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Gran Turismo 7 1.11 update adds three new racing results

A brand new Gran Turismo 7 update has just been released, which fixes a series of mistakes, adds some new content and changing a significant amount at the game. However, the biggest innovation with the Gran Turismo 7 1.11 update is the addition of three new racing events in the World Circuit.

In addition, one-hour long-distance races were added as part of missions titled “The Human Comedy”. As far as the changes are concerned, the great change that Polyphony has digitally made with credits as the Credit upper limit was raised to 100 million credits. After installing this patch, more used and legendary cars are shown in the lineup.

Elsewhere, the number of rewards in daily races and lobbies was increased, along with the number of rewards in the second half of the World Circuit.

In addition, the patch mainly contains bug fixes, including the correction of some positions of parts of cars, the improvement of vehicle physics and resolving problems with the paint editor. You can read the full patch notes here.

Gran Turismo 7's Credit Problems Are Fixed! (Update 1.11)

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.11 is there and contains increased rewards, new racing events and other error corrections.

All details:

  • Great tourism (@Thegranturismo) 7. April 2022

After changing the economy of the game, this increase in the creed upper limit will hopefully alleviate the problems the players from larger content drops, which has confirmed Polyphony digital for later this year.

IT Takes Two will get a television adaptation and a movie next to the producers behind the Sonic movie

It has great potential for a great adaptation to film or television Josef Fares This info has been disclosed with the post by Selection, where they explain some details of such activity and also connect the declarations of some responsible. According to the information of stated tool, still there is no linked research with IT Takes Two productions beyond the video game, however they are joined Rub Casey and also Josh Miller , that currently joined the film of Sonic as scriptwriters.

It Takes 2 The 2021 has been consumed. The background of May as well as Cody has actually come to be a great success in sales and also claimed renown has just grown after winning the Goty in 2015. Now, it seems that the fame of both personalities still has a lot of bellows, considering that the game will receive an adaptation to television and a motion picture alongside the producer dj2 , that additionally took Sonic to the large display

Paradoxically, Josef Fares already revealed that “ the movie theater will wind up recognizing exactly how beautiful the videogames “, although possibly he might not picture that his title would certainly receive such a proposal. Naturally, the neighborhood has been amazed with IT Takes 2 as well as in 3DGames we can not more than join this wave of affection A hazeelight that, as we already pointed out in the analysis of it, has developed a participating enjoyable bomb.

From the viewpoint of the supervisor of the video game, Josef Fares , the history of May and Cody is excellent to develop other audiovisual products: “as it has a strong narrative with several crazy personalities and a few moments of cooperative action. From crazy, it has a great potential ** for a great adaptation to movie or television, “describes Selection.

It Takes Two developers announce game will be adapted for Film & TV
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