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DFB employer Neuendorf: ing activity has actually become more political

I assume the tournament has currently changed, said Bettendorf. That means has actually become more political, said Bettendorf as well as talked of great development. The World Mug in the Emirate starts on November 20 and ends on December 18.

This is likewise an obligation that the DFB had to deal with, stated Bettendorf at the awarding of the Julius Hirsch rewards of the German Football Organization (DFB) in Dresden. With the cost, the DFB has actually been reminiscent of Jewish victims of the Nazi routine because 2005. He was a DFB nationwide player, Olympic individual and twice German champion.

According to DFB Head Of State Bernd Bettendorf, the World Football Organization FIFA should encounter his responsibility for those employees that have been eliminated or hurt in the building of the Globe Mug stadiums in Qatar as well as can no more feed their family members.

With the cost, the DFB has actually been reminiscent of Jewish sufferers of the Nazi routine considering that 2005. He was a DFB nationwide gamer, Olympic individual and also twice German champion.

This year, the DFB granted the Julius Hirsch Prize, among various other things, the area league club SV Blau-Weiß Grand from Katz in Saxony-Anhalt. Various other honor champions are the academic network learning area Stadium from Berlin as well as the network memory job in the context of the Burger SV.

This is additionally an obligation that the DFB needed to encounter, claimed Bettendorf at the awarding of the Julius Hirsch rewards of the German Football Organization (DFB) in Dresden. He likewise spoke with FIFA President Gianni Infantino on his trip to Qatar. The honor of the competition was seen really critically.

Name of Avatar 2 known: This is the name of the film that nobody is waiting for

After numerous delays, the film Avatar 2 will finally be released on December 16, 2022. The premiere has been long in coming for many years, and there have been no really details about the story – apart from some basics – either. The theatrical release of the first film has been 13 years ago , the hype around the sequel is therefore very limited. But now Disney is slowly but surely trying to increase the anticipation again and at least announced the official name .

What is Avatar 2’s name?

As part of this year’s Cinemacon , Disney ventured a little out of cover and at least revealed some smaller details about the film. That is supposed to be avatar: The Way of Water and on 16. December 2022 come to the cinemas. According to the current state of affairs, further delays are not provided. In keeping with this unveiling, Disney published the official logo .

When does the first trailer come to Avatar 2?

At the Cinemacon, the first trailer from Avatar: The Way of Water was already seen behind closed doors. However, you don’t have to wait too long before you will see him too. As Disney has confirmed, the trailer is said to be shown as part of the debut by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness . The new Marvel blockbuster celebrates its premiere on May 5, 2022 , so the trailer will be released next week.

what else you should know about avatar 2

Avatar 2 Will Change Movies Forever
Some of the characters known from the first film return in the sequel. The focus is on Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), who founded a together family and have to look for a new home due to a previously known incident. The nasty Colonel Miles Quaritch also plays an important role again.

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Forspoken displays his technique and his gameplay

While it was still far from being a technical monster when we had the opportunity to take it in last December, Forspoken continues to appear as a game exploiting the most modern technologies.

It is therefore from a technical angle that the new Square ENix license reappeared along with AMD as part of the GDC 2022 to exhibit the support of the Super Resolution FidelityFX Scaling System. Whether on PS5 or PC, it is supposed to boost visual quality and image rate. Note that if we see here the version 1.0 of the FSR, Forspoken will support the freshly announced Generation 2.0 of this technology at its output. In any case on PC, since if the FSR 2.0 is confirmed on Xbox, it is not for the moment on PlayStation. On the loading time, Forspoken will make use of the Microsoft DirectStorage technology on PC, while PS5 players do not have much to fear this side either with their SSD whose effectiveness is no longer to demonstrate.

