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Diablo 3: The third part of the Hack & Slash

Diablo 3 is the third part of the Diablo series. After years of rumors, the game was officially announced on June 28, 2008 at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Paris. The publication only followed four years later on May 15, 2012, among other things because legal disputes about the real money auction house (keyword gambling) at the time, which was still active at the time. The console versions appeared the following year. The PC version is only playable online and does not support mods. On March 25, 2014, the game received its first and only expansion, Reaper of Souls. A second expansion was in the works, but was not published due to insufficient quality. Instead, there were fragments from it, such as Canais cubes, free of charge in the following patches.

Although players sometimes complain that Diablo 3 (now buy € 31.08) does not change much from season to season, the game has developed significantly in these 10 years. In Diablo 3, numerous objects, improved mechanics, the introduction of pets and interesting events over time, including the Finternis in Tristram, were added, where you can visit the Tristram cathedral from the first Diablo.

Top 25 Isometric Hack and Slash RPG games like Diablo | Part 3/3


Blizzard Irvine took over the development of Diablo 3 in 2006 and started it effectively. The reason for the delay was that there was many discussions within Blizzard about what kind of game Diablo 3 should be. In fact, several versions were rejected and rumors associated these difficulties with the dissolution of Blizzard North in 2005. After the first game director Jay Wilson started working on Diablo 3, the developers spent the game brainstorming over a month. During this time, they also studied and played other games of the genre, especially the previous Diablo games.

According to a former leading employee of Blizzard, who worked most of the 11-year development cycle at the game, the legacy of Diablo 2 overshadowed every aspect of game production. The employee claimed that the team had different ideas about what the franchise actually stood for, and so several versions of the game were created, all of which ended “in a dead end”.
Diablo 3: Magic vs. Skelettkönig Source: Blizzard As soon as the direction for the game was determined, the art style was discussed. Originally, as the predecessors, the game was supposed to be dark and dark, but it turned out that the monsters fit too well into the environment. The original art style of the game received “good but not great” feedback internally. A second art style was chosen and received a much more positive response within Blizzard. This art style resembled the game that had the game in its publication.

The art style of the game was not enthusiastically recorded by the public after its presentation, and the players created a petition to force Blizzard Entertainment to change the artistic orientation for the game. Blizzard undertook the game three artistic revisions and found that a purely dark style was too monotonous. As the designers noted, the “sunny” art style should represent the early parts of the game. This should create a contrast between the early and late stage of the game, since the story becomes ever darker in the course of the game.


The closed beta started on September 20, 2011 and the Open Beta on April 20, 2012. A number of patches were written in the course of the development. The beta was only a short demo of the game to avoid story spoilers-a big mistake, as it later turned out, since, for example, the death of Diablo icon Deckard Cain and the weak, real money auction-centered itemization at the Communry did not arrive well. The fourth level of “Inferno”, originally present, was also completely exaggerated and there was no solid endgame progression like the Paragon system, which was later added to suggestions from the community.


Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Source: Blizzard 2008 it was announced that Diablo 3 would receive a number of expansion packages. The first expansion package, Reaper of Souls, was published in 2014 – without real money auction house and with a much dark art style, as required by the community. At the time, the developers said that there was a “fairly decent list” that the Diablo 3 team wanted to tackle. This included the topic of Leah and “the final end of the saga of the people, angels and demons”. Later they rowed back and said that the future of the franchise was “in the air”. While Reaper of Souls continues to be supported, Blizzard is checked whether the game will receive further extensions and interviewed some players to estimate the interest in a possible second expansion.

At Blizzcon 2014, the Reaper of Souls Game Director, Josh Mosqueira, refused to confirm the existence of a second expansion. As it turned out later, a second expansion with the druid as playable class should actually be announced at Blizzcon 2015; However, it was rejected due to quality defects (according to the executive floor) and its content released free of charge in patches.

