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After all Daily 〇 と 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇! ? “GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” When someday someday [Special feature]

Released on March 25 and the open world action adventure “ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO ” for the hot topic boiling. As the attraction of this game, you can raise the height of the actual Shibuya.

In this article, among these, I picked up the shop where “Oiya…?” Is stopped when I was running around Shibuya. Surely everyone will be “Good…?” This factor is also one of the attractions.

# # Ramen Girls

First of all, a ramen shop that looks good. It seems that a lot of Yasai can be eaten if it is written with ramen in a black on a yellow background. It is a very popular shop, and only 4 to 5 stores can be confirmed by just a part of Shibuya.


A shop that sells and purchases games, DVDs, manga etc. There is a cheap full wireless earphone or an atmosphere that is likely to sell.

Bird deity

Probably Yakitori, how to read it is like Chouhimin. I’m not a noble, so I want to go to eat here. Somehow I’m doing outdun, I want to eat grilled birds.

Nanohoshima and

It is a supermarket that wants to bring me a jib. Even though I am self-proclaimed with the supermarket, there is an atmosphere that the size of the store is small.


A new freedom, portable shop, the small size of the store is real feeling. Free WiFi stickers can be checked at various stores.

Tottoko Cinemas

What N… Cinema, a huge cinema in Yukenzaka, Tottoko Cinema. Since this world is a lot of Tottoko’s movie films. Currently, a love story with squid and a film of snowball match are well received.

# # Sakamoto Yoshi

A store that shows the appearance like a leading drug store. Cosmetic points 20 times are big. I do not know why, but I feel that I know that I have not been taught in the CM intonation.

# # Toshio soba

I thought it would be nice to have a saucous noodle… but I think that how to make soba is remembered because it is a recemization method. If so, it will take time to take time. After that, I felt that the advertisement of the man who was written by the president was about.

Freshmoth Burger

If you translate it again It will be fresh moth burger , is it okay? The logo t is a fashionable.


A shop that can take a break and drink delicious coffee. It seems to be managed to manage it in Shibuya. Can coffee in a convenience store.


Emometric cafe. Now it seems to be under collaboration with the big epidemic app “ Omamori! ” in Shibuya. All six coasters have created a random enclosed atmosphere. Anyone can I have a good prayer?


Although the number of stores is smaller than Fujiyama Mart, it is a popular convenience store. It is characterized by that there is always a bread corner in the store. There is an atmosphere that seems to be a festival in spring. If you say more, it’s likely to get a sticker for a lunch.

Both convenience stores are near the shrine near the shrine, and it is Niku that you have prepared a signboard that minimizes the color.


A family restaurant that is likely to get delicious Italian with easy prices. Currently holding Beaef & White Stew Fair. By the way, I like the caba more.

UWAAA! Records

A CD shop that shows “Speaking of Shibuya”. Is the abbreviation be Uareco? The CD was born for the first time, and the CD I bought it with my money is ONE WAY DRIVE of Egg Makiko.

# # Family restaurant guest

Famires with a drink bar and the atmosphere that you want to do for about 2 hours with mountain potatoes. It seems that various theme dining options are managed in the group. By the way, I have to climb 3F on the stairs that the 2F contains Uareco and QTE Mart?

# # Hoshino Guide

It seems like a chain store that lets you eat the ultimate beef bowl. The Omowado One has also been smelled.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Official 4K Extended Gameplay
Sushi Banzai

“Speaking of sushi!” And the president seems to have a pose that the president spreads the hand. It is likely to have a high quality sushi Wasabi 30 times Fair is too fast.

It is also fun to find your favorite shop between dramatic stories. “ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO ” is well received in PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).

Webzen Muorini 3, convenience store brand Seven Eleven and affiliate event

Webzen (Representative Kim Tae Young) prepared an affiliate event commemorating the launch of the new Mobile MMORPG ‘Muori (Mu Origin 3).

We focus on the Affiliate Events of the “Muorijin 3” and convenience store ‘Seven Eleven’, until Webzen is on March 31. The two companies are the “Muida” of the character brand ‘Webzen Friends’, “Jenny”, “Jimmy’,” Jenny ‘, “Jimmy’, ‘Khan’, and the ‘Kan’ character’s name,” Muorini 3 ” Presents the game item.

Outdoor Mukbang|Let's go to convenience store to eat various foods in Korea~EP. Seven Eleven

When you buy affiliate lunches at the convenience store in the whole country, you can get “10 resurrection 10” and ‘rare jewelry random packs’, and ‘Blue Dia 300’. If you type the scratch coupon number that was enclosed in the lunch box, the compensation is paid to the coupon tab, and the events when the volume is exhausted can be early.

Webzen is now actively collaborating with food and dining industry, including convenience store brand ‘Seven Eleven’, including convenience store brand ‘Seven Eleven’, including convenience store brand ‘Seven Eleven’, as well as a wide range of users.

In addition, Webzen continues to be a game event that allows you to enjoy the “Muorini 3” more fun.

First, I will open the ‘combat force race’ to the winner of ‘Muorin 3’ to March 22. By selecting the top 30 combat power, the first place to present the prize ‘Apple iPad Pro’, and from the second to the second to the second, “Wings: Butterfly Wings (Permanent) and ‘Guard Jewelry’ and ‘Blue Dia’ give.

In addition, if you participate in the ‘Strongest Guild Selection Competition’, you can get a ‘ride: phantom Tiger (duration)’, ‘Majang’, and ‘Majang’, and ‘Level Achieved Events’ when achieving a character Each can receive various growth items.

Webzen’s New Mobile MMORPG ‘Muorijin 3’ of ‘Seven Eleven’ Affiliate Event, Game Information, etc. More details can be found in the official community.

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