FORSPOKEN New Gameplay Demo 8 Minutes 4K

At the same time, Forspoken is the subject of all attentions at Game Inform, which recently released a new gameplay video exclusively. Captured on PS5, it is centered on the enemies, and therefore on the fighting, and therefore on a flying of magic, the main means of expression of Frey Holland when this New York is transported in a world of fantasy who n ‘ is not his. A world that we can finally survey with the young woman from October 11, 2022.

The presidential candidate for the game commitment to the game … P2E Release Release Expectation Expansion [IT Magnifier]

This is a listing of computer game released and/or created by Telltale Games. Telltale Games closed as a workshop in 2018 as well as its possessions were liquidated. LEG Home entertainment bought most of Telltale’s assets and licenses as well as started doing business as a video game publisher under the Telltale Games brand name in 2019.

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jin] The 20th presidential election, such as pouring a journal of games related to games, is a national government. The gamer is analyzed as a gym, and 2030 is analyzed as a move to capture. In the meantime, the expectation of the P2E game that is regulated in Korea is growing.

On the 12th, Soon Suk-yeol’s presidential candidate was gamer is priority to the title of probabilistic items to be released as a pharmaceutical. Run Candidate was a commitment to probability item information on the day of commitment.

On the last 10 days, Lee Jana Candidate launched a game and meta bus special team, and the Elections of the Election of the Elections Headquarters policy headquarters, and appointed Ha TAE Hyung to the chairperson under the Election of Elections.

In the game, metabus special end, this candidate blockchain, metabus, NFT, etc. are still new technologies that are not yet familiar with many people, but they predicted that the ripple will be greater.

AHN, Cheol-soo, on December 13, on December 13, The probability of drawing items should be publicly opened on Facebook, said, Refunding and compensation.

This candidate and Anton showed a view of the main game such as Kim Sung Meeting and Gins, and Kim Sung Meeting and Gaming Code, Shutdown, E Sports and Game NFT, respectively, on December 20 and 23, respectively..

This ‘game commitment’ is the end of the strategy of the presidential candidates for Lee Dressing (20 Men). Park Sang Hun’s political criticism seems to be more focusing on the development of a new generation as a series of courses such as the Seoul Metropolitan Government Election and Lee Jungkook, and the new generation of generations. I added how to have a petition to 2030.

In particular, Soon Suk-yeol said, especially Soon Skye’s candidate is a situation in the twenties of the twenties with the pressure of in and out of the purpose of the 20s.

◆ ◆ P2E game regulation relieving voice… Expect to incorporation of system after the presidential election

In this matter, the expectation of P2E game allowed in Korea is growing.

P2E games are Play to Earn, and the abbreviation of Don Burg, which is a game that allows users to profit based on blockchain technology while playing games. We are emerging in the industry as a profit model to replace the wallet ‘P2W (Pay to Win, which will replace the P2W (Pay to Win), but the P2E game is not in the domestic service itself, depending on the game industry, do.

In the industry, there is a limit to developing and launching a P2E game that is a new growth field, as a new growth field, and has a limit to develop and launch a new growth field. Therefore, the voice of the P2E game has increased.

Lee Pre-noting, the candidate, was positive about the P2E game regulatory alleviation in the Digital and Innovation Committee Policy Policy on the 11th. This candidate said the first time that it will not respect the change in the market, and after the rest is free, it would be necessary to introduce the method of regulating the post-regulated method.

AHN, Cheol-soo, was a one-year opinion that it is not too late to meet overseas market trends. I do not think it will be late for a good side, because I have a lot of good aspects, because I have a lot of good aspects, because I watched the country that I have been playing P2E games for a year. In the case of Run candidates, the position of P2E is not yet revealed.

In the future, I will not even want to get more P2E game regulatory situation in the future.


Jong-un Yang Erin Investment Securities Researchers said, The politics of the Political Personalist must already have a P2E game that allows for the P2E game, and the public agency is a public institution, I can expect a change in the chapter including the game.

Korea Content Promotion Agency (Antonin) supported 1.5 billion in the game production support project last year. Joe Hyundai said, I will create a game and a consensus on a game model based on a blockchain at the December Call.