Diablo 2 Resurrected, Diablo Immortal, Diablo 4

Diablo 2 Resurrected, the new edition of the classic from 2000, Diablo Immortal for Mobile and PC as well as the official successor Diablo 4 will definitely replace the third part and will send it to retire at some point. But even if the development of Diablo 3 was not under a good star over long distances and it would have deserved a second expansion, it still offers an exemplary, technically mature gameplay and quality content for many hours. In this sense: Congratulations on the 10th anniversary, Diablo 3!

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How does the Minecraft (MCC) championship work?

The Minecraft championship is an event held by a group called NOXCREW, in which teams from 10 influential people from the Minecraft community in various modifications of the Minecraft game regime. The game modes will check the skills of each participant in parking, survival, battle and teamwork.

Each minecraft championship also starts with ten teams playing up to eight games. After eight games, two teams with the largest number of coins will reach the finals. The final will become a decisive match, and no matter what the team wins, it will win the Minecraft championship. Also not prize money for winning the Minecraft championship, as described on the official website of the MCC. On the website it is written that the Minecraft championship is a free tournament held by Noxcrew for entertainment.

How are the teams of the Minecraft championship determined?

Scott Smeigor, organizer of MCC, explained the process in a series of tweets. In his tweets, Scott explained that each player fills the form in which he indicates the name of another participant with whom he wants to be in the team. As soon as the participants fill out their forums, Scott will create couples and combine them into teams that will correspond to each other on the basis of the answers selected on the forum. Creating teams, cattle also take into account whether they played together and play for entertainment or aimed at winning.

What are the requirements for participation in the Minecraft championship?

The Minecraft championship is an event available only by invitation, and the audience cannot join it. This means that if you want to be in the MCC, you need to be an influential face on Twitch or YouTube and be invited NOXCREW.

How Every Minecraft Championship Game Works

when is the minecraft championship 22?

The Minecraft 22 championship will begin May 28, 2022 , at 20:00 Moscow time. At the moment, five out of ten teams participating in the Minecraft championship have been announced. The official Twitter of the MSU will show the remaining five teams tomorrow.

To obtain the latest manuals, news and information about everything related to Minecraft, we have provided you with articles such as Mojang in Pro Game Guides delete fireflies from Minecraft 1.19 The Wild, for realism and the best mods of Minecraft 1.16.3 (May 2022 g.)

Mmorpg Tower of Fantasy Mumorpg Mum

The developers of the MMORPG Tower of Fantasy published a new short trailer in which they introduced players with four vehicles available in the game to move on land. All of them are designed to facilitate and accelerate travel through a fairly large game world. Players will be able to get at their disposal a motorcycle, robot-kony, two-legged fur and something flying above the surface of the earth. You can find the video below.

MMORPG News: Mandalorian MMO, Tower of Fantasy Beta, MMOs Shut Down, Lost Ark

Tower of Fantasy is available right now on personal computers and mobile devices running iOS and Android in China. The global version of the project is currently at the stage of closed beta testing, and its release is expected before the end of this year.

PC version also comes out, Diablo Emo June 3 formal launch

The globe is given to the heroes of the sanctuary that the globe to overcome the crisis of shattering, and to overcome the crisis.

Blizzard Entertainment announced on the 25th, and the first Blizzard game, which is planned for mobile for mobile, was officially released on June 3, which is the first Blizzard game. In some Asia -Pacific regions, it is released several weeks later.

MASSIVE Diablo Immortal NEWS - PC RELEASE ANNOUNCED (2nd June 2022)

Diablo Franchise, the most ambitious in history, is the most ambitious in history. With mobile formal launch, Windows PC Open Beta is also available. Diabloi Moodo supports all of the cross-plays and progress sharing (game progress data synchronization), and users can smoothly over the PC and mobile devices, and can fight against the devil, regardless of the world, regardless of the platform. PC Open Beta includes all game functions, including crossplay and progress sharing, and all gameplay progresses are maintained even after the beta ends.

