Most recently, RB Salzburg, the eighth-finish opponent of Bayern in the Champions League, Philipp Kohn enjoyed the gate and enjoyed the trust of the German coach Matthias Visible.

So far a game has been completed

However, experts Kohn do not certify the best services in the first round, also Hassle fags the competition in preparation for the second half of the second half, has officially not stated. My goal is to be number 1 here in Salzburg, says Mantle and emphasizes: I have accepted the competition here from the beginning, evolving and knows what I can. The knowledge of my teammates. However, Mantle announced this season only a game in the Austrian league for the leadership.


To a change due to the current reservist role, Mantle does not think despite various inquiries, rather he wants to be number 1 in the long term. I feel very comfortable since my change. The club and the environment are perfect for my further development, he says.

If you give me a hundred percent in every workout, you also want to play.

Nico Mantle

From him speak self-confidence and conviction to pack it as soon as possible. Preferably already in the second half and thus also in the duels with FC Bayern, who could become a big stage for Mantle. If you give a hundred percent like me in every workout, you also want to play. For that I will continue to present the coaching team the best possible way, he promises.

While the Number of German Student Teachers has decreased in the Bundesliga in recent years, the Bayer wants to pack Austria in the neighboring country.