With IT Takes Two, a very special action adventure is waiting for you, only works in the coop . For two, you have to put little tasks, overcome obstacles or complete mini games. With the Friends Pass, you even have the opportunity to play the game with a partner who is not in the same room as you. You will learn in this guide:

  • What the Friends Pass is
  • How it works
  • What the Friends Pass costs you

Participation & win

You do not feel like a monochrome PS5 controller? Then take part in our raffle and with a little luck receives a dualSense controller in the colorful look of It Takes Two! All information about the profits and the runtime is you experiencing you when you continue downwards.

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What is the Friends Pass?

Normally your IT TAKES Two has to play on and the same console. The game was a classic case of Couch-Koop for release. But then EA has presented the Friend’s Pass **, which shows you completely new possibilities. The advantage is: the person with whom you want to play the game, does not have to be on site and, above all, does not need its own full version of the game.

So you start a session and upload the other person to join the game **. You can play it completely without restrictions without restrictions, as if you are sitting next to each other.

What conditions are there to play together?

If your IT TAKES Two wants to play together on the console, you both need a subscription for PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold – depending on which platform your online wants to play. It is not enough if only one person has a subscription.

Another prerequisite is that must both have the same platform , the generation does not matter. That means: plays one of you about an Xbox One and the other via an Xbox Series X | S, then you can easily play together together. The same applies to owners of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. However, what is not possible, has platform playing. If one of you has a Playstation and an Xbox, you will not be able to play together.

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Where is the Friends Pass and what does he cost?

The person with which your IT Takes Two wants to play must first visit the PlayStation Store, Steam or Microsoft Store and search there after the game. There is then the possibility to buy the full version or to download the friends pass . The latter is completely free for those or those.

It Takes Two Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME (no commentary)

Then you can send an invitation to your friend or your girlfriend , which he or she only has to accept. There is nothing in the way of a common party.

And if none has the full version?

You can even play it Takes Two if no one owns the full version. In this case you both download the Friends Pass , sends an invitation to your friend – and start it! Only restriction this demo version: You can only play the first chapter together. At the latest then one of you has to buy the game.

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Now there’s something to win!

You want to have the full IT TAKES Two experience? Then the game moves with the right controller to PS5 or PC! We are giving away two PS5 controllers in the cool look of the co-op game. You do not have to do anything else than to read the conditions of participation and fill out the form. With a little luck you are the happy winner or the happy winner!

The raffle runs from 26 March 2022 at 09:00 to 5 April 2022 at 23:59 clock.

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