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How to play for Diablo at Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone notes open beta testing Diablo Immortal, transferring Diablo to the battlefields of Hearthst1. Everyone can play Diablo, regardless of whether he has access to additional functions. You can play Diablo until June 7, so be sure to continue playing BattleGrounds games until you have the opportunity to play Diablo.

How to get Diablo at Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Diablo is offered randomly players in each lobby. There is a chance that you will be chosen, but if not, then someone in your lobby will most likely get it. You can always lose quickly and try a new lobby until you finally get it, but this will damage your track record.

What gives the hero Diablo in Hearthstone Battlegrounds?

Diablo does not have a real power of the hero, but rather the method by which other players receive awards. You can play Diablo in the same way as for any other hero. The player himself decides who to attack and so on. However, the most funny is to fight Diablo.

Every four moves seven players who are not Diablo are faced with Diablo boss. Ordinary players will receive a treasure if they can kill a special minion with which the Diablo boss comes. As a result of an unsuccessful attempt to defeat the minion, the Diablo player receives two treasures.

K Treasures Diablo

All treasures are just different forms of these cards:

Black stone of the soul *-After your last minion will die, call a random demon
Horror claws -Give a friendly minion +2 / +2 until the next move
hooves of hellish flame -Give your minions +1 to attack until the next move

Magmatic horns *-Give the friendly minion of the Radness of the Wind only to the next combat course
Printing Ada *-apply 1 unit of damage to three random enemy minions

These treasures increase every four moves, adding magical, rare, and then unique titles to the titles and increasing their strength and duration.

Могу ли я играть за Диабло в Hearthstone Mercenaries?

Diablo was not available in any form in Hearthstone Mercenaries. Instead, players can get the Archangel Tirael, a legendary mercenary offered instead of Diablo.

To learn more about Hearthstone, read the best legendary Hearthstone items or tips for the beginning or return to Hearthstone Merceenaries here, in the guides for the game for professionals!

Everyone who worked on “Majiko” etc. Joint IP development with Mr. Takahiro

CREST announced on April 4th to develop new works with every1. Minato Sofu is a Hawkeye game brand. Some staff members from Hawk Eye transfer to CREST and have new age game brands “NOVUS” and develop new novel games. Mr. Takahiro, a Hawkeye representative, also develops IP with CREST.

Minato Sofu is a game brand by Hawkeye. It is a brand launched by Takahiro who worked on “sister, good sister!” “Tsuyoshi”. After the establishment, “You are Lord Lord and Love Me! Seriously! “Yellow of Yuko is a hero” created a hit work. About Mr. Takahiro, “Akame cuts!” And “Magician Sleeping Slave” also involved in the origin of manga. Originally, it is a brand from an adult game, but there is a reputation for the style that combines laughter and Moe (and Serias), and there is a reputation for creating content for all ages.

CREST is a game Publisher with Paultuwin Pit Crew Holdings to the parent company. We hold a number of businesses that are a subsidiary who is good at tuning games and a number of businesses that produce and sell animation games and music. Especially the game production that has recently been powered. Powered for PC / console and develop new work, creating multi-numbered RPG “Aian clonicle” and 2D horror “LAST LIGHT”. Rogue Light Action “Metallic Child” and Chaos RPG “Party Rush! ! In cooperation with Asian developers, etc., they have created unique games.

CREST is keen to create new IP and developing IP development and content marketing, and promotion business with media mix. A new base is newly established in Yokohama, which will be based in Minato Sofu, and some staff are transferred. Start the Novell Game Brand “Novus” for all ages. As a web toeon that is becoming an international standard in manga, it is to provide the world’s experience value of new novel games to the world.

CREST that works on IP development to the ground, and I have succeeded in IP development, and I will set up the tag. CREST also works well with Mr. Takahiro and creating a new IP, so I want to look forward to it. What kind of work will be born?

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