Industry officials said, It would be not easy for regulatory conflicts until the end of last year, but this year, someone seems to be a person who will eliminate the conflict this year, he said, he said. The problem will be left.

PlayStation VR2 for PS5: First specs to glasses and controllers

The sparrows have called it for some time from the rooftops — and although it was falsely Sony come back in December with its own VR event around the corner, some information has come true. Instead, with his own show, Sony demonstrated the new VR headset for the PlayStation 5 within the CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in more detail before. The official name: PlayStation VR2. The new VR controllers: Sense. The Specs: Quite impressive.

These are the data from PSVR2

PlayStation VR2 to be a true next-gen glasses. In addition to the resolution (4K HDR) there are some other features that should do it. Instead of elaborate tracking by an external camera has built-in cameras PSVR2 that your movements can be transferred directly to the games. Even the movements of your eyes, be registered. In conjunction with a rumble feature of the headset, 3D audio and the new controllers is to be achieved of immersion (via PlayStation blog) a new level.

Here you can see an overview of the specs published at PSVR2:

Display: OLED
Resolution: 2000×2040 per eye
refresh rate: 90Hz, 120Hz
Field of View: approx 110 degrees
Motion Sensors: Six-Axis (Three-Axis Gyroscope, Three-axis accelerometer)
Cameras: 4 cameras for tracking the headset and the controller, depending on an IR camera for tracking the eye
Feedback: vibration through the headset
communication with the PS5: USB-C
Input: Built-in microphone
Output: Connection for stereo headphones

images there is unfortunately not so far, but a patent could give us at least a rough idea of ​​VR glasses:

20 1

more on the subject

PSV 2 Patent possibly reveals first look at the design of the headset

When will PSVR2? To this end, Sony had at hand no new information. However, there are rumors according to which the headset is to come later this year on the market. Another Leak reveals that mass production could start soon. Let’s hope that Sony sufficient hardware components together gets.

And this is the VR controller Sense

The controller, of which we have already seen images were once again discussed. After the outdated Move technology, uses the PSV on the PS4, you can expect a big jump here. Based on the dual sense of PS5, the new VR controller is simply called Sense.

And here you see all the data to the sense controller:

[Right] PS button Options button, action buttons (circle, cross), R1 button, R2 button, right stick, R3 button
[Left] PS button Create button Action buttons (triangle, square), L1 button, L2 button, left stick, L3 button
Motion sensors: Six-Axis (Three-Axis Gyroscope, Three-Axis Accelerometer)
Capacitive sensor: finger sensor, IR LED: Positioning Tracking
Feedback: Trigger Effect (R2 / L2 buttons), Haptic feedback
Connection: USB-C
Communication: Bluetooth 5.1
Battery: Built-in Lithium-ion battery

New Horizon announced game for VR

The first first-party title for the new VR glasses were also briefly introduced. It is a spin-off to Horizon Zero Dawn entitled Horizon Call of the Mountain. The announcement confirmed rumors according to which Sony more in the future would like to implement their big brands for VR. All information on the game, we have summarized you in a separate article:

16 6

more on the subject

Horizon VR: Guerrilla Announces PSVR2 adventure — without Ally but with a new character

PlayStation VR2 for PS5 Confirmed: OLED, 4K HDR, Eye-Tracking, and 'Horizon Call of the Mountain'.

Other alleged leaks speak of a new Castro Bot and a Wipe out for PSVR2. In addition, already the first third-party game with Pavlov Shack, a shooter with Among Us bonds known.

If you one of those people who are prone to motion sickness, we also have a few tips for you how to counteract and can more enjoyable for you to play.

What do you think of the specs — PSVR2 is truly a next-generation headset Will you bring it to you ?

