NCsoft has added a new World Battlefield’s paradise “on the 24th, Lineage W added.

The paradise of dreams is the world battlefield to compete with two groups of servers by World. The servers belonging to each group are changed every week. From 55 to the level, one of four areas such as fire, water, wind, and ground can be selected. Dungeon takes a new ornament such as a high experience and a nightmare guardian / warrior ring.

In the battlefield, in addition to the legendary weapon production non-legendary, in addition to the integers of the referee, the brave mental (Master), reduction armor (veteran), Enchantment Affairs (Athrt), Storm Shot (Spirit) can do.

Subsequently, the land of the new dungeon was added to the land, and the cold air. With a hunting for level 50-54, the dungeon is captured by the dungeon’s monster and can be exchanged with Adena of the high amount in the store.

Lineage W Showcase : The World

Open the related events. First of all, it will take 12:10 or 10 minutes / 15:10 / 15:10 / 15:10 / 15:10 and the nightmare box of Alisa, which is a growing potion (10%), and the coins of Alisa. When you collect the coins, you can create a Hero Weapon / Arrangement Fabrication Whole (Engraving).

Then, through the attendance events that have been conducted on March 11, the user who acquired the TJ Suites Coupon II can be recovered by a professional recovery system. In addition, it is possible to participate in the new attendance check event by April 13 to obtain 11 times of the advanced transformation / magic type card of the Age Dame, an insignia reinforced order (engraved), and a potion of growth (10%).

More information can be found on Lineage and Official Website.