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Call of Duty Warzone: Unlock the terrifying secret of the new Map Fortune Keep of season 4

Call of Duty Warzone season, called mercenaries of luck, brings with it a good charging content. The new map Fortune Keep for resurgence mode is one of the most outstanding additions. The most delivered fans have not taken to discover one of the secrets of said map. We tell you how to discover it yourself!

The terrifying secret of Fortune Keep: The return of the zombies

In resurgence you can reappear, so don’t worry if another player kills you. In principle, you don’t need to shoot to unlock the secret or easter Egg, so you should go unnoticed… at least until the end.

The first thing you should do is fall into the cemetery or Severeyard , located in the northwest of the island. When you arrive, try to get some weapon and plates to be a little more protected. Then you must look for 3 yellow candles distributed throughout the area. When you find them, interact with them to turn them on.

The bad news is that these candles appear randomly in each game. The good news is that they never appear outside the cemetery. Despite this, I can give you several references or hot spots where they usually appear:

In the inputs or within the mausoleums .
At the foot of tombs pillar-shaped.
* They do not usually appear in corners or hidden in high grass. The normal thing is that they appear near stone structures .
* Do not worry if they kill you, the sequence is not interrupted until the game ends.
* And yes, you can do it in collaboration with other players.

Once you activate the 3 yellow candles, a macabre laughter sounds . That is the sign that the sequence is complete and that you must take the last step: look for a small tomb ** in the location that I show you in the following image. Approach and interact Strar respect.

A zombie appears from the grave that will attack you. And yes, he takes life to kill you. There is no reward for completing this secret or Easter Egg. According to the creators of content and fans who have seen this secret, it is a preview of what is to come to Warzone during season 4: mercenaries of luck. And it may not be the only secret!

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The best equipment and ugr class in Call of Duty Warzone

The UGR submachine gun is one of the latest weapons of the Cold War Black Ops added to Call of Duty: Warz1. Although a submachine gun cannot be a meter, his fast time before the murder (TTK) makes it a dominant selection of weapons for single and duet modes of the game, especially in its current state of suppression. Here are the best UGR investments and classes for use in Warzone.

The best equipment UGR Warzone Pacific

Muzzle *: GRU muffler
barrel : 10.7-inch operational group
reserve : skeletal reserve of the KGB
magazine *: Explosive arrows
Rear handle *: snake wrapper

This assembly of UGR has a combination of nozzles, like any other Black OPS submachine gun of the Cold War. The last muzzle and receiver, available for weapons, improve its range, the speed of the bullet and the flight speed. Taking into account that the KGB butt is equipped to increase mobility due to the accuracy of firing from the hip.

The next device is Serpent Wrap, which increases the aiming rate (ADS) of weapons. What limits the viability of this weapon is the lack of shops. While the base store gives you 30 rounds, you can get a maximum of 36 rounds with the only store for the store, Explosive Flechettes, which currently has a broken TTK and should be fixed in the near future.

If you prefer a denser fire from your hip on your SMG, you can use the following: Equipment UGR HIFPire :

Muzzle *: GRU muffler
barrel : 10.7-inch operational group
Laser : Laser sight SWAT 5 MW
Substract *: Cracking a fighter
magazine *: Explosive arrows

Best UGR Warzone class settings

Main weapon * – Vargo 52 / Pelington 703 / StG44
additional weapons – UGR
deadly – Semtex
Tactical * – Steam
perk 1 * – Cold -blooded

perk 2 * – Perekon
perk 3 * – combat scout

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Stay with us in professional games for games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, read our article on how to get a set of Kong skins in Call of Duty Vanguard and Warz1.

All field upgrades in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Last updated 1 year ago

Among the many ways you can customize your character in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, it’s important to select field improvements to combat.

Field improvements are the reusable equipment you will get after a while in the game. After using them, you will have to wait for it to recharge. This charging time varies depending on the upgrade on the ground, so make sure you know which you want and if you can handle this time.

So, before you dive into the multiplayer alpha that takes place this weekend, check for your options before configuring your courses:

micro of land

Charging time: 3:15

The Field MIC deploys a microphone that will highlight the positions of the enemies it detects on your mini-card. It’s convenient for all those looking to patrol in a specific area, including campers there.


Recharge time: 14h30

The use of the Jammer will create an electronic disturbance field that disables enemy field enhancements and also affects the enemy mini-card. It’s perfect for stripping the other team of its own upgrades while reducing its consciousness of the ground, which allows easier positioning.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Field Upgrades Guide || Black Ops Guide

Proximity Mine

Recharge time: 14h30

It’s about as simple as possible: you launch the mine and if an enemy runs or passes on it, it explodes. He kills the enemies on foot and will completely explode the vehicles. However, you can avoid triggering it by squatting on it. Ideal to put around the corners of the popular areas for an enemy to fall on it without knowing it.

Tourelle Sam

Recharge time: 3:45

The best field upgrade to slaughter all the enemy planes that are called. The SAM turret is positioned at a place and automatically pulls missiles on the series of airborne killings and the helicopters controlled by the enemy. It’s ideal for a game of domination or headquarters, where you can protest your point of air attacks.

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