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29-year-old lives the desire: bet numerous football supervisors that he is now real specialist

_ The cover picture originates from the introductory video by William Still at Standard Liègeauf youtube. _.

Incidentally, this also fits declarations by Liverpool professional Diogo Jota: He said that FIFA makes him a far better footballer.

He heated up alongside me and I thought: damn, this is Lionel Messi… that’s in fact ludicrous.

William Still (using Sportbible).

Do you additionally have a game where you believe that it could affect your professional job in the future? Inform us in the remarks.

Do you sometimes play Infifa 22 the occupation setting and also think “With my skills I could be definitely a football coach”? William Still has experienced something similar – but with the aid of the “Football Manager”.

A little later, still must give analyzes of the video clips. And also now it was going.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic on what he'd change about MLS, and why he's better than Carlos Vela | ESPN FC

That claims Still: With each other with his sibling Edward, football supervisors played quietly at a young age-first the “F.A. Premier League Football Manager 2001 “, after that the” Champion Manager “. “The most awful phase came when I was about 14 or 15. You looked at the clock and it was 10 p.m. as well as you stated, ‘Oh, I’ll go to sleep at midnight’. And also the following point you know is that it is half previous 3 in the early morning, “Still still recalls today.

Still describes that a large component of the game actually represents what truly happens in truly life: “It sounds dumb to claim that, but there were many facets that made and appeared feeling.”.

This is exactly how William Still’s job has been running previously.

After returning from England to Belgium, he fulfilled his coach Yannick Ferrera after a game of second department group. He quietly asked if he might be of some usage – without a contract, without money. Ferrera asked him if he can film as well as cut games – as well as he could.

As part of a training course on video clip evaluation and also football training, he ended up at the “Preston North End” club. There he educated the U14 team.

William Still has experienced something similar – yet with the aid of the “Football Manager”. Still is 29 years old today and, as an assistant coach of the Belgian very first department club, is routinely on the sidelines of specialist football. A reality that he additionally owes the game “Football Manager” – that was Still in a fascinating picture of “Sportbible.”.

If you take a look at Simulation Video clip games these days, it is no marvel that you sometimes assume: “So, with every little thing I do here-I would need to do it in reality.” In the details of some simulators you can really sink. Even the FIFA-22 job mode in some cases makes you assume: “I might absolutely most likely to the Bundesliga.”

That says Still: Together with his sibling Edward, football supervisors played quietly at a young age-first the “F.A. Premier League Football Manager 2001 “, after that the” Championship Manager “. He was good in football, yet the game gave him an initial impression of what it was like to manage a group: “I believe individuals who play football managers comprehend the game a little better.

” Football supervisors gave me the motivation to develop a team,” he claims today. He was good in football, yet the game provided him an initial impact of what it resembled to handle a group: “I believe people who play football managers recognize the game a little far better. You have to go right into information to win and succeed, especially nowadays when the game is coming to be extra as well as a lot more difficult. I guess individuals who are so passionate as well as grow themselves into the game. “.

Of program you can additionally play the game “simply”, just care for transfers as well as that’s it. Then that’s not so near to fact. The even more you go into detail, so silently, the more the game is comparable to actual life: “I think football supervisors assisted me to come to be a much better coach.”.

  • In 2018, nonetheless, the club went bankrupt and also still needed to go.
  • He switched over to berry sheet – and also ended up being an assistant coach there once again.
  • In 2021 he then became head coach at Beer -Schot – at the age of 28 what was a record for the youngest principal coach in Belgium.
  • After that he transferred to Stade Reims for a few months-and opposed Lionel Messi in his launching for Paris-Saint-Germain.

Something similar reports William Still. Still is 29 years old today and, as an assistant coach of the Belgian first division club, is routinely on the sidelines of expert football. A reality that he additionally owes the game “Football Manager” – that was Still in an intriguing portrait of “Sportbible.”.

I was really entailed, yet coming to be an actual manager from the aide was something else. I stated regarding ten times [to the club head of state]: ‘I think you don’t recognize that. I’m just 24. It doesn’t happen. ‘However he claimed it was alright. From that day on, I was head coach of a Belgian 2nd division and generally lived my desire.

William Still (by means of Sportbible).

