There were scared minutes for newcomer Austria Klagenfurt when concluding the basic passage against the SK Rapid in Vienna. After returning with 0: 2 against the home owners from the Federal Capital, they had to hope for Schütlenhilf of Sturm Graz in the away game against the SV Ried. But the “blackies” were in the meantime against the Innviertler with 1: 2 in the residue and Klagenfurt thus out of the top six. In the end, the Styrians were still the compensation and the newcomer went from the square despite bankruptcy in Vienna with a laughing face. “Unbelievable. We wrote history as the first newcomer that we come to the master group,” Midfielmotor Turgay Gemicibasi cheered at “Sky” after the game.

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“I think we have developed it over the whole season and also deserves, even if we have not shown it today. (…) We are glad that we are through and have nothing to do with the descent. Great respect The team and the coach, “said the 25-year-old, who could refine the successful autumn with his team with the move to the top play-off. The first newcomer succeeded in qualifying to qualify for the master group in their debut season and thus also danced in the last third of the season in the concert of the Great.

Next milestone for Klagenfurt

For ChefCoach Peter Pacult, after the final whistle in Vienna, it was a change of emotions in Vienna: “At the moment I’m doing a bit hard because we still lost 0: 3 today. Of course I am pleased for the team and the club. It is A great thing. I’m already happy, even if you just do not look at it. ” The pleasure has regarded the joy of the professionals of the newcomer, who celebrated after the final whistle in Ried despite defeat with the fellow Klagenfurt supporters in Vienna a pleasure festival.

“It is unbelievable. Even if we did not deserve ourselves today in the game, I think that we have earned it anyway, because we have simply played a very good season in autumn,” Patrick accounted for Greil, before the game against the Hütteldorfer a transfer had been sought in summer to the Austrian runner-up of the past season. “I have prepared myself normally. But I’ve already told everything at the beginning of the week. The topic is not interested in me at the moment. Now let’s see that we celebrate,” the midfield conductor of the Carinthian did not want to deal with rumors long with rumors.

Understandable, because for great it has been the next milestone with his club since his change in the summer of 2018. Last year, the 2nd league after the Play-off victims against the SKN St. Pölten the rise in the Bundesliga, was now allowed to be in the top six and will continue to be part of the Austrian House in the next season. “We’ll play Bundesliga again next year,” it summarized it in a brevity after the game in Vienna and hit the nail on the head. Since the WAC had already fixed his ticket for the master group, there is next to the Viennese also a Carinthian derby in the last third of the season.