In an eventless first half, the same thing happened again and the households from Paris pushed the ball in their own rows back and forth, but found no solutions against a disciplined Nice-eleven. The guests seemed satisfied with the 0: 0 and did not make real institutions, offensive to become active.

Mbappé de retour au PSG

Paris ideally

The best possibilities of the first 45 minutes dismissed betratti (23.) and Draxler (31.), but both degrees remained comparatively safe. So the level ranging was 0: 0 in the break.

After the side change, little changed at the gameplay: Paris continued to dominate, but remained largely harmless. The best chance for the pochettino-eleven had betratti, who was just 15 meters just missed the goal (68.). On the other side Kluivert had twice the lead on the foot, but was always disturbed at the last second (48., 85.).

Mbappé lies winning goal

Over the distance of the second half, the game played in the midfield, no team came to significant scoring chances. The only highlight Kylian Mbappé was replaced and came to his 200th obligatory match for the Parisians. The striker even succeeded in the final phase almost the winner, his degree from a pointed angle roamed but only the lath (90. + 2). So it was still 0: 0 after 90 minutes, the game went directly into the penalty shootout.

Draxler trembles him in – Dante Naughty – Bulka parrines crucial

After transforming Schneiderlin, Messi, Todibo, Mbappé and Atal Sovereign, it was paredes, who made the first miscalculus. However, Delort also missed the guidance for Nice, Donnarumma parished in the right corner.

The following shooters met without major problems, even if a luck was luck with Draxler’s loose shot. Ex-Bundesliga defender Dante even turned with a cheeky lifter. Finally, it was Bulka, who decided the game: Nizza Keeper scratched the shot of Simon’s right corner, secured his team so the move into the quarterfinals and did not muse Mbappé his juberium game, but PSG also the title defense.