Undoubtedly, Fromsoftware fans have submerged deeply at Elden Ring, the last title of the developer who presents not only an open world, but an open world that is full of dangerous threats. Out of the usual mobs that can easily tear down the players, there are a lot of bosses that offer a great challenge and can be difficult to overcome. If you are looking for help, here is our guide about How to beat Maliketh, The Black Blade in Elden Ring.

How to beat Maliketh, The Black Blade in Elden Ring

Despite the size of this boss, he moves with an agility that is frankly terrifying. The boss’s fight is also divided into two phases, just to keep players alert at all times.

First you will meet Maliketh as the cleric of the beasts, who will be familiar to anyone who has visited Gurranq at the bestial Sanctum in Caelid. As we always recommend, having a good defense helps a lot to survive in Elden Ring, and the same goes for Maliketh / Beast Clergyman.

First, move first to the sand to avoid falling along the sides at the entrance, and it is also intelligent to have an improved shield to protect itself from the attacks of it, along with a strong armor. Just be sure to be still in average load so you can roll if necessary. If you have it, equip the icon Shield or Blessed Dew Talisman for passive health regeneration is a good movement.

Phrase 1.

Start the fight by convening your best spirits, such as Mimic Tear, and prepare to fight conservatively. The chief will unleash rapid bursts of attacks, so the window of opportunity is quite small. If you see that the cleric of the beast begins to drag your dagger on the ground, be careful with the incoming hook and dodge accordingly.

In the range, be sure to stop your dodging to avoid your rocks or enchantments, the same goes for the attack area with the rocks. Every time you need to avoid those distance attacks, make use of the pillars that surround you. This will give you a respite, but it is likely that the boss will reach you quickly.

Use sorcery damage, bleeding or scarlet putrefaction to reduce the health of 50% Beast clergyman and enter Phase 2.

Stage 2

Now you will face the Royal Maliketh in Elden Ring, imbued with the power of the Rune of Death. Now, boss bland a large big sword and is even faster than before.

The good news is that the attacks of it are more evident, which gives you more time to dodge. The bad news is that they cause damage over time, which is where passive health regeneration is useful. Dodgement will also be better than blocking, so keep it in mind.

For attacks, be careful when Maliketh jumps into the air and dodges the projectiles that are presented to you. If the boss nails his sword on the floor, he will be using an effect area attack, so get away from the immediate area. You must also avoid approaching Maliketh too much if he begins to roar to avoid being stunned.

As usual, do not become greedy with the attacks and use the state afflictions in your favor. Hitting Maliketh with enough attacks to eliminate the aplomb of him can stagger the boss, so he receives your critical hit if the opportunity is presented. Again, you can use the pillars as a cover if necessary. It will take some time, but eventually you will defeat Maliketh as all the other bosses.

That’s all you have to do when it comes to learning about * How to beat Maliketh, The Black Blade in Elden Ring *. Be sure to see also our Wiki guide for more important details about the game, including the list of all the heads of the game, update your Spirit Ashes invocations and get to Nokron, the Eternal City.

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