Pokemon Unite will get new creatures modes and festive attractions

Pokémon Company International presented an avalanche of seasonal updates to Pokémon Unite, including a completely new event, a snowball battle in Shire City, filled with challenges and surprises on the occasion of the Christmas season, starting on December 15, 2021 and lasting until January 16, 2022, yes, If anyone had a doubt, this mob lives and supposedly has perfect!

TL; DR for lazy Normal :

New Pokémon-Tsareena : December 9, 2021.
Snowball battle in Shire City : December 15, 2021 – January 16, 2022.
Light challenge : December 15, 2021 – January 16, 2022.
New Pokémon-Dragonite : December 20, 2021.
Challenge with a bonus for login : December 24, 2021 – 1 January 2022.
Photographic challenge : December 24, 2021 – January 6, 2022.

And now more detail. News for the game have been divided into stages. In the first pack of sweets, we will find Screen, or a new pocket-shaped creator that should already be available. Versatile Screen provides new tactical opportunities and interesting ways to play for trainers by introducing new movements, such as Kick and Glide Grassy, ​​which shocked strategic team gameplay.

In addition, players will be able to obtain a free UNITE license for Screen to 31 December 2021 by logging in to the game and checking mail. Coaches can count on gliding in the sky scraps as Dragon ite, whose prime minister will take place on December 20, 2021.

From December 15, 2021 to January 16, 2022, the festive mood will be felt in quick battles when KO’d Pokémon turn into a snowman. Although the snowmen freeze in the place, they can still provide tactical information to their teammates, waiting for their recovery.

What’s more, after defeating the Debian, players will receive a gift box. In each box there will be a random, one-time buoyancy object that replaces the current subject of the player, maintaining players in readiness in constantly changing and unpredictable skirmishes.

Together with these festive additions, wild Pokemon in the central part of Shire City will be replaced by article in the second minute of matches, offering new challenges for teams. Trainers and Pokemon will also be able to set up Christmas creations during this event, because new holloware elements and costumes for trainers will be added to the game.

The light challenge will also take place from December 15, 2021, to January 16, 2022, along with a snowball battle in Shire City. Players will have to light a festive tree that appears in the lobby, collecting lights gained in everyday missions (up to 100 lights per day) and challenges missions (up to 750 lights on the challenge mission). Collecting lights will unlock decorative elements and bonuses, including a one-day limited license: Allan Nine tales, new costumes for coaches and other Christmas theme (for unlocking each course, another number of lights will be required).

In addition, from December 24, 2021, to January 6, 2022, players can enjoy a new photographic challenge by collecting snowflakes to complete the seasonal work of art. Players can score snowflakes, fighting in standard matches, fast battles, ranking matches and a snowball battle in Shire City.

From December 24, 2021, to January 1, 2022, players can log in to Pokémon UNITE to receive daily prizes such as AMOS tickets and improved versions of objects, as well as special gifts containing a limited number of items from which players can choose their favorite.

*NEW* 4v4 MAP Shivre City Gameplay Pokemon UNITE
To celebrate the New Year, for the first three days of 2022 (from January 1 to January 3) players will also have access to all UNITE licenses in the game, which will allow them to play any Pokemon at no cost (except for ranking matches).

A lot of this, right? It must be admitted that the creators of Pokémon Unite do not forgive.

The FIA Certified Gran Turismo World Finals is launched this week

Gran Tourism (GT) is a collection of competing simulation computer game developed by Polyphony Digital. Developed for PlayStation systems, Gran Tourism games are planned to emulate the look and also performance of a large option of lorries, a lot of which are licensed recreations of real-world autos. Because the franchise’s debut in 1997, over 80 million systems have been marketed worldwide for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Portable, making it the highest marketing video clip game franchise business under the PlayStation brand.

For those who like to look at the car racing, who like to see competition and just want to see the end of a world championship, they have all that combined this weekend. From 3 to 5 December 2021, the World Championship of Great Tourism Will live. Not only that, but it will be posted on PlayStation’s YouTube and Facebook pages and Gran Tourism. And also, it marks the end of the World Championships Gran Tourism Current, which started in partnership with the FIA.

