If the indie nature adventure has passed, you can now get a preliminary impression with the launch trailer for the game, which once again transfers the most important components of Season: A Letter to the Future in a bike basket.
In a minute, the protagonist takes you on her baggage rack with fields, forests and strange shrines far from civilization.

Just yesterday Season: A Letter to the Future on the PC and the PlayStation 4 and 5 were cycled and provides picturesque landscapes to decrease and relax.

season: a letter to the future-shoot photos, delight in nature

If the launch trailer has actually not assisted you enough with a possible purchase decision, we recommend our test to Season: A Letter to the future.
Without exposing excessive, we not only testified the digital bicycle journey not only 88 game fun points, but likewise the imparting of touching stories and great surroundings.

Even if nature is appealing far from mankind and in total isolation, you need to not neglect the chewy characters on your adventure.
The trailer at least suggests which figures await you with your personality and stories, but keep the details-you ought to lastly discover them yourself.

Although the launch trailer for Season: A Letter to the future is not especially long with its one-minute term, it does not feel a rush to pull you through action-packed gameplay scenes or adrenaline-storey cuts.
Instead, the pedals are stepped into the pedals, pressed through a shower or stuck around in front of the notebook.

This plays an essential role in the calm indie title: While nature has taken a trip to nature one last time prior to the impending apocalypse, you take pictures, take notes and take out sound results.


They then hike in your faithful companions from paper so that you can continue to keep in mind these special minutes in the future.