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How to get weapons batteries at Tower of Fantasy

The weapon plays a large role in Tower of Fantasy, since each weapon has a unique set of movements and skills. As a result, the collection of weapons of various rarities and its improvement are the key aspect of the development of the game. Modernization of weapons will give additional damage from attack and health, increasing your combat characteristics. However, to improve your weapons, Tower of Fantasy requires certain items known as arms batteries. They are of different rarities, and players can earn them, simply playing the game and exploring the lands of Aida. This leadership will tell you about the best sources for obtaining weapons batteries in Tower of Fantasy.

how to get batteries for weapons in Tower of Fantasy

Weapons batteries are objects used to improve your weapons in Tower of Fantasy. They come in four types of rarity: ordinary, unusual, rare and super-led. The rare the rare, the more experience it gives your weapon when it improves it. Below are all weapons batteries that you can assemble in Tower of Fantasy.

The arms battery I (ordinary) *-can be obtained from blue chests with passwords found in the open world, or as an Omnium Beacon award. They will provide 20 experience ** to your weapon.

The weapons battery II (unusual) *-can be obtained in standard banners, in the kitchen of MII and in the point of glasses, opening violet chests with passwords and completing the Selecting adventure tasks. They will provide 75 experience to your weapon.
The weapons battery III (rare) -can only be obtained in rewards for the Bounty mission or by buying them for 2 Black Gold in a weapon store. Duplicates of blue weapons from standard banners are also converted into weapons battery III. They will provide 250 experience to your weapon.
The weapons battery IV (super rare) -you can purchase for real money in the Wanderer section in the store. They will provide 1000 experience to your weapon.


how to use weapons batteries in Tower of Fantasy

As mentioned earlier, weapons batteries are used to improve your weapons. The use of these items will give additional experience to your weapons in order to increase its level and increase its characteristics. To use the weapons battery, go to the Weapon section on the menu, select the weapon from your choice and click Update. From here you can choose which weapon battery you want to use to increase the level of your weapon.

Batteries for weapons of a higher rarity give more experience for weapons. Keep in mind-the higher the level of your weapon, the more experience will be required to further increase the level. Therefore, no matter how tempting the desire to renew our weapons as soon as possible, we recommend that we preserve weapons batteries of a higher rarity for improving SR and SSR weapons.

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Diablo 4: According to the new job advertisement

A new job advertisement from Blizzard can confirm what many Diablo followers have actually currently been afraid. The upcoming Diablo 4 appears to get an Ingame store. With a new job advertisement, Blizzard is presently seeking a product manager to handle the Ingame Shop experience of Diablo 4. Preferably, the prospect ought to currently have experience in a real-time service environment.

Ingame shop as a vital element

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a passionate, organized as well as ambitious individual that manages the Ingame Shop experience of Diablo 4, says the new job advertisement. This duty will certainly be an essential participant of the Diablo 4 sales team. The ideal prospect combines his experience in functioning in a real-time solution pc gaming atmosphere with meticulous love for information, solid interpersonal interaction abilities and passion to motivate our players.

In the more program of the ad, the shop is likewise described as a crucial part of the seasonal web content approach of Diablo 4. Currently at the announcement of Diablo 4 at Blizzcon 2019, the lead designer Joe Shely talked of intending to supply extensions and cosmetics in the type of microtransactions.


The mood in the Diablo area is presently irritated. The message for the upcoming Diablo 4 does not shock the gamer.

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| interior play examinations started-development makes good progression | Blizzard has assigned a brand-new game director | Blizzard spends substantial sources for years of assistance **

Diablo 3 on the PC in 2012 started with a real money public auction house. The previous video game director of Diablo 3, Jay Wilson, explained at the time that he had the feeling that the existence of the public auction residence truly damaged the video game.

Source: PCGamesn, Reddit

The upcoming Diablo 4 appears to get an Ingame shop. With a brand-new job advertisement, Blizzard is presently looking for a product manager to take care of the Ingame Shop experience of Diablo 4. Blizzard Amusement is looking for an enthusiastic, organized and also enthusiastic individual who manages the Ingame Shop experience of Diablo 4, claims the new job advertisement. The message for the upcoming Diablo 4 does not shock the gamer.

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