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Huge Optimization for Beat Hazard 3 on Steam Deck – Early Access Music-Driven Twin-Stick Shooter

Beat Hazard 3 is a music-driven twin-stick shooter currently in Early Access, and it must now play a lot far better on Steam Deck. Launched initially back in November 2022, it still has an excellent while left in Early Accessibility, so extra work is to be done however some enjoyable things landed lately.

In an update launched on February 23rd, Heavy steam Deck proprietors will certainly enjoy the spot notes:

I’m hosting likely to have to take a look at this… it looks absolutely crazy.

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  • Massive fps optimization for Heavy steam Deck. The game must currently run at 60fps on Steam Deck. Please utilize the ‘Heavy steam Deck Optimized’ launch option.
  • Added choice to disable motion blur.
  • Graphic information setup should currently have a significant impact on reduced specification equipments without compromising aesthetic high quality so a lot.

Game Quality:

Article extracted from.

  • Amazing game activity powered by YOUR songs! It’s time to relive the happiness and discover of listening to your songs’ collection, each tune will have its very own unique ups and downs based upon the songs.
  • Utilize your songs to create a large deplorable galaxy of music! Discover brand-new ships and upgrades as you trip with the cosmos.


  • Develop and update your mothership and take a trip the celebrities. Your galactic fortress awaits.
  • Unreal Engine: Updated blistering visuals that blow up and pump to the beat of the music.
  • Boss and Player ships are procedurally created by your music! Taking music powered gameplay to the next degree.
  • Compatible with any type of superior music solution through ‘Open Mic’ setting allowing you to play to any music source, e.g. Spotify, Music.

You can buy it on Humble Shop and Heavy Steam.

The developer of the nomadic survival MMO Last Oasis, destroyed his work as not interesting. To the extreme leverage in the next season

On July 6, the developer Donkey Crew launched a season 5 beta test on the PC (Steam) version of the survival MMO Last Oasis currently being distributed early. In Season 5, a major renovation of this work will be implemented. Regarding the background, the studio says, Last Oasis is not interesting.

Last Oasis is a survival MMO set on the earth where the rotation stopped due to crustal deformation. The global environment of this work is divided into a scorching area and a freezing land due to the suspension of the venue, and human beings can live only in a small area in the meantime. In order to change the position by the global revolution, the player travels while built and customizes wooden winding machine walkers that are based and can fight. Then, fight with other players or survive while forming a clan.

At the start of the beta test of Season 5, FLIAN HOFREITHER, the project leader of this work, posted a post entitled Last Oasis is not interesting. He commented that not interesting means that you can’t enjoy gameplay for a long time. In this work, many problems have been improved with each season, but only this fundamental problem remains.

Development Donkey Crew has discussed why this work is not interesting and what to change to make a wonderful game experience. It seems that the initiative was reflected in Season 4. And after finishing Season 4, I should ask myself that I realized what would I do if I wanted to recreate this work, not how to fix this work., Hofreither.

Season 5 is called LOVERHAUL, which is particularly focused on PVE elements. For example, the aggressive Lup (NPC) is wandering, not only attacking players, but also destroying players’ walkers and buildings. In terms of the environment, the shining sun is strict, the water is more rare, and the intense sandstorms are stuck. The world seems to be very difficult, saying that the world will kill players in every way.

HoFreither seems to be in response to these content, and he commented that he had never enjoyed this work so far, and he wanted to play all the time. On the other hand, he says that many players will not like it. It seems that there were many feedback that it was too difficult for ordinary players.

Hofreither admits that Loverhaul is not for everyone, and says that’s fine. He said he would like to learn how to survive while repeating trial and error in PVE, and wants him to participate in PvP when he is ready.

This work launched early access distribution at Steam in March 2020. Immediately afterwards, it gained significant popularity, including recording the number of simultaneous connected players exceeding 30,000, but a number of players flooded caused a server. The disability was not easily resolved, and there were also game balance issues, and the developer responded to refunds in response to the growing criticism of the community (related articles).