In October he returned to Belgium-to Criterion Liège, where he once more took on the role of the assistant coach.

  • Sint truids increased as well as Ferrera changed to the initial department rival Common Liège. Ferrera took him as a video clip analyst.
  • A little later he switched to Lierse SK, where, in enhancement to the video clip analysis, he additionally aided training. After that the instructor there was released in 2017-and silently ought to take over briefly as a 24-year-old. He just could not believe that:.

This issues, for instance, transfer activities with offers and also counter deals, however not just: “There are also basic conversations with the gamers, the list of training plans, physical fitness teams and also training programs, both jointly as well as independently.”.

Sportbible describes how quiet from long nights before the football manager came to be a coach. In genuine football had something on the box, playing in the fourth Belgian league.

Currently it is quiet over time to become head coach once more.

In Belgium, William Still even faced his bro Edward, who consequently is head coach at RSC Charleroi. You can see that the football manager sessions obviously brought both brothers on.

“I think Football Manager assisted me to end up being a better coach”.

Fans of BVB and FC Bayern urge the end of the Corona

Among other things, the German football fans scenes demand the end of all corona measures in the stadiums as well as an upper limit for redemptions and salaries. The call is also distributed by the followers of BVB and FC Bayern.

Germany: Dortmund fans occupy pubs as Borussia takes on Bayern at empty stadium

The fans scenes in Germany have turned and demanded in an open letter to associations and officials, they should use them for a “football without restrictions at all levels”.

Specifically, according to the elimination of all profound Corona measures announced by the policy, the full capacity of the stages including the standing pitches, no access restrictions and the elimination of the mask obligation under the open sky are demanding the trailer of the stadiums included from the 20th of March.

Furthermore, there should be no more personalized or digital tickets anymore and ten percent of all card quotas should go to guest fans. In addition, the losses of the pandemia should not be compensated by price increases for the stadium audience.

“The limitations of the past few months must not outsource the pandemic. The last two years of football were all, just not our normality and may never be able to do it,” says in the call, inter alia, from the fans of BVB and FC Bayern and her alliances “Südtribüne Dortmund” as well as “Südkurve Munich” was spread.

Fans of BVB, FC Bayern and Co. require upper limits for salaries and transfers

So-called “receivables for more sustainable football” contains the statement, including the compulsory formation of financial resources by the clubs, the receipt of the 50 + 1 rule and upper limits in salaries and transfers.

In addition, the fans call for a new, “competitive” distribution of TV funds and limiting the effects of player advisers to the professional business.

“Two years ago, the lip yields were the lip foodstones. Great was the supposed humility in financial distress. He has changed so far,” says in this context. “The football needs changes. The stadium visit must be fan friendly.”

Trifon Ivanov: The legend of the Bulgarian Wolf

Trifon Ivanov perhaps the only player took the rapid fans never took a change to Austria. Six years ago, on February 13, 2016, the Bulgarian Wolf succumbed to a heart attack. His removing lifestyle was fatal to him. Rarely, a death in Austrian football was similarly attention. Today is a death day. The extraordinary history of a domestic football legend.

Andalusia instead of Barcelona

1992. For Betis Seville, Ivanov plays brilliant. The FC Barcelona sees this and submits a contract to Libero – but the President of the Béticos blocks the change. Ivanov annoys, but Andalusia is not bad either. Fans from England, Italy or Germany know Ivanov since the 1994 World Cup in the USA. When Nobody reaches Ivanov with Bulgaria fourth place four, the Panini Pickerl with his unique counterfeit is around the world.

A year later, Rapid coach is Ernst Dokupil looking for a central defender. He asks Gilbert Gress, who, among other things, trained Switzerland and Sturm Graz. GRESS shows Dokupil the bird and says, “Stay away! That’s a fool! That’s not bending!” But Dokupil familiarizes his belly feeling and gets Ivanov to Rapid, where he advanced to the cult ion. On European ground, Ivanov gets up and is decorated with the nomination for the “team of the year”.