Mike Ivara Blizzard Entertainment is a president of the Diablo Games of Blizzard, “he said,” I will be able to kill the devils of the burning hell in the most extensive Diabloi Monto, “Bleejad,” said the Diablo Emorte, “said the Diablo Emorte,” said the Diablo Emorte, “said Mike Ivara Blizzard, said,” As a result, It was important to provide a work that appreciates a fame. We are pleased to have a lot of feedback, and finally, we are finally glad to be able to show their fruits to players. I look forward to seeing you in the sanctuary. “

The players will explore one of the six jobs, such as Diablo, the temple, the temple, the devil hunter, the monk, the Code of Temple, the Demon Hunters, the Code, Code, and the Wizard, and explore the suspended suspension. Players experienced a completely new story that expands the era between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, and the franchise of the franchise is a pragmatic or first-folded Diablo characters such as Dusk Cain, You should find this to prevent your globe debris into your hand.

Diabloimo provides a social experience that could not be found in the existing series. The player can explore the sanctuary, share the vast world with other players, challenge up to eight combat units to challenge the hell hobby raid head, and join the clan of up to 150 people to challenge various clan achievements.

It also supports a solid PVP system based on the camp. Players join forces together in the bridle of struggle to join the battle, and the top server players acquire the crown of eternity and become the leader of immortal ends. Afterwards, through various modes, including a fierce one -to -30 confrontation, we must constantly fight against the opponent’s camp and protect our power.

Diablo Immortal is a partial monetization game that can be enjoyed for free, and anyone can always enjoy the core game experience for free. Blizzard Entertainment and Diablo Emoto, which are jointly developed, showed iOS, Android, and Battle.through at the time of launch. Blizzard is a commemorative commemoration of a 30 million dictionary registrants, and a set of hurrold decoration is paid to all players at the time of the game.

Adventurers can identify more detailed information about Diablo emotion on the official homepage and pre-register.

[Interview] PC+Mobile Emortal The most ambitious MMO Diablo

The shocking announcement at the Blizzon scene has ever seen two eyes with two eyes. Since then, the ‘Diablo 2’, who loved a long period of time, was recreated as a game that is about the medium of remaster and remake, and the “Diablo 4”, which fans, is also released, has been developed in full swing. Diablo Franchise ‘Diablo Emott’, which continued to develop quite a long period of time since the announcement to various platforms. Blizzard finally entered the launch of ‘Diablo Emo’ as June 3, and entered the full-fledged service.

In the process of making, Alpha, the Beta test, has become a scaffold of various content maintenance with existing mobile games. In addition, the clients that can be fully play on the PC, not play through the emulator, are also open to open beta forms, which reflects the voices of users, and support the unrestricted progress and shares and cross-play. Here is a great performance that supports manual play in the market is a great performance and is an atmosphere that was worried about automatic fault-free mobile games.

The first MMO. And as a mobile accessibility improvement, Diablo is the most challenging and new work in Diablo franchise. Finally, I finally saw the development of the “Diablo Emo” and the Load Ferguson Diablo Franchise, and I listened to the game of Road Ferguson Diablo Franchise.

Q. It took quite a long period of time until the release date of the game since the first release of the game. There was a lot of release date and there are many changes through testing. I want to hear from ahead of the release.

Road Ferguson \ – Diablo Franchise If you say from the full perspective, you can not be a joyful thing. After a four-year announcement, I have been developing a long period of time. It is very pleased to be able to show new works on Diablo Franchise. What do you think is what Wioti Director think?

Waiting Chang \ – Finally, it is very glad to release the date of launch. Everyone was a project to participate in game development with enthusiasm. ‘Diablo Emodat’ is not the most ambitious work of Diablo games that are now present. I want to be able to show such a work, and I would like to be very happy once again.

** Q. Now it looks to get ready for the moment of release rather than big fixes. If you are taking care of now, what did you think is the most difficult or important part of moving the game on Mobile,

Wietic Chang \ – It is the use of the platform that one of the most important parts we think of the game to port the game to Mobile. I think the touch control would be a good example, but I wanted to use this part as much as possible.

For example, in ‘Diablo Most’, the more skills are used, the more technologies that can be charged, and there is a skill that I can use, and I can use it as I moved on the game. I do not want these parts to use the opportunity of touch scrolls with mobile, and I would not be the part that I could not show before. I think a part of the mobile character is to utilize the characteristics of the mobile is the first effort.

