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Xbox Live is currently inactive for some users

How To Fix Connect To Xbox Live Error ON XBOX ONE
Currently, Xbox Live is experiencing problems for some players, which prevents access to key functions. Twitter users began reporting problems with the service on the afternoon of May 6, 2022, while others reported that they had no problem. Twitter user Rayven Vincent noticed that her Xbox worked well, but her husband could not play games like Halo. Xbox confirmed these online reports on their official support page, citing “important cuts” with three services: store and subscriptions, cloud games and remote game, and games and games. More specifically, the page points out that players are experiencing problems buying and playing their downloaded games and since it is one of the most important ways in people acquired now, this is likely to affect a large group of people.

An interruption was reported around 4:00 p. m., East time, and the support team indicated that it was working on the problem around 6:00 p. m., East time. The problems are not insignificant, but some players can continue normally with many players playing games for a single player and participating in Xbox Live parties. However, some are not so lucky and get stuck watching the board of their Xbox until the problem is solved. From now on, it is not clear when the problems will be solved. Meanwhile, players should be able to join groups, watch movies and play in multiplayer mode in games that can start. We will keep you informed when the problem is solved.

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network fall quite frequently, something that has become more annoying over time. As the players moved away from the physical media and adopted the comfort of digital services, almost always online, such as Xbox Live, any interruption is expensive. With this last interruption that eliminates the ability of people even to play the games they have, a growing problem and a rooted fear about the future of games and the ability to easily access the games that people have.

Have you experienced a problem with Xbox Live? Let me know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @cade_onder.

Microsoft and Sony could integrate ads in the free-to games

The addition of advertisements in games is not a new idea: As early as 2002, the firm Massive Incorporated specialized in the integration of advertisements for real products in the worlds of video games and the The Régie had collaborated with several development studios (like Blizzard ), before being redeemed by Microsoft in 2006 – which nevertheless closed it in 2010.
This old idea resurfaces today while the same Microsoft but also Sony indicate reflecting again with the integration of advertisements in their games.

In-game Ads & NFTs? Diablo Immortal Announcement Coming, & more...

Few details are communicated at this time, but the two comforts clearly consider that their free-to-play titles (which have gained popularity during periods of confinement) could be effectively monetized through advertising. This is what Business Insider report, echoing various internal sources of both giants.

Obviously, Sony would think about the question for more than 18 months (concomitantly at the launch of the PS5 ) and plans to concretize it by the end of the year in its PlayStation games. At the same time, Microsoft would lead the same type of reflection, saying here that it is concerned that it does not distingurate the gameplay of the games concerned – the marks promoted in its games would be carefully selected and the advertising inserts would be integrated in the respect of the fun universes (in the form of Advertising panels on the roadside road sets, for example).

LOL: Aurelion Sol is Riots surprise rework and creates a new hope for the old champions

Aurelion Sol is the mysterious rework that Riot Games was preparing. The developers of League of Legends have assumed the disappointment that the champion still provoke six years after its launch and wanted to confirm that they have a new plan of acting with which they will try to renew their gameplay to turn it into a somewhat more interesting character for the community**. However, since the company have announced that the changes for the star forgeler will not be the usual ones, but it will face a process that opens the door to many similar works for the less beloved heroes of the campus.

A new category of reworks that will illustrate the community

Aurelion Sol’s main problem is that he is in a paradoxical situation. Riot Games has revealed that the champion is on its historic sales top on the launch days. Even right now, the Dragon design of the galaxies is among the ten that the community most likes every time a survey is made on characters design. A situation that does not prevent one of the least play of the game, being selected in just one out of every 550 games played in League of Legends.

In this way, the developer has taken out from the sleeve a new type of REWORK to which they will call CGU. These acronyms refer to the English Term “Comprehensive GamePlay Update” and refer to a full update of the playable section **. The objective is to carry out a complete renewal of the skills that maintains the identity and appearance of the character and, according to Riot Games, will have the scope that the Transformations of Urgot or Sion had. In this way, we can expect it to stay very little from the current version.

This new type of updates is even more ambitious than the developer is currently preparing for OLAF or SWAIN. While these two characters will receive performance changes that do not alter the identity signs of their spells, Aurelion Sol will be completely renewed . In addition and depending on the results, Riot Games ensures that there are other characters of League of Legends who could receive similar treatment in the future.

