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How to get weapons batteries at Tower of Fantasy

The weapon plays a large role in Tower of Fantasy, since each weapon has a unique set of movements and skills. As a result, the collection of weapons of various rarities and its improvement are the key aspect of the development of the game. Modernization of weapons will give additional damage from attack and health, increasing your combat characteristics. However, to improve your weapons, Tower of Fantasy requires certain items known as arms batteries. They are of different rarities, and players can earn them, simply playing the game and exploring the lands of Aida. This leadership will tell you about the best sources for obtaining weapons batteries in Tower of Fantasy.

how to get batteries for weapons in Tower of Fantasy

Weapons batteries are objects used to improve your weapons in Tower of Fantasy. They come in four types of rarity: ordinary, unusual, rare and super-led. The rare the rare, the more experience it gives your weapon when it improves it. Below are all weapons batteries that you can assemble in Tower of Fantasy.

The arms battery I (ordinary) *-can be obtained from blue chests with passwords found in the open world, or as an Omnium Beacon award. They will provide 20 experience ** to your weapon.

The weapons battery II (unusual) *-can be obtained in standard banners, in the kitchen of MII and in the point of glasses, opening violet chests with passwords and completing the Selecting adventure tasks. They will provide 75 experience to your weapon.
The weapons battery III (rare) -can only be obtained in rewards for the Bounty mission or by buying them for 2 Black Gold in a weapon store. Duplicates of blue weapons from standard banners are also converted into weapons battery III. They will provide 250 experience to your weapon.
The weapons battery IV (super rare) -you can purchase for real money in the Wanderer section in the store. They will provide 1000 experience to your weapon.


how to use weapons batteries in Tower of Fantasy

As mentioned earlier, weapons batteries are used to improve your weapons. The use of these items will give additional experience to your weapons in order to increase its level and increase its characteristics. To use the weapons battery, go to the Weapon section on the menu, select the weapon from your choice and click Update. From here you can choose which weapon battery you want to use to increase the level of your weapon.

Batteries for weapons of a higher rarity give more experience for weapons. Keep in mind-the higher the level of your weapon, the more experience will be required to further increase the level. Therefore, no matter how tempting the desire to renew our weapons as soon as possible, we recommend that we preserve weapons batteries of a higher rarity for improving SR and SSR weapons.

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Tower of Fantasy Cocoritter – abilities, weapons and gameplay

In Tower of Fantasy, players are exploring the fantasy science fiction world of Aida. You control a set of characters and simulacra, participating in exciting, rapid battles. One Simulacra, which you can unlock, is Cocoritter. This may make you think about the abilities, weapons and much more Cocoritter in Tower of Fantasy.

Who is the Cocoritter in Tower of Fantasy?


Cocoritter is a simulacrum that may trust others too much. Sometimes her innocence can lead her to trouble, but she compensates for her determination to use her healing forces to save everyone who is next to her. A remarkable aspect of her appearance is two eyes of different colors.

How to get a cocoritter in Tower of Fantasy

Cocoritter will most likely be unlocked through the in-game scrap. Hotta Studio has not yet disclosed information about how the GACHA system will work, so we do not have information for this issue. We will update this leadership as soon as the relevant information appears, so be sure to return to find the answer to your question.

Tower of Fantasy Cocoritter gameplay-weapons, abilities and skills

At the moment, we still do not know the exact skills and abilities of Cocoritter, but Hotta Studio briefly teased her set. Gameplay clip through the official fantasy tower page on Twitter. Cocoritter, apparently, uses the mixture recovery , ice and also lightning attack. These include abilities with one goal and Ao-Aatika. In addition, her attacks also give her a good range of mobility.

To obtain additional information about Tower of Fantasy, read the Tower of Fantasy trailer, demonstrating the common open world and multiplayer gaming process, as well as with a viewing of Tower of Fantasy launching events before graduating in games for professionals.

LOL: Boca Juniors Gaming makes New Pampas fall and becomes a finalist of the Master Flow League

The second semifinal of the Master Flow League has a confrontation between the New Pampas team against Boca Juniors Gaming to determine what will be the second team that will reach the grand final, the fox team was dominant during the first days of the league while that Boquita remained in the middle part fighting equally to the rivals of the competition.

The first map would begin with a very tied duel from the first minutes but Hika would be the one who would show his power with Kalist to be able to conquer the line phase leaving the poorly stopped rivals, playing better the fights per team the situation little Soon it became in favor of the mouthpiece that would close things in the first map in his favor after minute 42.

The second contest began differently with a team of Boca Juniors that was more aggressive from the beginning to be able to tame the rivals from the beginning, new account Hika Being able to have a good positioning of new has Kalista to wear the life of the rivals getting closing the stage more quickly and putting the 2-0.

