100 Doors Hell Prison Escape Level 14 - Walkthrough
Developer’s Metal Head Games announced on March 21, prison escape ADV “Back to THE DAWN” demo version to start delivery from March 24th. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). The product version will be released in 2023 by planning to support Japanese language. The horror game is transmitted.

“Back to the Dawn” is an adventure game that aims to escape from prison. The hero’s Thomas is a journalist. He is beaten by reporting his truth in the report, and is imprisoned to prison. Thomas will move out for his own innovation and prison escape, in 21 days spending in severe prison. In addition, it seems that the future of the Tomas Tomas is just the future of the city.

The characteristics of this work are that the protagonists are, of course, to prisoners and guards, are “animals”. The main character seems to be a fox, and I drinking other than a middle-aged panda, an alpaca that tends to see a hallucination, and unicorn characters such as Unicorn also appeared. Such people (?) There is a background or story in each, and it seems that there is also a content that can be enjoyed. Hard-boiled settings and wild atmosphere are the view of the world where the love is visible.

In addition, a RPG growth system is incorporated into this work. In the game image, scenes such as scenes that are considered to obtain skill points through activities, and scenes such as skill checks waving dice. It seems to be a mechanism that can pursue a play style according to player’s preferences, such as hard foxes that talks about in fists and large thieves that will cause unequaled marsh. The player lifts a prison and goes to a shaba, so he will find active routes using bribery, scaling, triggering, stealing and all means. Through high degree of freedom, the system will spin your own stories.

In the demo version, you can enjoy the game play on the first day spent in the prison. In addition to AC systems and search elements with NPC characters, most game features such as the growth system of the protagonist can be tried. In addition, prior to information disclosure for English speaking, this work was communicating information on the Chinese platform such as Weibo and Bilibili. Developer Metal Head Games is less information, but it is seen as a Chinese indie lederoper. I would like to expect new information, including demo version, whether this work of a unique view of the world is becoming a work.

“Back to the Dawn” Demo version is scheduled to be delivered from March 24 to PC (Steam). The product version will be released in 2023 by planning to support Japanese language.