Looking at the changes in the number of simultaneous connected players in the Steam version, it has been less than 1,000 people, and at the start of each season, there is no large excitement like launch (STEAMDB). As Hofreither realized, there are not many players who want to play this work for a long time. The status of Steam’s user review is also a pros and cons, and before the start of Season 5, the developer would have thought that it was necessary to put it in.

Last Oasis is being distributed early for PC (Steam)/Xbox One. Season 5 beta tests are under the Steam version.

Atsushi Maruta Maruta! 2042 But 2022 is “Freakfield 2042” Steam Store Page Released

Game for Games has published the Steam Store page of War Shooting Games “ Freakfield 2042 “.

This work is a three-person or first-person perspective shooting game that the unit of “freak (変)” fights in the world after the economic collapse, not the nearest of the 2042 years. It is only the third person who can confirm with the Section and PV). The player will defeat the enemy with the aim of winning as one of the units. In addition, a large number of weapons and characters are mounted in this work, and it is said that “fun!”

Battlefield 2042 Lost 90% Of Its PLAYERS + Steam Is Now Issuing FULL REFUNDS! ????‍♂️

In addition, Game for Games, which is developed, has been released “PABG: Player Anime BattleGrounds” and PirateCraft, which is crafted by pirates in the world view of a square graphic rice field.

By the way, last week, the title FPS “Bigfield 2042” that has a sluggish bunny girl.

“Freakfield 2042” is scheduled to be delivered on April 2, 2022, 2012 for PC.

Chilly Steam favorite is now playable in the browser for free

The cozy pre-Christmas season starts and thus the time for peace and relaxation. A perfect game to switch off offers the Towns caper popular on Steam. From now on you can enjoy this even free of charge in the browser.

Towns caper has the highest reviews on Steam and is wonderful to the comments, to get rid of your fears, worries and your stress (Source: Steam) — and best after a hardworking day, if you want to turn off anyway. Just in the coming winter days, some likely to come a game. The best but: Towns caper is now even in the demo version for free and playable in the browser.

Towns caper is a City Builder of a special kind

In towns capers there are no problems and therefore no worries. Boring, the whole thing is not, at least if you do not expect action shooter. In the cute build-up simulation, you only choose a color, before your structure relies on building and let you surprise you, which eventually arises. Exactly: You do not choose whether you want a street or a house — that makes the game very own!

In Towns caper, it’s more about trying and watching how your fantastic city is growing. Do you want a Venice with a lot of rivers through the city or rather a Townscaper popularntic castle? Your creativity is not limited!

On Steam, the full version of Towns caper costs only 4.99 euros. If you are not sure if the game really is fun, you can now test it from now in the browser. Of course, this version of Towns caper is smaller, but do not worry — you will still experience how it comes to his spell.

A Free Townscaper Web Demo Is Available for You to Try - ( Townscaper ) - Mobile Games

Towns caper has been released in August 2021 for PC, Switch, IOS and Android. The free demo in the browser can you like to play as many times and as long as you want — it’s just trying!

Today launches a new survival game from the Dayz

The Survival game Icarus could inspire thousands of players in the beta. The next game of the Haymakers will finally start Steam. Mango tells you everything you need to know.

What is this for a game? Icarus is the new project of Haymaker Dean Hall and its Indie-Studio Rocketed and is one of the new survival games you can look forward to 2021. You play in Icarus as part of a troupe, which should explore a second earth.

The game has a dystopic sci-fi setting, mixes classic survival with some innovations that make fresh wind. For example, the time is a crucial factor. You can also be revived by your group.

In addition to the conventional survival elements, there is also the time factor that mixes the gameplay. It is the variety of skill and tech trees, which makes Icarus special. You can combine your skills in countless opportunities and experiment much.

Here you have to pass through all kinds:

Wildlife make hunting for you.
Hunger and thirst must also be taken into account in all actions.
Oxygen also goes off slowly, because the air of the planet itself is toxic.
Randomly occurring weather events make life difficult for you.

