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Hanging on the screen Entrance to the System in Destiny 2 – how to fix

Since players strive to complete the triumphs necessary for the new title of iron lord in fate 2 stumbled upon another checkpoint. Earlier today, the service was affected due to the problem that turned off most Destiny 2. This led to the fact that many were disconnected from the game, and also lost access to many sites using the API provided by Bungie.

According to the official Bungie Help account on Twitter, this specific problem was resolved. However, many guards still cannot enter the system. Unfortunately, at present, players cannot do anything except to be patient . The Bungie team is working hard to restore the service, and it will be launched as soon as possible.

The past week was stormy for Bungie and Destiny 2. Iron Banner was released with the new regime, Rift, and it was not perceived positively. Add many errors that affect progress in mode, and a specific triumph that requires ignoring the team game, and everything can definitely be better.

It is never easy when a game with a living service fails. This is especially true when the game has a planned event that quickly comes to an end. Despite this, it should be remembered that the Bungie team is people, and they should be treated with kindness and respect. In connection with this forced break, we all must go outside and touch the grass.

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Destiny 2: Find & redeem opulent keys

In our guide to the opulent keys in Destiny 2 you can find out:

  • How you get opulent keys
  • Where you can find the right chests on the Leviathan
  • What you receive as a reward

The notorious Leviathan returns to Destiny 2 with the season of the usual season-but not in the form of the raid, but as a freely explored open world. The opulent keys represent a core mechanics of the new area. In this guide, we tell you everything important about the consumption objects.

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how do I get opulent keys and where can I farm them?

You can get the opulent key from several sources on the Leviathan:

  • Targetary chests
  • Mini event chests
  • Reward for the intersection event

The best way to farm opulent keys is the target location in one area and to take part in the small mini events that take place again and again.

To do this, equip a treasureman mod in your mind, which shows you chests in the surrounding area and pays attention to the text advertisements on the left edge of the screen, which announce the mini-events.

In the pleasure gardens , for example, a mini event takes place directly under the large Calus statue (let yourself fall into the hole). The other mini event in the pleasure gardens can be found in a cave opposite the large statue. You can see the entrance to the cave on the rock wall on the white light beam, which shines from the cave into the room.

Attention : You can only have an opulent key in the inventory at the same time. As soon as you have a key, use it immediately, otherwise you cannot receive any other keys.

Where can I find the right chests for the keys?

Each key fits a very specific opulent chest on the Leviathan. Take a look at the key in the inventory to get a reference to the location of the chest.

There are a total of six different chests **-three in the pleasure gardens and three in the royal baths. The golden chests are quite easy to find, the best way to run the areas on the edge, so you shouldn’t miss any chest.

Reddit user Larryjean even made a map with all locations . The purple area are the royal baths, the green area the pleasure gardens. The yellow dots on the map represent the chests.


Derelict Levi Map 5.0

What can I get out of the chests?

From the chests you can get one of four of the name opulent weapons -Falkner, urge (baroque), Calus mini tool or loved. In contrast, the merger rifle “gourmet” and the “fixed opportunities” machine gun only get from the new dungeon “Duality”.

There is also a chance that one of the weapons with deep views (red frame) and thus a blueprint to crafting the weapon-you need five blueprints per weapon. So it is worth farming opulent keys.

TIP : Get the crown of suffering in H.E.L.M. The upgrade “opulent deep view”. This gives you a deep view weapon from your first opulent chest every week.

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How to get a Divinity Trace rifle in Destiny 2

To get the Divinity Trace rifle in Destiny 2, you need to go to lunar battlefield during patrol activities on the moon. You can find the lunar battlefield in the place shown below. During patrolling in this area, you will need to kill VEX enemies. This will launch the quest “Divine Fragmentation.”

The end Divine fragmentation quest will reward you with a rifle of the divine trace in Destiny 2. As soon as you start the quest Divine fragmentation in Destiny 2, you must go to Nessus. On Nessus you will need to scan oracles in the following lost sectors:

  • Orreri
  • The ghost of the ancients
  • Mergers

You can find all three lost sectors on Nessus in places noted in the image below. After scanning all three oracles, you will need to get 120 decryption nuclei . You can get 120 nuclei of the decryption by killing enemies-fibers. We recommend that we return to the moon and perform tasks involving hordes of enemies-fibers to get 120 decryption nuclei. After receiving 120 nuclei of the decryption, you will need to get 30 ghostly fragments, killingnightmare enemies *.

