The RTT (Road to the Knockout), or in Portuguese, Way to the knockout , is the second event to improve card improvement in FIFA 23, after the One to Watch. RTTK letters can receive improvements according to club performance in European competitions.

RTTK players are in the three continental competitions. Most are from Champions League, but there are also letters from Europe League and Conference League. Special letters can receive up to two upgrades:

  • 1 upgrade if the team wins two of the last three group stage games of the respective competition
  • 1 upgrade if the team qualifies to the knockout of the respective competition

As four rounds have already been played, some letters just need another victory to win the first upgrade. Who has seen their team to tie or lose in the last round, need the club win the remaining two matches to receive the first improvement?

FIFA 23: RTT (Road to the Knockout)-Camino to the knockout

RTT UEFA Champions League

Messi * -92-PSG-1 million and 160 thousand coins
Aubameyang -89-CHELSEA-520 thousand
Müller -88-Bayern-38 thousand
FOD EN * -88-MANCHESTER City-340 thousand
Sure -87-Dortmund-23 thousand
Valverde -87-Reald Madrid-700 thousand
Schick * -87-leverkusen-20 thousand
Lamar -86-Athletic of Madrid-105 thousand
Refined -86-Barcelona-226 thousand
emen * -86-Javentus-77 thousand
Kulusevksi -85-Tottenham-SBC already expired
Donate -85-Liverpool-200 thousand
João * Mário -85-Benfica-SBC around 38 thousand (until 20/01/23)
Goes -84-Inter-Objective Weekly already expired
Rambo Anguish -84-Napoli-54 thousand
* Banner -84-Milan-SBC already expired


Regard * -85-Arsnal-87 thousand coins
Terrier -85-rennes-12.5 thousand
Savior -85-PSV-SBC around 15 thousand (until 01/20/23)
Simon * -82-nantes-11 thousand


RTT UEFA conference league

Gerard Moreno * -87 villarreal-21 thousand coins
Lucas Parquet -85-West Ham-162 thousand
One -83-fiorentina-14 thousand