Here you can watch the E3 trailer for Icarus:

In the Survival game Icarus is time a crucial factor

For whom is worth it? Who likes survival games, should definitely take a look at the game. The game brings with some tricks of variety in the genre.

In the past, the Twitch Streamer Shroud has already become a game of play and my: Icarus has the stuff to the best survival game of the next few years.

There were also two beta phases before release. The first ran in August and could attract some thousand players. The second phase ran until the beginning of November. Unfortunately, there are no player reviews.

That makes Icarus differently than many survival games: The great goal of a round is not the settlement of the planet. On the contrary: The goal is the escape from this deadly boulders.

You have to achieve the state shuttle in a session at the agreed time, which brings you back to the orbit. If you do not create that, you will leave the planet. Such sessions can last 10 minutes, or even 48 hours.

This factor reminds a little at games like Escape from Markov. You will find you again on a hostile alien planet. Here you have to breastfeed your fundamental needs such as hunger, thirst and oxygen.

Then she builds a basis and always explores new technologies to survive until the time of pickup.

When is it going? The game starts according to the official Steam page today, on 3 December at 23 o’clock. (Via Steam)

What does the game cost? The regular price is €24.99, but is currently reduced by 10% to €22.49. We summarize for you how the game arrived in the beta phases and for whom it is worthwhile.

Icarus - Official Launch Trailer

What do you think of Icarus? Will you try it? Might you already play in the beta?

By the way, Day seems to run. The Survival virgin steam has so many players like never before — here you will find the reasons.

Try before buying with the Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition

Indie Game Hidden Gems Picks  | Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition
TSR, Inc. was an American game releasing company, best called the original publisher of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D).
When Gary Gaga can not discover an author for D&D, a new sort of game he as well as Dave Arson were co-developing, Gaga as well as Don Kaye founded Tactical Studies Policy in October 1973 to self-publish their items. Nevertheless, needing instant financing to bring their new game to market before several similar competing products were launched, Gaga as well as Kaye brought in Brian Blue in December as an equivalent companion. When Kaye dropped dead in 1975, the Tactical Studies Rules partnership restructured right into TSR Hobbies, Inc. and also accepted investment from Blue s father Melvin. With the now prominent D&D as its primary item, TSR Hobbies ended up being a significant pressure in the games industry by the late 1970s. Melvin Blue ultimately moved his shares to his various other kid Kevin, making both Blue siblings the largest shareholders in TSR Hobbies.

TSR Hobbies faced financial problems in the springtime of 1983, motivating the business to divide into four independent services, with game publishing and development continuing as TSR, Inc. (TSR). After shedding their executive positions due to the firm s underperformance, the Blue bros ultimately marketed their shares to TSR Vice President Lorraine Williams, who consequently engineered Gaga s ouster from the business in October 1985. TSR saw success under Williams, but by 1995, had fallen behind their rivals in total sales. TSR was left unable to cover its posting expenses due to a range of elements, so dealing with bankruptcy, TSR was purchased in 1997 by Wizards of the Coastline (ROTC). ROTC originally preserved use the TSR name for their D&D products, but by 2000, the TSR name was dropped, accompanying the release of the third edition of D&D.
ROTC allowed the TSR trademark to expire in the very early 2000s. 2 new business have actually considering that made use of the TSR trademark readily.

While the Xbox and the PlayStation continue to make one of the newspapers and that the main developers teach the Great Ads and the outings, the Steam market highlights the efforts of small developers and independent outfits with its autumn festival.

From October 7th and until October 13, if you visit Steam, you will be entitled to live broadcasts highlighting an upcoming independent title such as Cyanide and Happiness: FreakPocalypse — an irreverent adventure of point-clicking. Not only will the developers broadcast their games live, but they will also be available to chat during specific time slots indicated on the full steam calendar. If you have always wanted to know more about the development of games, or maybe get some tips for your own projects, it s an event that you can not afford to miss.

The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition is not only going to show you some games, the valve market offers in fact hundreds of demos free! As many of us continue to work at home or isolate because of the pandemic, it is an excellent opportunity to try new genres and see what incredible ideas the independent community is preparing. The Game Festival offers an amazing range of titles to try, the fascinating Cyberpunk Chinatown Detective Agency (perfect to help you if you wait with eagerly Cyberpunk 2077) to the wonderful 3D Pumpkin Jack platform game.

If you missed the Steam Summer Games Festival, it s the perfect opportunity to make up for lost time. There are an impressive number of games to try in 11 different genres, including horror, strategy, RPG and even virtual reality. There are so many titles that it is difficult to choose one to emphasize, but among the most intriguing titles are; The VR Zen Stargaze experience, the strategic adventure of insurmountable mountaineering and the demonic detective SIM Lucifer among us. Not only does the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition gives you the opportunity to try these unique titles, but also the opportunity to share your comments on developers (some of which are the only creators working on their games) and to be part of from the community of independent players.

What demos do you look forward to trying? Let us know in the comments.

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Linux has actually currently seen 4 months of being over 1 on the Steam Hardware Survey

Ubuntu (noticable/ ʊBʊNUː/; stylized as Ubuntu) is an operating system of free software application and open source. It is a circulation of Linux based upon Debian. It can be made use of in computers and also servers. It is oriented to the ordinary individual, with a solid focus on simplicity of usage as well as in improving the customer experience. It is made up of several software program usually dispersed under a complimentary or open source certificate. Web statistics suggest that Ubuntu s market share within Linux distributions is around 52%, as well as with a tendency to raise as a web server.
His enroller, Approved, is a British firm had by South African businessman Mark Shuttleworth. It provides the system absolutely free, as well as is financed by methods of solutions connected to the os and marketing technical assistance. Additionally, by keeping totally free as well as cost-free, the business is able to capitalize on the area programmers to improve the components of the Your operating system. Unofficially, the developer neighborhood supplies assistance for other Ubuntu derivations, with other graphic settings, such as Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Companion, Edubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Mythbuntu, Ubuntu Gnome and also Lubuntu.
Canonical, along with keeping Ubuntu, provides a server-oriented version, Ubuntu Web server, a version for business, Ubuntu Organization Desktop Remix, one for tvs, Ubuntu television, an additional variation for Ubuntu Tablet tablets, likewise Ubuntu phone and also one to utilize The workdesk from mobile phones, Ubuntu for Android.
A new variation of Ubuntu is published every 6 months. This receives assistance from Approved for nine months via safety updates, spots for critical bugs and minor program updates. LTS (Long-term Support) versions, which are launched every 2 years, obtain assistance for five years on desktop and also server systems.

Something enchanting seems happening on Steam. Not just is Linux above 1% for an additional month but we have actually now seen 4 months of it proceeding to increase. Passing our own historic statistics, this makes it the highest possible it has actually been for over 3 years as well.

When filtering to simply Linux on the Steam Hardware Survey here s the most prominent circulations:

Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS 64 bit 16.87%.
Manjaro Linux 64 bit 11.83%.
Arch Linux 64 bit 11.57%.
Pop! OS 21.04 64 bit 7.99%.
Linux Mint 20.2 64 bit 6.64%.

Are you also interested in topics related to Bit Games?

Ubuntu 21.04 64 bit 5.48%.

There s also the Steam Flatpak listed however that s a cross-distribution thing.

Linux Gamers Demolish Steam Hardware Survey
Resource -our Steam Tracker..

At first their contrast portions seemed to be comparing against August information. Valve fixed that now so they re looking best based on what they showed last month with Linux seeing a 0.08% increase.

Compared to historical data, Linux is rising drastically (relatively talking – for Linux) compared to the last few years. What is pushing this up though? That s still the big concern. It appears likely now the Steam Deck buzz as well as continued Steam Play Proton renovations just maintain drawing in brand-new users delighted by it all. If all you care about is clicking Play on Steam, points have actually never ever been this great for Linux pc gaming.

Article taken from Hardware Survey.

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