A third map that was a little more even at the beginning thanks to the control of the upper lane that proposed pampas but and would end up unbalanced thanks again to Hika who became a Kalista master with his deployment of skill that It shows its great management of the new account champion to be able to make the rivals fall several times leaving the series in favor of Boquita.

It concludes with a forceful 3-0 in favor of the Boca Juniors Gaming team. the region which will represent them in Promo/relegation to seek ascent to maximum competition lla.

MHA: The secret is explained behind the new Todoroki technique

My Hero Academia is increasingly approaching the climax of the franchise, with exceptional fights between the most powerful heroes and villains within this fantastic universe. And although one might think that the characters will not continue to develop, it is not so, since recently Todoroki liberated a new technique, which now has an explanation.

In the previous chapter he had initiated the final fight between Todoroki and dabi, and it was revealed that Shoto had developed his version of the Flashfire fist, but he was fighting to heat it to the same type of speed as Dhabi was destroying his body. It is there that the character discovered how to merge his powers harmoniously and efficiently.

Episode number 352 of the manga puts to Todoroki to comment that although it is difficult to maintain that form for a long time, he discovered how to raise his dad’s original technique using his heart to use his left side and right at the same time. This creates a cold flame that allows you to balance the blood at a balanced temperature so that it does not get out of control.

This leads to Todoroki to a new level, having the possibility of being along with other beings with which he had no chance before, becoming one of the most outstanding students of his generation. Although for many it would not be such a big surprise, since in the first chapters he proved to be a genius in all aspects that a hero entails.

Todoroki's ULTIMATE ATTACK Finally Ends the Fight?! / My Hero Academia Chapter 352

In news related to heroes. In the last installment of One-Punch Man a fairly monstrous form of Garou, the current enemy of Saitama. If you want to know his appearance, we invite you to click on the following link.

Mmorpg Tower of Fantasy Mumorpg Mum

The developers of the MMORPG Tower of Fantasy published a new short trailer in which they introduced players with four vehicles available in the game to move on land. All of them are designed to facilitate and accelerate travel through a fairly large game world. Players will be able to get at their disposal a motorcycle, robot-kony, two-legged fur and something flying above the surface of the earth. You can find the video below.

MMORPG News: Mandalorian MMO, Tower of Fantasy Beta, MMOs Shut Down, Lost Ark

Tower of Fantasy is available right now on personal computers and mobile devices running iOS and Android in China. The global version of the project is currently at the stage of closed beta testing, and its release is expected before the end of this year.

Diablo 4 has more than 150 dungeons

The Diablo development team will share the development status of Diablo 4, according to the plan to share the status of the Diablo 4, followed by a previously published character art, sound design, game system and item system, etc. This time this time, I was released.

In this update, with Diablo 4 game director Cho Shelley Greetings, the Art Director Chris Rider, including Diablo 4 developers, to create Gothic Horror Fantasy art, which is aimed to create Gothic Horror Fantasy Art, I have been focusing on the background art that gives an approach and an immersive sense.

Over a 150 dungeons to be part of Diablo 4 with new tile technology

Diablo 4, which will be the darkest and realistic work of the Diablo series, is aiming to express reality than simulating reality in background art. To this end, the Diablo 4 development team establishes two central axes called ‘old masters’ and ‘darkness’, and the techniques that old painters used by the old painters such as the abstained detailed description and the hue, I made a dark medieval Gothic world. In addition, when the rain falls, the ground is wet and the wheel of the wheel and the water that the water is in the middle of the earth, and the earth is a more realistic and vivid atmosphere, and to make a more realistic and vivid atmosphere.

This update introduced the first open world of Diablo series, divided into five interesting areas. In a distinctive plain, the Art Team and Design Team of Diablo 4 are meticulously implemented, It was designed to be as follows to the background story, such as a dynamic artifacts such as a net that shaken to the waves, and a dynamic artifacts such as a net that are drying on the market. Another object that can be interactive and destructive also appears in the environment.

In addition, in order to implement more than 150 random dungeon content of Diablo 4, the environmental art is classified as a tile set, and it is freely combined with various buildings, interactive, and light source, and creating a dungeon in a variety of flexible and effective manner I could do it. In a dungeon, a new tile set of new tile sets to connect two tiles to each other also introduced. Return the sculpture to the hole in the wall, and you can experience various areas, ecosystems, and culture of Diablo without heterogeneity.

Detailed updates associated with the background of the background of the dark gothic medieval settings are available in the background of the background that will be introduced into the world of the dangerous sanctuary, and can be found on the Diablo official website and can be seen in advance as images.

For more information on Diablo 4, see the official website and press center.

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