and also which you may have missed out on in the photo series.

Asian space loves mobile games and anime! Some anime also have several mobile games at the beginning. From the timeless Gacha video game to the popular card video game, there is something for every preference. Of course, this year likewise a handful of fantastic ** anime games for The common gaming consoles.

No Dreamcast Mini? Segas explanations

These frequently enhancing expenses in the context of pandemic additionally discuss why the task of a 2nd wave of Game Equipment Micro was killed in the egg, to the irritation of ophthalmologists.Lorsque we performed a quote for the 2nd video game Gear Micro, the production cost had to do with 1.5 times higher. If we had actually marketed it at the exact same price, we would certainly have shed money, and we did not desire Locating us in a circumstance where only the 2nd version was more pricey _.

According to the producer in cost ofequipmentretro, it is prior to an inquiry of feasibility, implied of prices.The growth of brand-new cards is in a dead stop due to the pandemic, naturally, which would make the product rather expensive in terms of expense , regrets Okunari. Theequipmentalready existing for the MEGA Drive Mini stays not enough to run the Saturn and others Gamings.The games of the 32x are not consisted of in this version , defines the supervisor on this topic,automobile the 32x is based 2 processors, simply like the Saturn. If we were able to reproduce this type of arrangement, we can propound the factor a Saturn Mini


Scheduled on October 27 in Japan to celebrate the 34th birthday celebration of the device, this newlayoutinspired by the Mega Drive 2 will automatically consist of 50 new video games, consisting of20 titles of the mega cdas well as other surprises-comme a special portage From Fantasy Zone created by game fans at M2, professionals in retro portes.

Okunari ultimately explains that the concept of a Mega Drive germinated in the results of the statement of a Famicom Mini, which promptly set the high objectives to be accomplished to pay homage to the machine, unpublished games consisted of, in the Sillage of a celebrity Fox 2 incorporated right into the Super Nes Mini. As for seeing the Mega Drive Mini 2 until Europe, all hopes are permitted:Fur being honest, the Mega Drive Mini has offered much extra in North America and Europe than in Japan. Naturally, we Sums in prep work for exploitation abroad, yet our volume of sales is centered this time around on Japan. What is even more, the shortage of semiconductors and the rise in the expense of transport had an impact, to ensure that the cost has actually unavoidably raised. _.

_ Cessains of you might say ‘it is not a sega Saturn Mini’ or ‘I wanted a Dreamcast Mini’, yet it is not for lack of having actually considered it, claimed Okunarari concerning From the brand-new variation of the Mega Drive Mini. Set up on October 27 in Japan to commemorate the 34th birthday celebration of the machine, this newlayoutinfluenced by the Mega Drive 2 will automatically consist of 50 new games, consisting of20 titles of the huge cdand also various other surprises-comme an unique portage From Dream Zone created by video game fans at M2, experts in retro portes.

Equally as friendly was, the statement of the Mega Drive Mini 2 displayed the hopes of seeing various other legendary sega devices go to miniature layout. And if the Dreamcast Mini will certainly wait, it is certainly not a question of bad will or disinterest on the part of the groups in fee of retro projects, as clarified by Yôsuke Okunari in the columns ofFamitsu _.

The rising cost of living of the MEGA Drive Mini 2 is warranted by the brand-newDesign _, the enhancement of MEGA CD video games and a passage of the variety of integrated titles from 42 to 50, according to the group. Also if the emulation of CD titles has certainly still place M2’s experience to Rude Tervique. In this little video game, it was Silpheed, the representative shoot-the-up of the machine, which served as a stallion meter.ON idea that the porting of Silpheed would certainly represent the most hard part, which is why we started to develop it. We said to ourselves: ‘If Silpheed works, after that every little thing else will certainly work! (Chuckles). Done, it took us a while for it to turn appropriately _.

_ The development of new cards is in a dead stop due to the pandemic, of program, which would make the product quite costly in terms of price , is sorry for Okunari.The video games of the 32x are not included in this variation , specifies the manager on this subject,automobile the 32x is based two processors, just like the Saturn. The inflation of the MEGA Drive Mini 2 is validated by the brand-newStyle _, the addition of MEGA CD games and a flow of the number of incorporated titles from 42 to 50, according to the group.

Review also | Hidekazu Yukawa: the face of the Dreamcast passed away… in 2021

Xbox Live is currently inactive for some users

How To Fix Connect To Xbox Live Error ON XBOX ONE
Currently, Xbox Live is experiencing problems for some players, which prevents access to key functions. Twitter users began reporting problems with the service on the afternoon of May 6, 2022, while others reported that they had no problem. Twitter user Rayven Vincent noticed that her Xbox worked well, but her husband could not play games like Halo. Xbox confirmed these online reports on their official support page, citing “important cuts” with three services: store and subscriptions, cloud games and remote game, and games and games. More specifically, the page points out that players are experiencing problems buying and playing their downloaded games and since it is one of the most important ways in people acquired now, this is likely to affect a large group of people.

An interruption was reported around 4:00 p. m., East time, and the support team indicated that it was working on the problem around 6:00 p. m., East time. The problems are not insignificant, but some players can continue normally with many players playing games for a single player and participating in Xbox Live parties. However, some are not so lucky and get stuck watching the board of their Xbox until the problem is solved. From now on, it is not clear when the problems will be solved. Meanwhile, players should be able to join groups, watch movies and play in multiplayer mode in games that can start. We will keep you informed when the problem is solved.

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network fall quite frequently, something that has become more annoying over time. As the players moved away from the physical media and adopted the comfort of digital services, almost always online, such as Xbox Live, any interruption is expensive. With this last interruption that eliminates the ability of people even to play the games they have, a growing problem and a rooted fear about the future of games and the ability to easily access the games that people have.

Have you experienced a problem with Xbox Live? Let me know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @cade_onder.

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