Minecraft often adheres to the call to be particularly ugly. The Survival Game is certainly not a graphic miracle and will never put games like the Last of us in the shadows. But the wonderful sandbox inspires creative and talented players again and again to talk out the best of the pixel game. In the following picture range you see eleven structures that miss a good portion of realism to the game.

Is this a photo or minecraft?

Trying *REALISTIC* ???? Games Like Minecraft On My Phone Again.... Are they any GOOD?? #1

In order to represent MINECRAFT ** really realistic and graphically bombastic are some tricks and above all aids, such as shader or texture packages, needed. Thus, the pixel game is already breathing a whole piston atmosphere and realism.

Although Developer Mojang has helped with raytracing and other technical finesse to give the survival game a beautiful sight, but in the end it is the creativity of some special minecraft players who realize with their buildings real Create WoW moments . In this picture line we introduce you to eleven such creations: