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LOL: to conquer the DDH to dominate the lla, Team Aze is crown in Argentina

The expected final within League of Legends’ highest competition was held yesterday, two teams that have a story of Mexican classic, began to the division of honor and now bring their quarrel to the lla, on the one hand we have To the squad of the strall pharaohs and on the other we saw the team of the TEAM AZE, both teams looking for the glory and be the league champions for a better five that would be marked in history.

Moved at a face-to-face event, Gamergy Argentina would be the headquarters where we would see the death duel of both teams, starting the first map with the selection of a trundle in the hands of the young promise of Dominican Republic Juan “Dimitry” Hernandéz who would do a job of Jungle Pulcro Being the pillar that protected his team and denied the ambushes planned by the pharaohs by creating a composition focused on the hunted, a game that was tilted thanks to the plays he got Park “5Kid” Jeong-Hyeon with one Xayah of lethality I used very harmful diamond feathers, with a game that becomes in favor of AZE and who got the first victory of the series.

GRAN FINAL | Liga Latinoamérica Apertura 2022 | #LLA | League of Legends
The second map was very interesting to see because the selections proposed by the estrique team by giving it a hecarim to Jesus “Grell” Loya, a champion characteristic of Mexican, with which he managed to become The terror of the lanes by making very good ambush and accompanied by Francisco “Leza” Jara with Orianna managed to make fights for pretty good team that little by little gave him the advantage in the game, a map that ended being dominated by Pharaohs and allowed them to put the tie 1-1.

Going to the third map where Sion’s priority for Han “Lonely” Gyu-Joon was notorious in the selection of champions and Dimitry playing his characteristic Lee without that would have all the high chakras to get murders Early I would do a very beneficial climbing that I would put against the soil to estrique, the Aces team took out all the letters I could to take the lead on the map and with the skill of Tomás “Aoned” Díaz when using A Leblanc would be enough to be able to finish the match with 2-1 in the series.

Now with the serial point in favor of the AZE team, the pharaohs had to create some opportunity but the Sion repeated in the hands of Lonely, However, surprisingly gwen inside the crack for Emmanuel “Acce” Juarez who controlled the upper lane and with the sacred mantle became unstoppable, in late minutes of the game where the seamstress caused true damage and could fight the 2vs1 were causing what That would happen in the final part of the meeting, not being able to finish the game after an almost extermination the AZE team ended up being annihilated to give way to a tie in a 2-2.

With the last map of the series and a championship by means, we managed to see the rare letter of the competitive in a long time, a Mordakaiser in the hands of lonely that did not know how it would work inside the crack, a duel at the top that looked even would make things come out of control when the Korean moved in the fights getting a triple murder on the first of them that would make a tremendous escalation, accompanied by the power of Renata Glass Used in a spectacular way of Roberto “Straight” Gualliche who would use his final in the fights to be able to make the pharaohs punished too much, already with a very notorious difference the AZE team would close the encounter in a quick way to crowd Like the champion of lla.

A series that had spectacular moments and champions outside the everyday to define the champion that would be Team Aze , after his 40-0 streak at the Honor Division to get his climb combined with the championship In the first season of lla, we see that Latam has a representative who will speak to speak at MSI. **

Do the implications of the choice in the “Card Vote: Recoverable Virgo”?

If there is something that can cause a great trouble with us than a strong monster, so it’s Dialogue options . This is true even for such simple questions, how to “help her climb?” And even more so for more serious questions, such as “kill the beast?” Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden is a game filled with such options from start to the end, so you may be interested, whether any of your solutions have consequences in the future.

Although none of your decisions affect the main plot and its ending, some of them have consequences . These consequences are in most cases insignificant. For example, at the beginning of the game you will meet on the south island of perfume with a strange smell. You have a choice, return it to the owner or not, and your choice will affect something.

So, if you were asked a strange question, you can think a little over it.

The only options for dialogue that do not have any terrible consequences are those that you encounter in the usual world. These are just cases when you can earn more items or money.

Additional information about Voice Of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden can be found in the program manuals.

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