For those who do not know, this particular competition started in 2018, as part of a festive exit of the last Gran Tourism game. And it is quite normal that the reason it will be the last time we will see this particular edition played and celebrated with the sponsorship of PlayStation and the FIA ​​is that it does not want to remove the launch of the last Grade Gran Tourism, who goes out in 2022. In fact, Gran Tourism 7 will be launched on March 4, 2022.

‘FIA Gran Turismo Championships' 2021 Series World Finals Teaser Trailer
Although this will not happen in person, for reasons we can understand, it will always be given a studio production that is broadcast in seven different languages ​​so that viewers can listen to it. In addition, 58 competitors from 23 different countries will go through the courses over the three days of competition. There will first be the Toyota Kazoo Racing GT Cup Monomarque on December 3, 2021, the finals of the Manufacturer Series on December 4, 2021, and Sunday, December 5, 2021, there will be the Finals of the Nations Cup.

There will also be a special unveiling of the porch for its GT vision, ready to enter the racetrack.

For those who want more information about future races, they can be found on the Gran Tourism website. All hours of race are currently 6:00 pt, 14:00 GMT, 15:00 CET and 23:00 JUST.

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Pok mon Go Season of origin all bonuses research and contents of the season

Pokemon Go starts the season of the origin on 01 December 2021 and brings you a lot of spawns, events and bonuses again. We from Mango have viewed us what awaits you in the new season.

What’s about? On November 30, Ni antic published on your blog the first, long-awaited information about spawns, events and bonuses that will expect you in the new season (via

As Ni antic now announced, the new season and associated events revolves around the past and origin of Pokémon. Professor Willow has therefore discovered an old cave with a huge door with his research, which he wants to unlock with the team leaders. Of course, he needs your help.

Previously, there were speculations in the community, which monsters will come in the new season due to first indications.

That brings you the season of the origin

When will the new season start? The season of the origin starts on 01 December 2021 at 10:00 o’clock local time and extends over a total of 3 months. Thus, it ends on 01 March 2022 at 10:00 o’clock local time.

All events and content of the season

During the season of the origin, there will be numerous events again. The starting signal makes the smoke day with Quite, followed by the community day in December. In addition, there will be a special Photo tour at the beginning of the new calendar year.

Are you also interested in topics related to Season Games?

However, much is not known about the planned events. Especially January and February are largely even secret. We have summarized you all appointments, which we already know:

As soon as there are new information about further appointments, we will complement them in the table.

All bonuses at the season of the origin

As you know it from the past Seasons, you can look forward to many special bonuses throughout the season of the origin. The following season bonuses await you:

Higher efficacy of smoke at standstill
In addition, higher efficacy of smoke at motion
Increased damage by own Pokémon in Fern-Raids
Gifts Warranty when turning bakeshops

*NEW SEASON* Shiny Kyurem, Johto Tour, Special Research & MORE in Pokémon GO
1 additional candy while swapping
Guaranteed XL Sweden when swapping

Temporary research

In addition, you expect dedicated research every month. The temporary research from December is available to all coaches. However, research for January and February will be unlocked as part of the Photo Tour ticket purchase. As a reward, every month is waiting for an avatar article, a special month reward as well as other bonuses on you.

Temporary research December: Star dust challenge

In December, your Blanche should help open the first door unlocking mechanism of the door found. Everything revolves around ice and ground Pokemon and star dust. As a monthly bonus, double star dust awaits you for the first catch of the day. You can also unlock the following bonuses with the collected starting dust:

Temporary research January: EP challenge

In January, your Spark will help. Due to the monthly bonus, you get double EP for the first catch of the day and can also unlock the following bonuses with the Collected EP:

Temporary Research February: Fang Challenge

And even in February will be back on your help. Supports Candela while catching Pokémon. For the reward, you will receive more XL sweets this month and double EP for your outgrew eggs. With the help of the monsters collected, the following bonuses are free:

Spawns and eggs

Of course, even during the season of the origin, special wild spawns and changeable egg pools expect. Which monsters can be found in the coming months, we have summarized for you.

