The Witcher 3: Wild Hunting is widely considered one of the best games of all time, but some fans would enjoy the game a little more with a different perspective. Modder CRTHDR has given PC fanatics an option that does exactly that, thanks to the Mod Gervant First Person. The MOD allows players to experience almost all the game in the first person, including combat, horse riding and more. That said, the cut scenes remain in the third person, and the Creator says that the quality is lower when playing like Ciri, so fanatics could want to “consider using the third person” for those particular missions.

The BrandonzXCV user shared a video of the MOD on YouTube, and can be found embedded below. Readers interested in checking the mod by themselves can find it in Nexus Mods. right here.

Launched by CD Projekt Network in 2015, The Brujo 3 immediately found critical and commercial success. After the release of The Brujo Streaming of Series in Netflix, the game experienced a resurgence in popularity, since the newcomers went en masse to the game in Steam. Although CD Projekt Network has plans to continue creating brand-based games, it could spend a lot of time before a new game is launch. Meanwhile, players will only have to settle for the current game and any good modification that arises.

Fans who own The Brujo 3 In the console you can not see mods like this, but the users of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will have something new to wait for in the near future. CD Projekt Red plans to launch a next generation update for the game this year, although a final launch date has not been announced. The update will be available for free and will add a series of improvements aimed at taking advantage of the next generation hardware, including faster loading times and rays traced. It will also incorporate DLC based on the Netflix series, which could give players the possibility of using Geralt’s armor of the series.

How to play 'The Witcher 3' in First Person & VR Perspective in 2022?

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