The Moment Diablo Died At Blizzcon 2018 (Hardcore Death Highlight)

Q. So what is another part?

Wiotoma \ – Second is the sociality of mobile. I noticed that people are a platform that connects people to each other. So ‘Diablo Emodal’ aims to a MMO game that interacts with other users from the beginning. I thought that the game would like to play a role in how much I think about people in modern society,

We focused on these two parts to move Diablo to mobile.

Load Ferguson \ – Blizzard class that has been shown so far. It was our goal to spend enough of the quality called Diabled, and to deliver such a experience to the player. I want to say that I have been working with an authenticity, AAA Quality and I have worked as much as possible to save the identity of Diablo Games and bring that experience to mobile.

Q. Since the release of the PC version, the PC version was a lot of demand, and Korean users have also had a lot of voices that they want. I was amazed that I could enjoy the PC version in the form of an open beta on the release date, but do I explain about the introduction background?

Waiting Chang \ – First, I want to give a PC open beta with a game and I would like to give you a very pleased. The idea of developing the PC version is the result of reflecting the feedback that users sent during the beta test. Many users wanted to enjoy ‘Diablo Emo’ on the PC. I also gave us the opinion that I enjoyed playing a long time game on a bigger screen. The development of the PC version was proceeded because you have gone such voices.

The goal that I had since the beginning of the game to begin development is that many players have been enjoyed as possible, and they were also to approach them. How could it show that more users had to show the experience of Diablo, and I thought that mobile is a very good way to make a very good way for Mobile.

If you are a truly pursuing goal that we are pursuing to more, the goal that we pursue to the pursuit of more are the goal that we pursue to more. It seems that the voices of users and our goals are linked to the PC version.

Road Ferguson \ – I also checked demand for PC versions through the previous beta. Many players and creators, and streas have enjoyed ‘Diablo Emodal’ on the PC through the emulator. As I said earlier, our goal was to show the game using an emulator because we used an emulator because they would not be able to benefit from our goals, and users’ game experience.

I wanted to play ‘Diablo Emo’ on the PC without using the emulator for the PC optimized for PC.

Q. Unlike the mobile version that is formally released, the PC version is operated with an open beta, but the progress of the game is shared all the future?

Waiting Chang \ – I want to talk about the progress of the progress as well as cross-play. In the game, all of these are presented.

If you start playing the game in the western ordinary area (where the players are gathered in the game), you can meet a lot of other players, and they can pass through or interact with my surroundings. However, they are all marked as the same player and enjoy the game together with them as they are playing games on some platforms. Android, iOS, and PC players are all playing on the same server.

In addition, you can enjoy the game on your PC and log in on your mobile, and you can enjoy the game right away from the place you enjoyed on your PC. I want to enjoy the game in the dungeon, I want to enjoy the platform, and I would like to have the same experience.

And cross-play experience and progress sharing is supported at the open beta point of the PC. This is scheduled to continue without modification or change. The PC version proceeds to an open beta is on the client’s technical aspect. Separate to cross-play, the PC client itself can end the open beta and goes to the formal version.

Q. With game pad support, it was long to optimize the touch control optimization of mobile versions. How does the PC version control? Can I enjoy it in the same way as a common Diablo?

Wiotchim \ – First of all, we have supported multiple controllers in the last private beta, but you can enjoy the game through the controller on your PC. If you are a user who mainly use the controller, you can experience the game with the same manipulation any platform. If you specify the PC version, you can click on the mouse to move to a specific point, and you can click on the monster to create an existing action that interacts with combat. In addition, the operation system for moving and playing with the keyboard WASD key traditionally used in other games is also introduced.

Q. Whether I said ahead, Diablo La has a high expectation of fans in the franchise of the quality and play experience. While Diablo Emodat is also released on the PC, it will focus on the experience in the mobile game, but the fans may expect PC-class Diablo to release on the PC simultaneous news. How do you worried about this part?