From the developer they have not revealed a possible release date for the character. However, when this mysterious project was talked about at the launch of the Champions Road Leaf, the developers of League of Legends claimed that it would only be presented in case they had sufficient progress. Everything indicates that The new version of Aurelion Sol will reach the game this year and that will be the next REWORK to join the game after UDYR.

Sega: Super Game Plan consists of several games and possible NFTs

In the summer of last year, Sega has given a view into the future plans and revealed the plan for a ‘super Game’. The plan prefers to develop a super game within the next five years, as it did not yet exist.

In November, the whole thing was specified again by announcing it to work with Microsoft, mainly to use their cloud technologies called Azure. The cloud will play an important role in this game because it is intended to develop global and cross-platform.

The new messages to Segas, Super Game ‘compensate for the layout of the concepts globally and cross-platform.

Segas Executive VP Shuji Utsumi reported in an interview with the website for staff acquisition of Sega Japan: “Sega offers a wide field of playable content, including hardware and arcade content, which is made possible by various technologies. We have defined super Game as the development of AAA titles, which breaks through the boundaries of Segas overall different technologies and we will work to achieve this goal within our five-year plan. “

Furthermore, he explained: “There are some games in the” Super Game “in development, while the titles differ all, there is no doubt that they will be all interactive games going beyond the scope of traditional games. “

NFTs Are Now So Widely Vilified It Made Sega Think Twice About Their NFT Plans

Shuji Utsumi also went to the concept of the Gamer and how he changed over time. He speaks of the fact that they were previously considered a gamer when they played video games, while today one belongs to this exquisite circle of chosen ones, if one only looks at how other people play, e.g. via Twitch or similar platforms. Sega therefore sees in streaming services platforms served by the ‘Super Game’ and to be used interactively.

He defined four points that must be fulfilled to speak of a ‘super Game’:

1st multiplatform
2. Global multi-lingual development
3. Worldwide, simultaneous publication
4. AAA games (plural)

At the moment, this mega project works, according to the statement by Segas General Manager Katsuya Hisai, about 50 people at the initiation, but you expect that there are several hundreds until the end of the project. As a budget, approximately 882 million dollars are available for the development of all, super Game’s titles available. However, such values are rarely fixed and may still change if unforeseen circumstances occur.

In addition to the benefit of the cloud, you now do not exclude the introduction of NFTs . We already reported that Sega would not further pursue the use of NFTs in negative perception, it seems to have changed slightly.

All of this information bring little light into the dark, what is the whole thing about and in whatever form you can enjoy the super games when it’s time. But it’s all time and we will inform you as soon as there is something new.

Free Deploy from X-Ce 2, 15th to Epic Games Store

X-COM 2, which is a tension full of tension against the aliens, is free to distribute the X-COM 2 from 15th to 22 days from the Ephics Games Store.

Another strategy game of Farakis Games, famous for civilization, the X-Com Series, has an appeal that is a different fun of the confrontation with aliens. In 2016, X-Comp 2, which was conquered to the aliens, to the background of the dumplings of the aliens, and the process of lowering the resistance settlement from the oppression. Through this, a confrontation with the alien is established.

The play method succeeds from the battlefield battlefield, but it can build a more dense strategy based on new systems such as reinforced bottles and executives. Although the previous X-chan received a good evaluation, X-Comp 2 was found that they had fun with the finest.

In addition, in the same period, German Games Mounters Bite Locals Games can also be received free of charge. Mountain Mounter is a logicic game that has a rigid climbing of a lonely climber.

????ПОЛУЧАЕМ ИГРЫ БЕСПЛАТНО: Steam, Epic Games, // Халява 2022 // Игровые новости

On the other hand, in the Epic Games Store, the Football Manager 2022 free trials are carried out until the 12th. In addition, even if I die, I die, I will keep the theme that my descendants will continue to keep the theme that I will keep the theme of Loglique Games Log Legacy and Occup,.

According to reports, PlayStation is working on compatibility with previous versions of PS3 for PS5

It seems that PlayStation may be working in a way to correctly emulate the PlayStation 3 games at PlayStation 5 if it is created in the new reports. Doing so would solve a complaint that PlayStation users have had with the compatibility capabilities with previous versions of the new console for some time and would mean that PlayStation 3 Games could be played without having to transmit them, an option that depends solely on quality from Internet. Connection. This occurs after PlayStation announced its new PlayStation Plus subscription levels, which mentioned the PlayStation 3 games in some way, although PlayStation did not mention at that time and has not yet mentioned anything about the emulation of PlayStation 3.

