On July 6, the developer Donkey Crew launched a season 5 beta test on the PC (Steam) version of the survival MMO Last Oasis currently being distributed early. In Season 5, a major renovation of this work will be implemented. Regarding the background, the studio says, Last Oasis is not interesting.

Last Oasis is a survival MMO set on the earth where the rotation stopped due to crustal deformation. The global environment of this work is divided into a scorching area and a freezing land due to the suspension of the venue, and human beings can live only in a small area in the meantime. In order to change the position by the global revolution, the player travels while built and customizes wooden winding machine walkers that are based and can fight. Then, fight with other players or survive while forming a clan.

At the start of the beta test of Season 5, FLIAN HOFREITHER, the project leader of this work, posted a post entitled Last Oasis is not interesting. He commented that not interesting means that you can’t enjoy gameplay for a long time. In this work, many problems have been improved with each season, but only this fundamental problem remains.

Development Donkey Crew has discussed why this work is not interesting and what to change to make a wonderful game experience. It seems that the initiative was reflected in Season 4. And after finishing Season 4, I should ask myself that I realized what would I do if I wanted to recreate this work, not how to fix this work., Hofreither.

Season 5 is called LOVERHAUL, which is particularly focused on PVE elements. For example, the aggressive Lup (NPC) is wandering, not only attacking players, but also destroying players’ walkers and buildings. In terms of the environment, the shining sun is strict, the water is more rare, and the intense sandstorms are stuck. The world seems to be very difficult, saying that the world will kill players in every way.

HoFreither seems to be in response to these content, and he commented that he had never enjoyed this work so far, and he wanted to play all the time. On the other hand, he says that many players will not like it. It seems that there were many feedback that it was too difficult for ordinary players.

Hofreither admits that Loverhaul is not for everyone, and says that’s fine. He said he would like to learn how to survive while repeating trial and error in PVE, and wants him to participate in PvP when he is ready.

This work launched early access distribution at Steam in March 2020. Immediately afterwards, it gained significant popularity, including recording the number of simultaneous connected players exceeding 30,000, but a number of players flooded caused a server. The disability was not easily resolved, and there were also game balance issues, and the developer responded to refunds in response to the growing criticism of the community (related articles).

Looking at the changes in the number of simultaneous connected players in the Steam version, it has been less than 1,000 people, and at the start of each season, there is no large excitement like launch (STEAMDB). As Hofreither realized, there are not many players who want to play this work for a long time. The status of Steam’s user review is also a pros and cons, and before the start of Season 5, the developer would have thought that it was necessary to put it in.

Last Oasis is being distributed early for PC (Steam)/Xbox One. Season 5 beta tests are under the Steam version.