Having earned the necessary 30 ghostly fragments, you will receive an enhanced decryption core that will lead you to the last step. The last step is to complete the Raid “Salment Garden”. During the Salment Garden raid, you will also need to solve all seven puzzles. The completion of all seven puzzles demand six players , so we recommend gathering a group of six friends to help solve the raid puzzles. This guarantees that you will receive a Divinity Trace Rifle rifle after the raid is completed.

What is the Divinity Trace Destiny 2 rifle 2

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: How to Get Divinity - Raid Exotic Trace Rifle
The rifle of the divine trace is an exotic weapon that causes damage to an arc. Divinity also has the following bonuses:

Judgment: * This perk weakens the damage from Dinwiti’s weapons and destroys enemies.
Particle repeater: This perk limits the return.
polygonal rifting: This perk adds a decrease in return.

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Destiny 2 endures “practically enormous damage” on YouTube – now Bungie took legal action against the scammers

What is concrete? As we reported last week, well-known content creator on YouTube, such as Paul Tarsi, My Name IS Byf and Aztecross have remarkably copyright strikes for their “Destiny 2” video clips.

Together with Google, the made use of account was ultimately shut off. At the exact same time, bungie created the deactivations as well as copyright warnings to be turned around, and revealed repercussions. It is intended to discover the scammers of the action and also to make up account.

We understand a variety of copyright deactivations on YouTube, as well as we analyze the energetic. These consist of content on our very own bungie channels. These actions are not taken on request from Bungie or our companions. Please await future updates.

composed Bungie through Twitter

** Last week, Indestiny 2 ended up being a massive copyright strike. A number of content creators were punished with DMCA messages due to the fact that of their Destiny content, also bungie themselves.

The area ridges perplexed why the Maker of Destiny 2 all of a sudden falls its finest content makers so the DEB in the back as well as although the use of music, possessions and also video product for non-commercial content development has actually always been permitted.

In the TWAB, Bungie continued to clarify: The following description and info on the occurrences was bungie after that in the regular Twab (” This Week at Bungie” Blog Site). You take this point very seriously and have found that the deactivation notices have been sent out from a deceitful Google Account. This was clearly so well done that it imitated the anti-piracy companion of Bungie CSC-Global.

Yet Bungie understood absolutely nothing of absolutely nothing: Quickly afterwards, Bungie shared on Twitter that neither the developer itself neither his partner was accountable for the DMCA blocks (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Bungie was also influenced on its own.

Bungie intends to cheats of the copyright strike on the collar

Many thanks to Youtube’s simple coverage system, the strike was a success, and video clips were gotten rid of on the basis of deceptive coverage and Youtubern was approved, copyright cautions’, which threatens the future feasibility of their YouTube channels based on the Youtube rules.

Passage from the suit of Bungie

In addition, Bungie needed to spend considerable internal resources to tackle the trouble as well as help his gamers when recovering their networks and video clips.

The online search engine giant already consented to make improvements in the future in his system to make sure that something no much longer occurs.

For the designer this is not long lasting: Destiny 2 has actually been offered for many years by Content Creator on YouTube as well as on other channels. Given that Destiny 2 can be bet totally free, the videos from the area for several years has motivated other players to check out the contents of the ego shooter. This is for bungie factor sufficient to take this attack on the light shoulder and to shield his honest area currently with all means.

Bungie first exercised objection of Google and YouTube. It is way also very easy to make such phony alerts. When Google denied the surrender of the information, Bungie submitted an issue in the USA, which Google will certainly compel it.

Destiny 2 suffers “almost incalculable damage” on YouTube: Especially due to the fact that this “bungie for evident reasons has brought upon significant reputation and financial damage”, as the developer defines this. And also you also locate that “the Destiny neighborhood was puzzled and irritated since they thought that Bungie had actually broken a guarantee to permit gamers to build their own streaming areas and YouTube channels for Destiny 2-content. “That’s why this is not enjoyable for bungie.