Wild Spawns

In the wilderness, this season is also distinguished to regions, so cities, forests, mountains and waters as well as southern and Northern Hemisphere.

These monsters can be found in eggs

And even with the eggs, the content of 2-, 5- and 10 km eggs and the adventure sync has changed as follows.

2-KM eggs: Quarrel, Known SA, Quite, Medicine, Pain, Able, Scalpel
5 km eggs: Unix, April, Winning, Amparo, Shnebedeck, Proxy, Hippopotamus
10 km eggs: airhole, champion, life, Geronimo, Asia, viscera, EF-EM
Adventure Sync (5-KM Eggs): London, Shelters, Quarrel, Alight, Campsite, Defense
Adventure Sync (10 km eggs): Dating, Windward, Tunnel, Role, Maputo, EF-EM

How do you find the bonuses, research, spawns and planned events in the new season? What monsters would you be particularly happy? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches.

You are still looking for your perfect companion in the new season. We show you 20 monsters, which you absolutely should take as a buddy.

Fortnite Phase 2 Is Coming To An End See The Trailer Learn Just How To Be A Component Of The Activity

Epic Games is finishing Fortnite’s second chapter sooner than expected. On December 4 at 4 p.m. ET, the Cube Queen is fighting against every one of the combatants on the Island in a brand-new limited occasion called Completion.

This event is a one-time instance, indicating you won’t have the ability to play it once more after you complete it. Epic recommends content developers and gamers tape their play through as it will certainly be the only way to see it once again.

Completion permits groups of as much as 16 players to queue with each other. Friends can obtain together 30 minutes prior to the occasion starts. This existing season is finishing a day previously than Epic originally revealed, so anybody that visits now in between December 4 will get a 225,000 XP benefit. Gamers who complete in the long run occasion will earn a themed packing screen as well as cover. From November 26 to 29, Epic is holding a power-leveling weekend break with supercharged XP to assist gamers complete the battle pass.

*NEW* Fortnite THE END Event Official REVEAL! (Chapter 3 Map!)
What follows is anybody’s hunch. Epic will likely proceed on with Chapter 3 and a new style. We recognize Boba Fett is involving the game, and also there are rumors that The Matrix will certainly be entailed also.

What do you wish to see from Fortnite next? As well as what did you think about the present phase? Allow us know in the remarks’ area listed below!

It s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Obtains First Trailer For Season 15

It s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has released a new trailer for its upcoming 15th period, which will certainly premiere on December 1 on FIX at 10 PM ET and stream the following day on FX on Hulu.

Based on the brand-new clip, Sunny can always be trusted to be Bright. They currently assured in 2020 that the horrendous sitcom will deal with COVID-19 in future episodes, however this brand-new trailer invests more time teasing episodes that will also discuss Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal (using Frank, who made use of to snorkel on his island), the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal (by means of Dee, who is now running a doubtful acting center), and the Catholic Church s sex scandal (by means of Mac, who returns to investing his time right into religious beliefs). The gang will certainly likewise be heading to Ireland at some time (due to the fact that it s a sitcom as well as travel episodes are a point). Inspect out the new trailer below.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 Update

Although the pandemic really did not feature greatly in this trailer, it s safe to think the Sunny episode ought to be a peak for the period. Co-stars Charlie Day and also Rob McElhenney s Apple television+ collection Mythic Pursuit– which spoofs the gaming as well as tech markets– swiftly adapted the workplace comedy in 2020 to the pandemic. That series had not one, but 2 specials in between periods discovering, as McElhenney placed it, the sensible as well as emotional difficulties of adapting to work from home and afterwards returning to normality.

Sunny was renewed via to Season 18 in 2014, making it the lengthiest running scripted live-action comedy of perpetuity in TV history.

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