The last thing about the possibility that PlayStation 3 games are emulated at PlayStation 5 comes from Jeff Grubb from Venturebeat, who spoke about that that could happen during the most recent Gamesbeat decides episode. Grubb said he asked and looked around and that “there is a possibility that it seems that Sony could be working on the emulation of PS3 for PS5».

That is far from being a certainty based on how it is written, but if there is at least one possibility, that is all that PlayStation 3 fans will need to wait while they wait for Sony news. The subsequent comments of GRUBB saying that he would like Sony only to say if he is working on the PlayStation 3 emulation or at least recognizes that it is a concern within the community reflects many of the comments shared after the new subscription levels were announced of PlayStation Plus.

The Truth About PS5 Backwards Compatibility

The problem with them, in case you have not read the small print in the PlayStation blog announcement, is that the PlayStation 3 Game Library included in the most expensive option is only available through the transmission in the cloud. Regardless of whether they are at the upper or lower level, those who expected news about the emulation of PlayStation 3 were disappointed to see that the console games were once again relegated to the transmission. Vita’s absence was also a disappointment for those who have the handheld in high esteem, but PlayStation 3 deficiency we talk about in more detail this week was the most frustrating of the two according to the answers.

Sony has not confirmed its plans to work on the PlayStation 3 emulation for PlayStation 5 at this time. The new subscriptions of PLAYSTATION PLUS + PLAYSTATION NOW will be launched in June.

LOL: The idea of the community to improve Aram in the simplest way

Born at an internal Riot Games event thanks to the ideas of the community, since Aram arrived at League of Legends has become one of the most interesting modes for the players. Date from the competitiveness of the summary crack, many find the fun that do not give them the most competitive modes in the abyss of laments. However, not being able to choose champion can be a difficult handicap to overcome. It is true that it is part of the essence of this game mode, but there has been an interesting suggestion to avoid, without adding new tools, the problems it can cause.

Share dice in Aram?

A player shared in Reddit the crossroads to which he faces when he sees that a partner or friend has run out of dice to do ‘re-roll‘ (change champion). In its publication, it explained the following: “Sometimes I have a free dice, but I want to stay with the current champion. To help the rest of players, I would like to be able to make a run without being able to steal my champion. I propose that a new button is added to add an additional character to the hero bar available for the computer so that I can keep my character_ “.

The Ultimate ARAM Guide
Although the suggestion could not be simpler, the truth is that The community has turned with it, having received more than 10,000 positive votes since the proposal was launched. In addition, it has led to additional suggestions as the option to maintain a priority option on the champion we had when launching the dice. Quality of life improvements that, ultimately, would help the community to create a better game environment in a way that League of Legends has reserved exclusively for fun, as Riot Games demonstrates with its refusal to add qualifying items.

The problem with which Riot Games could be found to add this new function in the abyss of laments is the gaming client. Some similar alternatives suggested to the developer were rejected by the difficulty in making changes in which he is one of the great lades of the game. Even simpler settings are more convoluted than it looks like and it is not easy to take them out. However, we do not lose the faith to see this improvement introduced in League of Legends once and for all.

PS5 & PS4: New firmware today for download, finally info about the VRR

There are new firmwares for PS4 and PS5 today. As Sony communicates in a current blog entry, the two game consoles will get a larger system update during the day. Selected beta testers have been able to test the current software extensively in the past few weeks – and then take a look at the new features. “Thanks to the support of our beta participants, we can introduce our global community today a few long-deserved functions: for example, the ability to create or participate in PS5 and PS4 consoles PS5 and PS4 consoles ,” Sony shares the new Firmware with.

New PS5 firmware: This is in the update

PS5 System Firmware Update Details & Enhanced VRR Revealed!

On PS5 are also user interface improvements for the Game Base and Trophy Cards , as Sony also writes in the patch Notes. Added to this are barrier-free features such as mono audio for headphones. “Refreshing the PS5 features, such as applying game presets to your console, attaching videos and apps to your screen while playing or sharing your screen with friends, can be found in the Control Center on the new profit badges”, complements the publisher. The PS app for mobile devices also receives an update . Also, therefore, there is the possibility to create open or closed parties – and to attend it. By updating the interface, access to features such as “friends” and “news” should now be easier.

VRR comes: Sony calls details about the upcoming update

In the blog entry Sony also goes on another feature for PS5: variable refresh rate . VRR is therefore to be introduced on the current game console in the coming months – a concrete date is not available so far. “On HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors Dynamically synchronizes the refresh rate of the display with the graphic output of the PS5 console. This improves the visual power of PS5 games, as visual artifacts such as frame-pacing problems and screens Tearing effects minimized or eliminated, “commented Sony.