Bungie suspects retention and possibly knows the guilty

According to the lawsuit, the implicated for deceptiveness needs to also have submitted a DMCA report against their own YouTube account, so you can look at them as a target and not as a wrongdoer.

Bungie sees the culprits apparently currently: Ought to Google reveal the senders and hence transform out that the Youtuber rightfully secured by Bungie are accountable for the DMCA strike sent out in very early March as their individual event act, the listing of charged in fact can really Rapid be restricted.

For instance, one sent out plumped messages to the total of 41 afflicted content creator. The authentic and also initial Gmail address utilized for the deactivations of the videos was a scam.

How does Bungie get on it? This procedure was done since certainly one of the accused after the incident sent out e-mails to the influenced Youtuber, where he indirectly confessed them to his participation in the content strikes and at the exact same time asked forgiveness.

BUNGIE SUES | Destiny Dev Puts YouTube on BLAST - A Legal Look (VL649)
As currently understood, Bungie sees a type of revenge war the franchise business in this case. It is thought that YouTube individuals that were impacted by previous, genuine DMCA strikes have decided to give bungie “a lesson”. This need to then be completed by a wave of deceptive DMCA messages under the name “Bungie Inc.”.

He made YouTube and bungie accountable for abuses of the system, such as that not sufficiently replied to the formerly sent, phony message. On top of that, it is hired the claimed e-mail:

This insight is sadly as well late: At the present time, however, Bungie has no passion in this apology. With the activity to send out deceitful DMCA messages, you have spread “essential offenses”, which has a case for damages.

[…] I recognize that rarely something means something, yet I apologize to you and also all others who were influenced by my egoist activities. You have every right to be upset with me. My goal was to bring bungie to see the fake content strikes and also stop them. That’s all.

The brand names of Bungie Inc. were wounded below in deceitful objective. By removing the videos of YouTube containing copyrighted bungie content, the business was also violated to authorize the public discussion and personal appeal of its copyrighted works. Furthermore, it also represents allegations of company aspersion and also offenses of the Washington Consumer Security Act.

How serious it implies bungie hence reveals the claim for damages from the application:

Exactly how do you also find the journey idea to draw focus to an issue regarding an illegal DMCA content strike as well as after that apologize by email for those influenced? How would you respond to such “colleagues” as a content creator?

A number of content designers were penalized with DMCA messages due to the fact that of their Destiny content, even bungie themselves. In the TWAB, Bungie proceeded to make clear: The next description as well as info on the occurrences was bungie after that in the weekly Twab (” This Week at Bungie” Blog Site). Destiny 2 endures “practically enormous damage” on YouTube: Especially because this “bungie for noticeable reasons has actually brought upon significant track record as well as financial damages”, as the programmer defines this. My goal was to bring bungie to see the fake content strikes and stop them. By removing the videos of YouTube consisting of copyrighted bungie content, the firm was also gone against to accept the public presentation and charisma of its copyrighted jobs.

Therefore, Bungie is qualified to damages and ventilatory cases, including boosted statutory damages in the quantity of $ 150,000 (135,672 euros) for any kind of deceitful deactivation notice, which purposefully breached Bungie copyrights.

Passage from the activity of Bungie (by means of

What do you state? Is bungie on the proper way to put the frauds the craft or can you locate the procedure also hard? Just how did you have traded?

The copyright strike or the basic barring of a video was a disaster especially for the content creator. They needed to fear their source of income, due to the fact that the reality that they are permitted to utilize components of bungie has constantly supported them at their job. Bungie wants to avoid something in the future with the action, but will not talk about the cases of the dispute.

Destiny 2: All hollow grenades, ranked

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen presents the processing of Void 3.0, which changes the subclass to work as well as Stasis. This means that the players will no longer be limited only by three empty grenades and instead will have access to all six empty grenades, regardless of their chosen class. Here are all empty grenades in Destiny 2 and how they are ranked apart.

It is difficult to compare different types of grenades with each other, as they all work in different ways. For example, one pomegranate may have the highest common damage, but its DPS is the lowest of all. Therefore, we will rank these grenades on that they actually make as well as overall performance in the game.

