Attention, follow spoilers!

Aitor is one of the characters in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, who encounters her right early. The commander of the Peacekeeper is a bit rough, but has the heart but in the right place. Regardless of whether you follow the history of survivors or the PK’s, however, the Resolute soldier is injured and falls into coma. As it continues with him, you will learn later in the second chapter of the game.

How to find the side quest ‘Aitor’

The quest will automatically receive you while the main story mission will be ‘Welcome on board’. On board the Peacekeeper ship you will learn that Aitor is located on the infirmary and urgently needs medication. Therefore, you should consult a local healer, whether it knows medicinal plants to stabilize Aitor.

Find medicinal plants

The quest leads to Margaret, a natural healer. She reveals which plants should collect. That has some hooks:

  1. The plants can only be collected at night.
  2. Only the small petals have a healing effect. Everything else kills the plant.
  3. Margaret is not one hundred percent trustworthy, as they were quite interest to harm Peacekeigners.

But you do not have any thoughts that you have to worry about the last two points. First goes off and worried the plants.

Walks at night to the displayed location and look for the green glowing stems. The entire area is overflow with zombies, so you’d rather sneak, especially as some talking here. If you scares one of them, the situation can quickly get out of control.

Big or small flowers?

Back at Aitor, you now decide on life and death of the soldier. Trust your Margaret and take the little leaves or rather the big ones?

If you want to save him, then decide for the little leaves! That these have a healing effect will also confirm Lawan, who can doubt her again in doubt. On the other hand, your Aitor gives the big leaves, he will stay in a coma and do not wake up again.


This impact has the quest

If you are thinking now what consequences of your actions has, we have a facilitating, but perhaps also disappointing answer. There is no difference, whether Aitor lives or dies. Nobody will appeal to you again on this decision and even if your Aitor saves, you will not meet it within the story.

What really affects

Other things in Dying Light 2 then make a difference, for example which faction you connect. Also, as you use your inhibitors, it should be well considered, or if you should not exchange the blunt knife against a brand new bow. You can learn more in the numerous guides here on Dying Light.

Did your Aitor rescued or leave the coma?