Released on March 25 and the open world action adventure “ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO ” for the hot topic boiling. As the attraction of this game, you can raise the height of the actual Shibuya.

In this article, among these, I picked up the shop where “Oiya…?” Is stopped when I was running around Shibuya. Surely everyone will be “Good…?” This factor is also one of the attractions.

# # Ramen Girls

First of all, a ramen shop that looks good. It seems that a lot of Yasai can be eaten if it is written with ramen in a black on a yellow background. It is a very popular shop, and only 4 to 5 stores can be confirmed by just a part of Shibuya.


A shop that sells and purchases games, DVDs, manga etc. There is a cheap full wireless earphone or an atmosphere that is likely to sell.

Bird deity

Probably Yakitori, how to read it is like Chouhimin. I’m not a noble, so I want to go to eat here. Somehow I’m doing outdun, I want to eat grilled birds.

Nanohoshima and

It is a supermarket that wants to bring me a jib. Even though I am self-proclaimed with the supermarket, there is an atmosphere that the size of the store is small.


A new freedom, portable shop, the small size of the store is real feeling. Free WiFi stickers can be checked at various stores.

Tottoko Cinemas

What N… Cinema, a huge cinema in Yukenzaka, Tottoko Cinema. Since this world is a lot of Tottoko’s movie films. Currently, a love story with squid and a film of snowball match are well received.

# # Sakamoto Yoshi

A store that shows the appearance like a leading drug store. Cosmetic points 20 times are big. I do not know why, but I feel that I know that I have not been taught in the CM intonation.

# # Toshio soba

I thought it would be nice to have a saucous noodle… but I think that how to make soba is remembered because it is a recemization method. If so, it will take time to take time. After that, I felt that the advertisement of the man who was written by the president was about.

Freshmoth Burger

If you translate it again It will be fresh moth burger , is it okay? The logo t is a fashionable.


A shop that can take a break and drink delicious coffee. It seems to be managed to manage it in Shibuya. Can coffee in a convenience store.


Emometric cafe. Now it seems to be under collaboration with the big epidemic app “ Omamori! ” in Shibuya. All six coasters have created a random enclosed atmosphere. Anyone can I have a good prayer?


Although the number of stores is smaller than Fujiyama Mart, it is a popular convenience store. It is characterized by that there is always a bread corner in the store. There is an atmosphere that seems to be a festival in spring. If you say more, it’s likely to get a sticker for a lunch.

Both convenience stores are near the shrine near the shrine, and it is Niku that you have prepared a signboard that minimizes the color.


A family restaurant that is likely to get delicious Italian with easy prices. Currently holding Beaef & White Stew Fair. By the way, I like the caba more.

UWAAA! Records

A CD shop that shows “Speaking of Shibuya”. Is the abbreviation be Uareco? The CD was born for the first time, and the CD I bought it with my money is ONE WAY DRIVE of Egg Makiko.

# # Family restaurant guest

Famires with a drink bar and the atmosphere that you want to do for about 2 hours with mountain potatoes. It seems that various theme dining options are managed in the group. By the way, I have to climb 3F on the stairs that the 2F contains Uareco and QTE Mart?

# # Hoshino Guide

It seems like a chain store that lets you eat the ultimate beef bowl. The Omowado One has also been smelled.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Official 4K Extended Gameplay
Sushi Banzai

“Speaking of sushi!” And the president seems to have a pose that the president spreads the hand. It is likely to have a high quality sushi Wasabi 30 times Fair is too fast.

It is also fun to find your favorite shop between dramatic stories. “ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO ” is well received in PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).