Below are the six ranked void grenades. From the worst to the better :

All Subclass Grenades Ranked in a Tier List | Destiny 2

  1. Vortex pomegranate – This pomegranate is not really a bad performer. It inflicts solid damage for five seconds and within four meters radius. Nevertheless, this grenade simply sounds medium; It is not very bad, but not very good.
  2. Sicky pomegranate – **** Sweet pomegranate looks like a vortex grenade in the fact that it causes periodic damage around the region – the difference is that this pomegranate creates a damage cone covering 12 meters, and causes a little bigger damage over time.
  3. Magnetic grenade – Magnetic grenade captures the enemy and sticks to it, blowing twice, inflicting damage. This pomegranate is good with its ability to track enemies, but this can make it unpredictable, and her damage is not as high as other options.
  4. Scatter grenade – Scatter Grenade stands out that he can kill enemies with one shot in PvP. In addition, the pomegranate is rather impermanent and often can lead to a very small damage on the intended purpose, if all smaller grenades are not fixed.

  5. Empty garnet – this is another grenade, which eventually causes damage to enemies. However, this is a significant improvement in comparison with the grenades of Vortex and Spike, as they cause much larger damage both initially and over time on a 10-meter line.

  6. Aksion Bolt – This pomegranate is really standing out in PVP situations. He sends a bolt that will look for enemies within a radius of 14 meters. This means that the grenade is quite indulgent and will follow the enemy for five seconds before disappearing. She also has the lowest cooldown among all pomegranate emptiness – just a minute and a half.
  7. Overwhelming pomegranate – These grenades are perhaps the most durable grenades in all destiny. They can apply a huge damage by direct hit, and they have the ability to bounce from the floor or wall before hitting the enemy. They have an eight meter explosion radius in combination with a suppression mechanic that turns off the use of your class’s abilities.

So, you have it, it is all volatile grenades ranked on the worst for the better. Update Void 3.0, no doubt, will add more flexibility to the subclass, and we will not wait to see which builds are created using various grenades that are now available for all classes.

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Destiny 2: The witch king in the test – worth it (again

Destiny 2 has received the annual great extension with The Witch Queen. This time everything revolves around the eponymous saddle king Savathûn, who for a long time in the background forged their dark plans. What expects everything and for whom a (re-) entry is worthwhile, you will learn in our FAQ test.

briefly said: That’s new!

  • New Story campaign (about 8 hours) plus side quests
  • New Location: Savathûn’s throne world
  • Weapon Crafting
  • New weapon type: Glefe
  • New opponent type: light carrier
  • New Raid in March
  • Two new strikes and new endgame activity “Urquell”
  • Revision of all empty classes

Before it goes on, you can watch a trailer for the Destiny 2 extension here again:

What’s it?

In Witch Queen everything revolves around the antagonist Savathûn and their crowd. The problem: The Destiny fans well-known goddess of lies has managed to steal the light, so the energy that gives the guardians to their magical forces. Some of their subordinates can therefore use the same skills as we – including revival! Of course, that makes them a threat to staying.


Throne world 1 throne world 2 throne world 3 throne world 4 throne world 5


is witch queen something for single player fans?

As always, you can tackle the missions alone or in the operational squad with up to three playing ones. Depending on the number of opponents and difficulty are adjusted. In addition, this time there is the new legendary level of difficulty for all missions that offers playback value. Multiple passes are playfully useful, because if you finish all the missions on legendary, there are special rewards that are really a good incentive.

Witch Queen is one of the best campaigns that existed in the Destiny Universe so far and makes even The Taken King from Destiny 1 competition. That’s because it really feels like a coherent story, which is almost exclusively based on classic missions. Bungie does not send us this time on Grinding Tour to kill “100 opponents with weapon x”. The story passes ahead and feels more about a normal solo campaign than all other campaigns before. In addition, it can be noticeably more extensive with 8 hours on the normal degree of difficulty when it is used to destiny fans.

The story is a great strength. The plot is exciting and benefits for fans of the game from the continuous storytelling of the past Seasons, as several story threads are satisfactorily merged. Especially towards the end, the staging attracts and makes a thrilling barrel despite a satisfactory end, from which Destiny 2 can draw a lot.

