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Corner, header, gate: Arsenal wins with heads at West Ham

Hammers coach David Moyes changed to five positions after the 1-2 semi-final in the semi-final of the Europa League against Eintracht Frankfurt: Fabianski, Fredericks, Coufal, Noble and Benrahma began for Arenola, Johnson, the blocked Dawson, Soucek and Antonio.

Mikel Areteta changed his star formation at Arsenal after the 3-1 against Manchester United Dreissen: Tomiyasu, Holding and Martinelli replaced Cedric, White and Smith Rowe.

first round takes up late drive

Both teams acted compact in the first round against the ball and were well organized, the teams neutralized over long distances. The only noteworthy goal approach initially remained a quick counterattack West Hams, which culminated in a blocked attempt by Lanzinis (30th).

Afterwards, however, the game took off and Nketiah demanded Fabianski before Holding used the following corner kick to take the lead (38th). For their part, the hammers narrowly missed the immediate answer after a corner ball when Ramsdale reacted against Rice Gut (40th). Nevertheless, before the break whistle, the home side managed to equalize by Bowen, who equalized with the last action before half -time (45th).

After the change of sides, the hosts dominated and had significantly more of the ball. The first highlight was achieved by the Gunners, who repeatedly took the lead after a corner kick, which this time Gabriel completed (54.). After the second goal, Arsenal moved to counterattacks and let West Ham came.

Gunners play double head and miss the decision

With the majority of the ball, however, the hammers knew not to start, while the guests kept settling stitches. Due to this Nketiah missed the preliminary decision twice: First he narrowly missed the goal in the 72nd minute before Fabianski was able to parry a little later (79.). West Ham, on the other hand, no longer managed to challenge Ramsdale, it remained 2-1 for Arsenal.

On Thursday (9 p.m.), the Europa League second leg will take place in Frankfurt for West Ham, next Saturday (3 p.m.) will continue in the league near Norwich. At the same time, the Gunners received fourth place, Kellerkind Leeds.

Twitch tournament by 92,000 EUR to Rust will be aborted very early – Victor calls losers “Weissier”.

How should the tournament be running? For two days, players should make it through in the survival shooter specially developed for the tournament in the survival shooter and also battle.

What is this for a tournament? Twitch Rivals is a tournament series that is straightened directly by Twitch. These are primarily events to play in games, which are preferred on Twitch, yet essentially do not have their own e-sport scene. At Twitch Rivals, not only E-athletes, yet additionally all sort of Selection streamer play. Specifically the high cash prize is additionally readily available at Twitch Rivals.

The teams need to accumulate as several resources as feasible as well as at the very same time construct their bases and materials. Lastly, it ought to come to the ultimate duel, where both groups try to strike the opponent basis.

The banner were split into 2 groups: North American banner with DisguisedToast as Captain, as well as AlexBy1s’s team. He led Banner from Spain and Latin America.

A 48-hour “Twitch Rivals” tournament Zurust promised $ 100,000 reward money. Great names like XQC, Shadow and DisguisedToast played with. Yet a Spanish team complained loud and also typically. The tournament was then stopped early. One of the champions of the tournament, XQC, calls the losers “Soyboys”, soft eggs.

The most recent “Twitch Rivals” tournament to Rust was just one of the biggest so much. $ 100,000, so about 92.500 EUR, there was to win. At the beginning, Streamer dimensions such as XQC, disguisedtoeast and shroud were.

Spanish banner felt unreasonable and disrespectfully dealt with

** What happened instead? On the second day, the information came that the tournament was broken off.

Spanish-speaking banners really felt disrespectfully dealt with

Factor for these problems was that the Spanish players with the moment areas had a clear downside contrasted to the banners from North America. This format is as necessary unfair to the gamers from Europe. On top of that, the group from North America must have shown an “unpleasant disrespect”.

Why was the tournament quit? Currently on the first day of the tournament there was a large dispute.

When XQC has noticed these pain, he had clear words to the Spanish banner:

You can literally log in if you are on the Fittest, while most of us sleep. They might literally assault our base in the last 3 hrs as well as just get $ 100,000.

But instead, they most likely to Twitter, groaning the admins, shouting in the chat, shouting in the stream, and fulfill in the small one to offer up just how mixing. Who to the heck increased these jerks? Such soft-rinsed loose, God in paradise.

XQC in stream

Just what brought about the tournament demolition, as well as whether the group has actually abandoned around Alexby11 is not clear. However the coordinators of Twitch Rivals have also assured changes with the statement from the tournament demolition:

” We have actually listened to the feedback of the area and will in future be much more plainly developing the guidelines to stay clear of complication, score the format and reconsider scheduling for worldwide events.”

Have you looked at the Twitch Rivals to Corrosion? Had the Spanish streamer right, or is your rather XQC?

A 48-hour “Twitch Rivals” tournament Zurust promised $ 100,000 reward money. What is this for a tournament? Twitch Rivals is a tournament series that is straightened straight by Twitch. Why was the tournament quit? ** Currently on the very first day of the tournament there was a huge dispute.

Another renowned character on Twitch has actually additionally altered plans. Amouranth has actually revealed not to be e-girl any longer:
Streamerin Amouranth does not wish to be e-girl any longer, reveals terrific change on Twitch

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