Road Ferguson \ – One of the very important factors in us is that it is a great deal with players. ‘Diablo Emoto’ is a mobile first. That is, the mobile is a game that is prioritized. It was the top priority in the development of the last four years. In transplanting mobile experiences into a PC, I would like to be optimized for PCs, such as UI, such as UI, but I try to verify that through this open beta.

I want to test it publicly as I did in Mobile, and I want to make more improvements. Therefore, by launching the version of Open Beta, I would like to show you continuous improvement and effort in the future.

The part I want to know is that ‘Diablo Emodat’ is a game that Mobile is a basic game. Through the progress of the progress, you can give you a lot of convenience to enjoy the game on a spacious screen on the PC through cross-play, but the key to the game is mobile and you want to talk to each other enough.

Wiotchiefs \ – Ferguson’s overall to the mobile First game, but if you listen to more detailed examples, you will be easy to understand if you think of the Blizzon scenetory. If you usually say a game based on a PC version, the interaction we anticipate

Blizzard Diablo Immortal June 3 domestic landing

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jin] The first blizzard game, which is designed for mobile, is launched on June.

Blizzard Entertainment announced on June 3, which comes to Diablo Emorte, and released on the majority of the world, including Korea, In some Asia -Pacific regions, it is released several weeks later.

Diablo Emoto is scheduled to advance a AAA grade experience in mobile as a Blizzard game with the most ambitiously presented in Diablo Franchise. It also shows PC Open Beta with mobile formal launch. Diabloi Moodo supports both cross-plays and progress sharing (game progress data synchronization), and the heroes of the sanctuary can smooth the PC and the mobile device, and can fight with the world, regardless of the world, regardless of the platform, regardless of the platform.

PC Open Beta includes all game functions, including crossplay and progress sharing, and all gameplay progresses are maintained even after the beta ends.

Mike Ivara Blizzard Entertainment representative is “I will be able to kill the devils of the burning hell in the most extensive Diabloimonto of the Diablo Games, which are present, It was important to provide a work that appreciates a fame. I am pleased to reflect a number of tests, and I am pleased to see the various feedbacks, and finally, I am pleased to show off the deletion. I look forward to me. “

The user who holds the fate of the sanctuary in the hands of the Diablo’s symbol of the Diablo, the soul of the Diablo, the Temple, Demon Hunters, the monk, the Code of the Code, the Code, the Wizard, do.

The user experiences a new story that spreads the era between Diablo II and Diablo III, and it will meet a new story that is a background of the franchise, and the Lord of the franchise, or the first person who is a familiar or first contacted Diablo characters, such as deck Kane. We must find it so that the devils of hells will not be able to put the fallen globe debris into their hand.

A large multi-neoplastic action role is a game (MMOARPG) genre provided a social experience that could not be found in the existing series. The user explores the sanctuary and shares a vast world with other users, challenging the Hell’s combat unit, challenging the Hell’s combat unit, and challenging the clan, which is up to 150 people, and challenges a variety of clan achievements.

Diablo Immortal Releases on PC June 2nd!
Supports system-based solid PVP (using user intergovernmental) systems. The power of the struggle will join the battle together and participated in the battle, and the server’s top user acquires the crown of eternity and becomes an immortal leader. Afterwards, through various modes, including a fierce one -to -30 confrontation, we must constantly fight against the opponent’s camp and protect our power.

Meanwhile, Diablo Emo is a partial charge game that can be enjoyed for free. Diabloimonto, which is a Blizzard entertainment and Net Size, is developed at the time of launch, with Apple operating system, Android, and Windows PC (Battle Net required).

More than 30 million users finished registration through all platforms. The dictionary registrant goal is to be achievement to achieve the game at the time of the game. After the release, you can log in to Diablo Emo in 30 days to complete the tutorial. Rewards can only be received as one character per account. For the next few years, free content such as new areas, dungeons, and character careers are added.

LOL: Aurelion Sol is Riots surprise rework and creates a new hope for the old champions

Aurelion Sol is the mysterious rework that Riot Games was preparing. The developers of League of Legends have assumed the disappointment that the champion still provoke six years after its launch and wanted to confirm that they have a new plan of acting with which they will try to renew their gameplay to turn it into a somewhat more interesting character for the community**. However, since the company have announced that the changes for the star forgeler will not be the usual ones, but it will face a process that opens the door to many similar works for the less beloved heroes of the campus.