In doing so, published games could be subsequently adapted to VRR by patch. In the blog entry Sony complements that it is also possible to apply VRR to PS5 games that do not support this option. This can improve video quality for some games. On request, the option should also be disabled, it should suddenly come to graphics errors. Further information wants to submit Sony if the VRR update for PlayStation 5 (Buy Now 975,00 €) is approaching. Then details are planned to play for which a VRR update is already in development.

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Krypto-Gaming: NFT-Plattform entwickelt “Play-to-Earn”

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BayC) is one of the most exclusive and best-known NFT groups in its area. Your reputation now uses the NFT platform to develop a new “play-to-earn” -nft game where players can buy and allow to play to play.

Anyone who has dealt with NFTs (non-fungible token) probably knows the bored monkey pictures of BayC . The Yacht Club (and its various offshoots) is one of the largest and most exclusive groups in the crypto sector and was sold for more than $ 1 billion. With the introduction of your cryptostation apecoin on March 16, 2022 , expand your reach to the game market with a new “play-to-earn” game.

So the “play-to-earn” game works

Recommended editorial ingredient This item can be found external content from [platform]. To protect your personal data, external connections are displayed only if you confirm this by clicking on “Loading all external content”: All external content Laden I agree that external content is displayed. This transmits personal data to third-platforms. Read more about our privacy policy.

External content more in our privacy policy.

The apecoin, which is referred to as “token for culture, games and trade to strengthen a decentralized community at the top of Web3” will drive the title of BayC, even if there are only a few details about the content of the game. The game is developed in collaboration with NWayplay, which have already developed a number of other “play-to-earn” titles in the game industry. The concept of “play-to-earn” was popular by NFT games, where ** players can earn more tradable collectors by playing the game.

You can then use these newly acquired NFTs for your own game or sell them with profit. Apecooin is also used for the power of NFT games on the market, where games developers use the opportunity to integrate the new crypto feed into their titles.

In the video game scene frowned

NFT games and NFTs in them are in all playing areas in the criticism of the players. Over 80% of NFTs on one of the largest trading platforms OpenSea are fake or stalked n and many benefits nFts as a snowball system to make fraudulent money.

Axie Infinity, one of the most famous games in this area, was criticized among other things for its high starting costs. Recently, the YouTube Star Dr Disrespect announced that his game company MIDNIGHT SOCIETY NFTS will integrate into your game universe , starting with Project Moon. During the “DOC” assures that the games will stay for free, players can buy and swap cosmetic items over the blockchain to use them in Midnight Society titles. This includes a NFT with early access, the Founders Pass, which is currently available for around $ 50 commercially available.

There is no schedule for the publication of the NFT game of BayC, but with the first concept pictures, the development is certainly in progress. Blades “Play-to-earn” games are interesting for you, or do you generally leave the fingers of everything that includes the three letters? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

Source | Dexerto

What is NFT Gaming - Crypto and Blockchain Games Explained - Top Play to Earn Games 2021
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Mike Büskens reports: “This is about the club”

Mike Büskens Mission Impossible | Schalker Dreisel Nr. 13
On Instagram, Büskens gave an insight into his workout – live via tablet. Even in the square he can not stand because of a corona disease. The 53-year-old thanked for many motivating letters, but emphasized: “This is not about Mike Bükens, it’s about the club. We are all called together to tackle the remaining nine games as successfully as possible.”

Actually, he revealed, the job was no longer his goal as the main manager. The possibility of a release as now with his ex-boss Dimitrios Grammozis stopped him. “That was a reason why I deliberately decided to work four years ago not to work as head coach and to step into the second row.”

Huub Stevens had his fingers in the game

His vocation: “The ‘Hermann Gerland of the Emscherstrand’ wanted and I want to be. Young players in their career beginnings to accompany the contact person for club, team and head coach. With this requirement profile I could live very well.” But now it came another way: “Rouven Schröder asked me on Sunday if I would help again because he did not want to get an external coach for the end phase of the season.” After talks with his family and Mentor Huub Stevens had been clear, “that I have to take responsibility”.

The ‘Hermann Gerland of the Emscherstrand’ wanted and I want to be.

Mike Büskens about his decision to return to the second link after the season

And this responsibility is clearly limited. “Nine games as a boss, then again as CO in the new coach team,” announces Büskens and promises: “Nine games we will pure everything, will try to get the best possible out.”

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