This is a listing of computer game released and/or created by Telltale Games. Telltale Games closed as a workshop in 2018 as well as its possessions were liquidated. LEG Home entertainment bought most of Telltale’s assets and licenses as well as started doing business as a video game publisher under the Telltale Games brand name in 2019.

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jin] The 20th presidential election, such as pouring a journal of games related to games, is a national government. The gamer is analyzed as a gym, and 2030 is analyzed as a move to capture. In the meantime, the expectation of the P2E game that is regulated in Korea is growing.

On the 12th, Soon Suk-yeol’s presidential candidate was gamer is priority to the title of probabilistic items to be released as a pharmaceutical. Run Candidate was a commitment to probability item information on the day of commitment.

On the last 10 days, Lee Jana Candidate launched a game and meta bus special team, and the Elections of the Election of the Elections Headquarters policy headquarters, and appointed Ha TAE Hyung to the chairperson under the Election of Elections.

In the game, metabus special end, this candidate blockchain, metabus, NFT, etc. are still new technologies that are not yet familiar with many people, but they predicted that the ripple will be greater.

AHN, Cheol-soo, on December 13, on December 13, The probability of drawing items should be publicly opened on Facebook, said, Refunding and compensation.

This candidate and Anton showed a view of the main game such as Kim Sung Meeting and Gins, and Kim Sung Meeting and Gaming Code, Shutdown, E Sports and Game NFT, respectively, on December 20 and 23, respectively..

This ‘game commitment’ is the end of the strategy of the presidential candidates for Lee Dressing (20 Men). Park Sang Hun’s political criticism seems to be more focusing on the development of a new generation as a series of courses such as the Seoul Metropolitan Government Election and Lee Jungkook, and the new generation of generations. I added how to have a petition to 2030.

In particular, Soon Suk-yeol said, especially Soon Skye’s candidate is a situation in the twenties of the twenties with the pressure of in and out of the purpose of the 20s.

◆ ◆ P2E game regulation relieving voice… Expect to incorporation of system after the presidential election

In this matter, the expectation of P2E game allowed in Korea is growing.

P2E games are Play to Earn, and the abbreviation of Don Burg, which is a game that allows users to profit based on blockchain technology while playing games. We are emerging in the industry as a profit model to replace the wallet ‘P2W (Pay to Win, which will replace the P2W (Pay to Win), but the P2E game is not in the domestic service itself, depending on the game industry, do.

In the industry, there is a limit to developing and launching a P2E game that is a new growth field, as a new growth field, and has a limit to develop and launch a new growth field. Therefore, the voice of the P2E game has increased.

Lee Pre-noting, the candidate, was positive about the P2E game regulatory alleviation in the Digital and Innovation Committee Policy Policy on the 11th. This candidate said the first time that it will not respect the change in the market, and after the rest is free, it would be necessary to introduce the method of regulating the post-regulated method.

AHN, Cheol-soo, was a one-year opinion that it is not too late to meet overseas market trends. I do not think it will be late for a good side, because I have a lot of good aspects, because I have a lot of good aspects, because I watched the country that I have been playing P2E games for a year. In the case of Run candidates, the position of P2E is not yet revealed.

In the future, I will not even want to get more P2E game regulatory situation in the future.


Jong-un Yang Erin Investment Securities Researchers said, The politics of the Political Personalist must already have a P2E game that allows for the P2E game, and the public agency is a public institution, I can expect a change in the chapter including the game.

Korea Content Promotion Agency (Antonin) supported 1.5 billion in the game production support project last year. Joe Hyundai said, I will create a game and a consensus on a game model based on a blockchain at the December Call.

Industry officials said, It would be not easy for regulatory conflicts until the end of last year, but this year, someone seems to be a person who will eliminate the conflict this year, he said, he said. The problem will be left.