A new category of reworks that will illustrate the community

Aurelion Sol’s main problem is that he is in a paradoxical situation. Riot Games has revealed that the champion is on its historic sales top on the launch days. Even right now, the Dragon design of the galaxies is among the ten that the community most likes every time a survey is made on characters design. A situation that does not prevent one of the least play of the game, being selected in just one out of every 550 games played in League of Legends.

In this way, the developer has taken out from the sleeve a new type of REWORK to which they will call CGU. These acronyms refer to the English Term “Comprehensive GamePlay Update” and refer to a full update of the playable section **. The objective is to carry out a complete renewal of the skills that maintains the identity and appearance of the character and, according to Riot Games, will have the scope that the Transformations of Urgot or Sion had. In this way, we can expect it to stay very little from the current version.

This new type of updates is even more ambitious than the developer is currently preparing for OLAF or SWAIN. While these two characters will receive performance changes that do not alter the identity signs of their spells, Aurelion Sol will be completely renewed . In addition and depending on the results, Riot Games ensures that there are other characters of League of Legends who could receive similar treatment in the future.

From the developer they have not revealed a possible release date for the character. However, when this mysterious project was talked about at the launch of the Champions Road Leaf, the developers of League of Legends claimed that it would only be presented in case they had sufficient progress. Everything indicates that The new version of Aurelion Sol will reach the game this year and that will be the next REWORK to join the game after UDYR.

Sega: Super Game Plan consists of several games and possible NFTs

In the summer of last year, Sega has given a view into the future plans and revealed the plan for a ‘super Game’. The plan prefers to develop a super game within the next five years, as it did not yet exist.

In November, the whole thing was specified again by announcing it to work with Microsoft, mainly to use their cloud technologies called Azure. The cloud will play an important role in this game because it is intended to develop global and cross-platform.

The new messages to Segas, Super Game ‘compensate for the layout of the concepts globally and cross-platform.

Segas Executive VP Shuji Utsumi reported in an interview with the website for staff acquisition of Sega Japan: “Sega offers a wide field of playable content, including hardware and arcade content, which is made possible by various technologies. We have defined super Game as the development of AAA titles, which breaks through the boundaries of Segas overall different technologies and we will work to achieve this goal within our five-year plan. “

Furthermore, he explained: “There are some games in the” Super Game “in development, while the titles differ all, there is no doubt that they will be all interactive games going beyond the scope of traditional games. “

NFTs Are Now So Widely Vilified It Made Sega Think Twice About Their NFT Plans

Shuji Utsumi also went to the concept of the Gamer and how he changed over time. He speaks of the fact that they were previously considered a gamer when they played video games, while today one belongs to this exquisite circle of chosen ones, if one only looks at how other people play, e.g. via Twitch or similar platforms. Sega therefore sees in streaming services platforms served by the ‘Super Game’ and to be used interactively.

He defined four points that must be fulfilled to speak of a ‘super Game’:

1st multiplatform
2. Global multi-lingual development
3. Worldwide, simultaneous publication
4. AAA games (plural)

At the moment, this mega project works, according to the statement by Segas General Manager Katsuya Hisai, about 50 people at the initiation, but you expect that there are several hundreds until the end of the project. As a budget, approximately 882 million dollars are available for the development of all, super Game’s titles available. However, such values are rarely fixed and may still change if unforeseen circumstances occur.

In addition to the benefit of the cloud, you now do not exclude the introduction of NFTs . We already reported that Sega would not further pursue the use of NFTs in negative perception, it seems to have changed slightly.

All of this information bring little light into the dark, what is the whole thing about and in whatever form you can enjoy the super games when it’s time. But it’s all time and we will inform you as soon as there is something new.

