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About 1cm hell! Play DOOM on the ultra -small Lego monitor …

It is a classic FPS monument Doom that is no wonder what happens now, but in early 2022, a machine with a 1.3-inch monitor has been realized. And this time, although it is an external connection, a monitor made of Lego 1 block has appeared on users who realize Doom with 0.42 inch monitor.

This monitor DIY is Twitter user James Brown. He has released works such as keyboards that monitor all keys in the past and Lego block monitors that can be operated.

The Lego blocks that were shown this time are external connection, so it is impossible to operate or operate alone, but game play on a very small size monitor has been realized. The resolution is 72×40 (0.42 inches) and the color depth is only 1 BPP, so you can see that it is DOOM at a level of somehow.

By the way, Mr. Brown also reproduces the Folocto-Campof Inspection (Machine) that appears in the movie Blade Runner in pocket size, and the used program is released on GitHub.

Dye in the western blood! “BLOOD WEST” Demon Vengu Gunman Revenge Low Polystels Horror FPS started early access

HyperStrange has started early access to Low Polygonstells Horror FPS Blood West ” at Steam on February 11.

This work is a western drama stealth horror shooter with a 90s-style visual. The hero killed by the evil presence bettes the resurrection of the soul and becomes a ghost and will be released again in the western part that has been devastated. We explore the wilderness that widespread between the distinctive monsters after collapsing, and find items and weapons and appropriately manage resources and destroy evil cursed enemies.

A gameplay with a sense of immersive in Nonlinear, a feeling of exhilarating and teeth, a rich skill and park system, and a stealth skill with a bow and arrow and a knife, a revolver or shotgun and raise the enemy to the fader with a father Destroy your soul and get the western part of yourself.

HyperStrange has an early access to early access, “I would like to incorporate the community feedback into the game, and I want to brush up” Blood West “further with the community, and the early 6 to 8 months I want to set a period.

The SCARIEST COOP Game EVER! ~ #GTFO Early Access Gameplay

An evil western theater opens “Blood West” is currently underway to commemorate the STEAM for a limited time for an early access and at least 20% off.

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