As far as the content is out of campaign missions, Destiny remains true. If the game principle as a singleplayer fan has closed to you so far, you must make yourself with yourself if a good campaign with at least 8 hours of playing time and optionally a second pass is worth 40 euros. Other great innovations such as weapon crafting is first unfold if you really invest in the latege.

I’m completely out – worth it (again) entry?

One of the biggest problems of Destiny 2 is the beginner friendliness. New or recurring players * inside are gladly overwhelmed by terms, activities and the patch-type narration style. That could threaten you with Witch Queen, because the basic construction and the quest system do not change.

However, bungie tries to meet newcomers something. For example, the story campaign is clearer this time and this also benefits beginners. The above-mentioned, very classic construction without grind trips between the individual missions is much less confusing. There are smaller improvements in the UI. In the revised empty capabilities, now e.g. Important Gameplay effects such as “suppress” explains well visible.

However, gross story knowledge is helpful to the Destiny Universe. If you do not know who the traveler is and what it has with the light, there could be understanding problems. Deeper lore knowledge than that does not need to be able to follow the action.

Basically, Witch Queen is a good entry point , as the campaign is pleasant through the basic mechanics and offers exciting, classic missions, as you know it from other story shooters. Weapon crafting, exotic quests and the bonds to Loot can be completely unauthorized first left and focus on the missions instead.

What changes at the gameplay?

The normal shooter gameplay changes mainly through the new gun genre “Glefe” and the revised empty classes. Both do not revolutionize Destiny 2, but ensures more variety.

Glefen offer a mixture of strong melee attacks, ranged weapon and shield. You have to find your place in the meta in the next few weeks and months, but for the beginning you feel pleasantly fresh and make fun if your enemies like to look near the eyes.

The new empty classes no longer work on the previous three paths with predetermined PERK combinations. Instead, the system is used, which was introduced 2021 with Stasis. We can put together our super, skills and individual properties a lot of individual. Some skills were also changed or are completely new. Even experienced empty fans have something to tinker again. While there are experienced players or criticism of balancing the Hunter, which continues to miss strong support capabilities for the entire team compared to Warlocks and Titans, but they will hardly notice something in normal PVE activities, Gambit and PVP.

Grinden annoys me. Helps the weapons crafting?

Destiny 2 is primarily a Loot Shooter, and Grinden, so the lengthy hunt for the perfect weapon or armor belongs to the agenda. That also changes with the witch king little, but will be softened.

For some of the new weapons, such as the brosses, you can find construction plans during the game. If you have got one of them, it’s relicing, the new “weapons making machine”. Here you can create a basic version of the respective weapon. At the beginning you have only a few perks and properties to choose from. To unlock the entire range of ways, your kills will have to make your weapon and increase your level. So here is also a topic here, but just with a concrete goal and not based on pure happiness. This motivates.

Perfectly balanced, the whole thing is not yet. On the one hand, because the amount of resonance resources that you need to crap have a noticeable low maximum in the inventory. On the other hand, because the improved perks, which are supposed to lift out self-made weapons, are hardly worth mentioning.

The relic is potentially enormous help for those who are on the ideal “God Roll”. Especially with rare weapons, it can be extremely frustrating, for example, if one repeats a seasonal strike again and again and repeatedly, but the beloved palindrome revolver simply does not drop with the desired perks. The mentioned problems can be solved well by patch in the theory, so bungie wants.

Be warned in front of the Vault!

At the end of 2020, the “Destiny Content Vault” was introduced. Behind this virtual vault hides the fact that bungie has begun to remove selected content from the game and set to ice for the time being. The reason is first traceable: Destiny 2 became too big. This not only concerned the necessary storage space, but also the mass of content, which made the game even more confusing than it is already. Especially since Destiny 2 should be supplied with new extensions for more than many years, bungie must be masked.

The Witch Queen Campaign Lore for Dummies, Destiny 2 | Myelin Games

However, this year, it also affects the Wirtbuch and its campaign, which came with the paid Forsaken enlargement 2018. So content was taken from the game, which cost all money. Whether, when and in whatever form the timeling returns, can not be said. That’s exactly where content from Witch Queen could be threatened in the future. The wirb bay was active in the game for over three years. Good possible that the throne world could have a similar expiration date – unless bungie finds an alternative solution. That would be pure speculation at this time.

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