Konami reveals the release date of the EFOOTBALL 2022 V1.0 update

Konami has prepared the scenario for Eption 2022 Update of version 1.0.0 to be launched on April 14, the editor announced this week. This free update for the game will take you to its full version after the previous launch, which Konami considered “basically a demonstration”. A set of patch notes published along with the announcement of this update detail everything that changes when 1.0.0, which includes changes in different game systems such as shooting and passing, as well as new features such as creative mode “Dream Team”.

The advertisement of EFOCO 2022 The release date was shared in social networks this week by Konami. A thread of tweets that started with the date of next update and ended with a set of patch notes said that the changes that were made were “driven by comments” received from those who have been playing the game from their launching. That launch was not easy with Konami announcing numerous updates between the launch and now to eliminate mistakes and improve the game. Konami referred to some of those problems at the beginning of the patch notes where he said that “he lost sight” the approach in quality.

“With that determination in mind, we entered what would eventually be a two-year development period for 2022_”, Konami said. “However, we were too focused on taking out the game on time we lost sight of the most important: quality. Naturally, we received critical fans reviews legitimately disappointed ».

While the tubs and criticisms for the 2022_ were really abundant, Konami thanked people formed by their comments expressed through the “real voices” of the players and said there will be more content in the future.

Konami Announces eFootball 2022 v1.0 Release Date + Update Info!

“Although 6 months have passed since the initial launch last September, we believe that we have finally reached a level of quality in which we can trust. Hence the decision behind the launch of V1.0.0.

“Be sure that we still have some more functionalities that will be implemented in future updates, so it is attentive to more information in the future,” Konami said just before listing the patch notes of version 1.0.0. «Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this ‘new soccer game!’»

Those patch notes can be seen complete here to assimilate everything that is changing when the next great update is launched.

MLB The Show 22 Batting Guide: 5 tips to get better when beating

If you are on the field for the first time or are a veteran, MLB The show 22 offers a variety of improvements to its predecessor, which makes this a worthwhile purchase for all, which is only remotely for the sport interest. It offers a wealth of options for those who are new in the series, or allows them to optimize things so that it feels so real as they want, they will find a great time.

However, if you are new in the game, you may miss your hits more often than you want, which leads to your opponents you want to turn out more often than you want. Fortunately, we can help you find out how best to enjoy the game and customize the settings according to your wishes. So let’s immerse yourself and watch a few different ways to do that!

MLB the show 22 – How to improve impact skills

Play with dynamic difficulty

At the first boot MLB the show 22 you will be asked if you want to use Dynamic difficulty . This means that you start with the simplest settings that allow you to familiarize yourself with the way the game plays, and it will start slowly to increase the difficulty in terms of your performance. If it is too difficult, you can change and return these settings at any time Beginner If you feel that things are still a bit too hard to handle.

Change your beat settings

You will also be able to change the way You met the ball The simplest mode is temporal coordination to the slightly more complex and the expert level zone . With t curls all you have to do is wait for the ball to land in the right place, and the game helps you master homeruns without thinking of something else. Directed On the other hand, things will spice up a little so you can choose where they are aiming and they feel comfortable with the existing system. Zone Finally, the selection allows you exactly where you think that the ball will be and enable you to set up the perfect hit. This is strongly recommended experts and those who are familiar with the playing style of the game.

Hitting Tips MLB The Show 22 (Tutorial & Tips)

Pay attention to your previous swing / blow

When you start learning the game systems, look at the left side of the screen as you beat the last ball and can adapt from there. Let’s just say you hit it perfectly, but then you start to swing too early, you can see in which direction the ball flew, where he was as she swung, and what has led her one Pop fly hit the inning finished early. When you pay attention to it, you can refine your strategies and become MVP of the game.

Master the swing types

Not every hit in the game must be a homerun, and sometimes you just want to make sure that you come to the base. If you master the three available different flying types, you can start with homeruns in no time with a drive. You will be able to get a normal momentum What could help you to get someone on the base, a Power-swing leaves the ball from the park when the timing properly, or a Contact Swing, who can catch their opponent unprepared, and they can easily tap the ball while racing the first base.

If you play more and more, you can change these settings according to your wishes and evolve with the game. Master this and you will swing for the fences every time.

MLB The show 22 is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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