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The Quarry, whats brand-new from the developers of Until Dawn, information your minimum as well as recommended requirements on PC

Minimum demands

System Needs

It must be noted that, along with this task, Supermassive Games continues with its horror compilation with Bandai Namco: The Dark Images. In fact, in February we satisfied that they plan more launches quickly, because approximately five new logo designs and also titles associated with the franchise business that ought to be known in the future had actually been registered.

A couple of months ago we satisfied its presence thanks to a leak, however it is already main: The Quarry is the new game of Supermassive Games . The research recognized for the successful Up until Dawn has actually gotten to an arrangement with 2K Games to use a brand-new film scary journey where a vast array of actors will not be doing not have.

The title is planned to arrive during the next summer season, particularly from June 10 this year, as well as will do so on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X | S. As all launches that premieres in computer systems, you need to information minimum and also suggested requirements to let the individual know if you can carry out the game to your taste, and these have currently been revealed with your Vapor web page, where you can currently premote. We leave you following.

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“Tales of Luminaryia” new character episode is released! Riset Rennee EP.2 “Tangled Past”

Coropra Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Koshi Miyamoto, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, “Coropra”) is BANDAI Namco Entertainment Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director: Miyagawa, Head Office: Tokyo Minato Ward) with Joint Development In “Tales of Luminaryia” (hereinafter referred to as “Luminaryian”), it was notified that the new character episode has been published on February 16, 2012 (Wed) today.

Coropra Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Koshi Miyamoto, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, “Coropra”) is BANDAI Namco Entertainment Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director: Miyagawa, Head Office: Tokyo Minato Ward) with Joint Development In “Tales of Luminaryia” (hereinafter referred to as “Luminaria”), we have released new character episodes on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

[“Tales of Luminaryia” official site]

The release of the character episode is started sequentially. This time, the new episode Renee Ep. 2 “Tangled Past” has been released. At the same time, the Gasha was also started with the ★ 5 new costume of Rizette.

In addition, we are also carrying out a limited-time mission that can be replaced with EP.1 ★ 5 costumes of your favorite character, so please play on this opportunity.

???????????????? ???????? Gajah Overview

Rizett ★ 5 A new costume is picked up Gasha. This time, ★ 5 new costume “Ganslinger Court” has been added. “Ganslinger Court” and new weapons are PT bonuses in the next multi-BOSS battle.

Implementation period

From March 2 (Wed) 15:59
※ It may be changed or end without notice

# # Rizet Rennier (CV: Yu Yumura)

The teacher of the elite special selection class “Blaze” of Idise Knight School. Every year, we will sieve the highest performance of new students, and hold two capable knight candidates as their own students. He is quite quite a military and actual as a military person, but it has been drawn from the first line for certain reasons. He is more severe than anyone, and a demon officer who raises students with love. He seems to know each other deeply with Gasparu with a good friend….

# Limited time mission summary

By newly clearing the episode, you will receive a “★ 5 costume exchange ticket”. You can get up to 3 tickets up to 3 tickets. Please choose from “Shop” ★ ★ 5 costumes.
※ It may be changed or end without notice

# “Tales of Luminary” Overview

It is a commemorative title that has developed “the Tales of” series 25th anniversary. The 21 protagonists grow while holding each “justice” in the chest, and you can enjoy the story of his life and friends. “That encounter changed the world.” The essence of the series is expressed in a new form that has never been experienced. Series fans, of course, will be the first original title, challenged to “Discover” the new “Possibilities” of “Tales of” to those who have never played until now.

◆ App name: Tales of Luminaria ◆ Price: item charge type (basic play free) ◆ Genre: 21 life of living is true RPG ◆ Correspondence OS: Android, iOS ◆ Official site: https: //luminaria.Tales-ch. JP / ◆ Official Twitter: ■ App Store: ■ Google Play Store: /Apps/details?id=com.Bandainamcoent.Toluminaria

# Bandai Namco Entertainment Company Profile Inc. Overview

Company name: BANDAI NAMCE entertainment HTTPS:// Location: 〒 108-0014 Tokyo 108-0014 Haruju Ward 22-37-8 Bandai Namco Future Research Institute: June 1, 1955 Capital: 10 billion yen (as of April 1, 2021) Representative: Representative Director President Miyagawa Business Description: World Products and Services for a wide range of targets in areas such as network content, household games, life entertainment, etc. It offers wide.

# Coropra company Overview

Company name: Coropra Co., Ltd. HTTPS://COLOPL.CO.JP Location: Karosaka Akasaka, Tokyo 9-7-2 Midtown East 6F Established: October 1, 2008 Capital: 6,556 million yen (end of December 2021) Date time) Representative: Representative Director President President Yamamoto Shiki Business: Providing Mobile Game Services for domestic and overseas focusing on smartphone apps VR (Virtual reality) Device services investment and funds for unlisted companies in Japan and overseas Operation official Twitter: Official Facebook:

Coropra has raised “Entertainment in Real Life” as a mission and continues to focus on the expansion of smartphone apps, and provides more fun and more wonderful entertainments that are almost all of people’s lives.

Character Design / Saiki
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