The Chivalry 2 mid-summer occasion welcomes the gamers in the fields of Aberfell, where the Druid Warmen from Mason as well as the peasantry organize a festival that would frighten every Agathian-and every person is welcomed!
Participate in the fearsome parties and involve yourself in an all new card of the Quarrel mode in this short-lived unique occasion.
In Brawl mode of Chivalry 2, every little thing you can take is a weapon.
Leave your swords as well as axes on the door and also use your clenched fists, chairs, baskets, boxes as well as whatever you can grab for a wild battle.
New portable objects (likewise called tools for the system setting).
* Mids summertime article.
* Woodhammer.
* Flower holder.
New environmental items .
* Mini catapult (interactionable).
* Straw numbers.

  • Totahle.
    New seasonal helmets .
  • Bear mask.

* Blossom crown.