Hosted by Busan Metropolitan City and co-hosted by the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency and the two companies of the Loud Corporation, the 3rd round of the 7th round of the 7th Korean Japan and Japan match was held at Busan e-Sports Stadium on August 15.

The tournament was held offline by inviting Japanese players who had only participated online at Corona 19, and the tournament was sold out.

The competition is a five-to-five team, consisting of two rounds, the first round was won and the second round was an entry game. In the case of a one-on-one situation, it was the final game of the third round.

In the first round, the ‘knee’, which participated in the third set, finished with all five Japanese players, and the second round was won by the Japanese team with a set score of 3 to 2. Later, in the last ace match, Korea’s representative ‘knee’ Bae Jae-min won the Japanese representative ‘Pinya’ Yamaguchi Shinya.

After the end of the tournament, a fan meeting was held for two hours with Korean and Japanese players. In addition, live broadcasts recorded 7.3 million simultaneous viewers in Korea, attracting attention online.

Chung Moon-seop, director of the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, said, It was meaningful to enjoy the hot cheering site with many audiences as it was held offline, which was only online. I will make my best to do it. Meanwhile, TEN is planning a Valorant Korea-Japan War at the end of September.