Heated keys allow you to open Hester chests containing images, champions fragments and other valuable awards.
This is a common problem for League of Legends players when they have no keys, but there are several chests, which is why potential rewards remain out of reach.
To solve this problem, you can get Hester keys in advance to prevent this problem.
Here’s how to get more Hester keys in League of Legends.

How to get the keys to League of Legends?


The easiest way to get Hester keys is in events.
You can purchase both fragments of keys and full keys for the tokens of events, and they are not difficult to farm.
Even if you do not have a pass of the event, you can still earn part of the event tokens by performing mission.
This method is free and simple, as you automatically earn events of events playing games.

Victory in Summoners Rift matches

Winning the Summoners Rift matches, you can earn fragments of keys over time.
The number of fragments that you earn is increasing with an increase in the level of honor., Therefore, be sure to support your teammates at the end of the game.

There are also missions that Hester keys give you if you perform certain tasks in Summoners Rift.
However, such missions are relatively rare.

Buying keys in a store

For 125 RP, you can buy one Hester key in the store.


If desired, you can purchase a Hester chest and a Hester key by only 70 RP more expensive.
Unfortunately, a set of keys at a reduced price is not offered, but there is a set of five Hester chests and Hester keys for 975 RP.
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