But the championship boring Ivanov. At the latest as he rapidly costs the championship decision-making duel with Austria Salzburg, Docupil device on the edge of despair and punched his disciplinary exceptional council. Ivanov is that good. On the allegations, he is associated with the Schlendrian, he says, “That can only be a joke. From eleven to eighteen, I visited the football school in Veliko Tarnovo – that was a daily training three times a day, I have even made too much condition, That’s why I do not feel like it anymore. “

The thing with the army epicer

Ivanov puts his private life in the foreground. If you talk to him, he mentions more frequently as football. In his home, he buys an army of army and tries him in the box next door. With his gun he goes hunting for Hirschen, in his garage are eight cars. He collects her. From Fiat to Ferrari. The latter he gets from his private sponsor and Avanti boss Hannes Nouza. His zaster Ivanov was well laid out. With national team colleagues he founds the bank “National” in Sofia. He has two petrol stations, three apartments, a house and fits in the hospitality industry.

His body, however, is not important to him, his decay well documented. “He came with the endurance values ​​of a student player and the highest pollutant concentration of all,” recalls Ernst Dokupil. Ivanov’s performance fluctuations are Eklatant, its salary requirements for Rapid exorbitant. In the summer of 1997, Austria sees a chance to annoy the neighbors and accepts Ivanov under contract. Nouza is still sustained today to have given the necessary financial syringe. Because Austria coach Wolfgang Frank actually wants a striker. Instead, he gets Ivanov.

“Trifon was a great person”

Only half a year remains the bearded a violet. He does not help the Austria. But the fans love him until today – and only that counts. “It was an unfortunate commitment,” remembers his fellow players Herbert Gager. “He was physically in a bad constitution. If we had to expire, he managed to cut away every round. But Trifon was a great man.” Ivanov goes to Sofia, but returns to Vienna half a year later. Too much he loves the liveliest city in the world.

At the Floridsdorfer AC he leaves his career and takes care of a certain Marko Arnautovic in the 21st Viennese district, which sets his first ballteric steps. In his last years of life Ivanov is regional officer of the Bulgarian Association, in Weliko Tarnowo he should build a football school. But his lifestyle picks him. Cigarettes, alcohol – the former also like in the break of a Bundesliga game. The heart attack extends Ivanov down on February 13, 2016. The wolf is dead, but do not forget.

In conversation with Austria , companions remember the legend Trifon I.

Trifon Ivanov - Legendary Bulgarian Football Player

Ernst Dokupil: I got trifon personally to Rapid at that time. Ivanov has played in Switzerland for a while, so I interviewed the former Swiss team boss after him. He shouted me and said, ‘Stay away! That’s a fool! That’s not bending! ‘ And he was right. Trifon has always remained the same. In the half he smoked as a slot, he came too late for training. Since himself his Ferrari was not fast enough. But if he had a good day, the strikers were chanceless against him. He was a fantastic defender. Unfortunately, he is switched to Austria for financial reasons. Since then I had no contact more to him.

Herbert Gager: Trifon was a great man, we have understood awarded. He was a footballer with enormous quality, but not the most ambitious. If we had to expire, he has managed to cut away every round. In the end we went three rounds and he 1. So his game has lived in the Austria mainly from his positioning game – for athlete he was no one anymore. He always had little injuries, was in no good shape – but the opponents had respect for him. He was always good again to hust up. He was feared for that. Finally, his commitment was somewhat unhappy because the club urgently needed a striker. Although our coach Wolfgang Frank treated him well, but Trifon’s physical condition was often in the way.

Samuel Ipoua: Oh, I’m still extremely sad that he left us so early. He was a size in Austria and so he played. In his high phase he was a fantastic footballer. I’d like to remember back when Trifon has borrowed his Ferrari. He was his one and everything – but he did not do a tamtam. The only thing he said to me was: ‘Please do not catch the police, Sammy.’ He has never trained much, but in the game he was top – and at least in the head to 100 percent.

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Günter Kreissl: I played with Trifon a three quarters of a year in the fight team at the Austria and got to know him as a really funny guy and lovable guys, who was always good for a thirty. He was a bit like a big, playful child. At Trifon one was never sure if he could even know the first names of his teammates. Often he just said “servus you”, a “servus günter” I never heard of him. On the square, he did partly as if the whole thing would not tackle him and then suddenly he played a pass over 60, 70 meters, which landed exactly at the shoe. He was at the end of his career and there he was physically no longer in the best condition, but has always flashed that he was a world-class player.

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